Decoupage the table with their own hands without much difficulty (photo)

Most often, ordinary tables purchased in a store look inconspicuous. This is largely due to the fact that such furniture is manufactured in series, it is intended for mass consumption, piece processing is not done. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you have to be content with nondescript serial production. Decorating the table with your own hands is not at all such a difficult task as it may seem at first glance.

Decoupage the table with their own hands without much difficulty (photo)

Before you start updating the table, you need to disassemble it: remove the tabletop and unscrew the legs.

An original pattern can be made on the tabletop, for this wedge-shaped parts are often used. It is completely easy to do this: they are cut from sheets of walnut veneer, the edges are processed accordingly, the parts must be tightly pressed against the plywood cover.

In order to make a table decoupage, you need to take into account some features. First of all, it is necessary to take into account the fact that wood has an intricate natural pattern that can be significantly enhanced, making it more vivid and impressive.

As a material for cladding, you can use veneer, which is flexible, it is very thin, which makes it simply indispensable. You can make a beautiful pattern by arranging the veneer pieces in a specific order.

Decoupage the table with their own hands without much difficulty (photo)

For decoupage the table you will need: acrylic paints, PVA glue, photos, acrylic lacquer, brushes, ruler and acrylic primer.

Particularly beautiful is the decoupage of the table, the table top of which is circular in shape. In order to make a pattern of veneer, a round tabletop provides many possibilities, while the veneer is glued with skin glue. Such work is good because the result is immediately visible, which allows you to make an adjustment. Such tools will be needed:

  1. Hacksaw.
  2. Roulette.
  3. Glue.
  4. Brush.

Features of the decoupage technology

Decoupage was very popular back in the old days, now the fashion for this is coming back. Decoupage the table can be done in such a way that it will resemble a blooming garden. Pictures for such a table can be printed on a color printer, they can be used to decorate the interior of the entire room. The table can be plastered with menu pages, and you can also use labels for wine bottles, which looks very attractive.

Decoupage the table with their own hands without much difficulty (photo)

Before performing the decoupage, the table must be cleaned with an electric grinder or abrasive paper.

Before making a decoupage of a table that has a wooden cover, it is necessary to thoroughly treat the surface. It must be thoroughly cleaned, it is necessary to get rid of dust and degrease the material, and then apply a primer.

If you use a special primer that does not have color, the texture and color of the wood will be preserved. For decoration, you can use acrylic transparent paint. If we are talking about decorating old furniture, it is better to make a rich decoupage of the table, the intensive use of decor will make such furniture very attractive.

First, the table should be painted in the main shade. Given it, you can create a set of jewelry that will be needed for decoupage the table. In most cases, you only need to decorate the countertops, but you can decorate the entire surface.

All elements need to be covered with several varnish layers, and those parts with decoupage are also covered with varnish. The effect of inlay looks very attractive, for this you need to place the appropriate materials using glue on the side walls of the product.

Decorating the table with your own hands with a mosaic

Decoupage the table can be done with a mosaic, but it should be borne in mind that it can be of different thickness.

And for this you need to use the appropriate glue and moisture-resistant grout.

It should be noted that such a process is impossible without a specific artistic taste. And in what sequence all this is carried out:

  1. The cover must be wiped with alcohol thoroughly.
  2. The entire surface must be sanded with sandpaper.
  3. The mosaic should be placed from the outer edge.
  4. It is necessary to glue the beads and wait until the glue is completely dry.
  5. Divorce is diluted, seams are sealed, everything dries.
  6. The mosaic is wiped with a flannel cloth, which is pre-moistened in vegetable oil.

The beads always help in this matter, since they can be used to fill the space between small and large mosaics. Some people prefer to fill such places with grout, but they should not do this, as aesthetic integrity will be compromised. For this purpose, beads are just perfect, which give the furniture a very attractive appearance.

Every detail must be in the place that is intended for it. The glue on the table top should dry, then it should be cut off, and the veneer should be stripped to the desired state.

In order to make a table decoupage qualitatively, one must also clearly understand the planned end result in the working process. That is, the pattern made on the tabletop must be able to imagine beforehand. Thus, it is possible to eliminate all the shortcomings in a timely manner without much difficulty.

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  • Decoupage the table with their own hands without much difficulty (photo)

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