wood selection (photos and videos)

Beautiful and stylish furniture made of natural wood has always been considered the best option for any interior. It has not only an attractive appearance, but also comfort, warmth. Today, it is possible to buy a set from an array only at a fairly high price, which is not always appropriate. But why overpay when beautiful and high-quality wooden furniture with their own hands is not inferior to the finished one.

wood selection (photos and videos)

Types of wood.

How to make a wooden set for the house yourself? It is not enough to find a suitable drawing and buy boards, you need to start from the basics. It is important to determine what material will be made of the situation. Beginning masters neglect such preparation, as a result, a variety of defects are obtained, ranging from cracking and ending with quick breakage, swelling of wood, and its complex processing. The selection of suitable wood here should come first.

Soft or hard wood: which is better?

Furniture makers use about 40 different wood species, but all products can be combined into 2 large groups, differing in properties, processing conditions, operation. When choosing a material, it is necessary to immediately determine which wood is needed: hard or soft.

wood selection (photos and videos)

Comparison of the hardness of wood.

Hardwoods include plane tree, oak, elm, beech, apple, maple, ash, ash, walnut . They are processed relatively well, there are no problems with them. There are rocks that are considered superhard. These are boxwood, yew, white acacia, cornel, pistachio tree. They are used only by professional furniture makers, since work requires experience and special tools. If there is a need to use just such rocks, then it is best to immediately order individual items, and at home to assemble furniture with your own hands It will cost much cheaper than buying already finished. Of these hard rocks make frameworks, supporting structures.

Fir, pine, chestnut, spruce, willow, cherry, aspen, cedar, poplar belong to the category of soft tree species. Facades are made of these materials. Processing them is simple, beautiful wood, has a nice color.

What kind of wood to choose for the manufacture of the cabinet, tables, dresser?

When it is decided to make furniture with your own hands, it is necessary to choose the type of wood, as not every material is suitable for work. It is taken into account how the tree will be processed, what are its decorative properties, operating conditions.

The most popular breed is pine, it is simply processed, even a novice can work with it.

Popular for the manufacture of elite cabinets and chest of drawers is beech, but not everyone can handle it, since the material is solid, it is difficult to work with it.

Experts recommend making their own furniture from such natural wood species:

wood selection (photos and videos)

Table of characteristics of sawn timber.

  1. Pine is the most popular material, it belongs to softwood, it is easy to process. Its shock-resistant properties are low, so you should not make cabinets and tables that will be subjected to strong mechanical loads. The surface is easily scratched, covered with dents. Of course, the product will not break, but its appearance will not be so attractive. It is best to make shelves, facade doors, small cabinets, various decorative elements, frames for upholstered furniture from pine.
  2. Beech is a tree with its strength similar to oak, but the beech absorbs moisture strongly, therefore this wood is no longer suitable for rooms with a high level of humidity. Before starting work, beech boards are treated with protective compounds; they are not recommended for kitchens, loggias, hallways, terraces, or verandas. That beech is better than other options for making curved furniture, to give the headset the effect of antiquity.
  3. Oak oak furniture has always been valued. Oak boards are well processed, although there are some peculiarities. All products have a high level of strength, the furniture is not damaged by insects, rot, can be used even under conditions of high humidity. That is why oak furniture is used for kitchens, balconies, terraces and open verandas. The weight of such products is significant, it is necessary to take this into account before starting work, you can hardly do without an assistant here. Most often they make beds, large and massive bookcases, dressers from solid oak. The appearance of the headset will be solid, and the shade of products - pleasant.
  4. Birch is distinguished by its beauty, unusual and soft shade. Almost any furniture can be made from such wood, from coffee tables and chairs to tables and beautiful cupboards and shelves. The cost of this material is acceptable, but birch cannot be used at a high level of humidity, since the products will deteriorate rapidly.But with the material is easy to work, it can be beautifully decorated.

Why is the price of wooden furniture so high?

Why is wood furniture so expensive? There are several reasons, even with its independent production, you will have to spend money on quality material. You should not buy the first boards, they must be of high quality. The following factors affect the formation of value:

  1. Wooden solid wood is a natural product, and today the price for such materials is higher than the rest. Even special laminated chipboard for furniture is much cheaper, but their quality is lower, not to mention environmental friendliness.
  2. Array processing is not as easy as it seems. It takes a lot of time and effort to make the necessary furnishing, especially since the surface should be smooth and beautiful, safe to use.
  3. There are not so many sets of natural wood for sale, usually goods in limited quantities are valued higher, like everything rare.
  4. The appearance of the furniture is stylish and solid, even if it is an ordinary bed assembled from the board. Any furnishings that are distinguished by their solidity and attractive appearance always cost more than standard furniture

Wooden furniture will cost a good deal, and some experience is required to make it. If you buy the material yourself, choose the appropriate drawings for the work, then you can make a set of furniture with your own hands. It needs only patience and attentiveness. Attention should be paid to the choice of wood, as it is from this largely depends on the quality, appearance and service life of the furniture.

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  • wood selection (photos and videos)

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