What to do if the toilet is clogged and water does not go away

When a blockage forms in one of the sections of the sewer system and water does not escape. Many people, before the arrival of representatives from the plumbing service, are trying to get rid of this trouble on their own. In the article we will tell you what to do if the toilet is clogged with paper or cat litter. How to solve the problem at home.

Causes of blockage

What to do if the toilet is clogged and water does not go away

Let’s understand the main causes of traffic jams:

  1. Violation of the rules for using sewers. For example, throwing leftovers into the toilet, getting into the system of rags, a large amount of paper, toys and other debris that is not soluble in water.
  2. Violation of the rules and requirements for the installation of plumbing: incorrectly chosen angle of the pipe leading to the riser (2 cm per 1 meter long); non-observance of the distance between objects (at least 1 meter).
  3. The system does not have a valve or a non-pressure (sewage) pipe, which adversely affects the pressure when water is drained. It does not pass quickly, as a result of which a quality flush does not occur.
  4. Incorrectly selected plumbing fixtures. In the market, customers are offered a huge range of products, which, unfortunately, does not always have a high-quality assembly. Such devices are subject to various failures, blockages and very quickly become useless.


When it comes to removing a cork in the toilet, this means removing the cork in the hydraulic system. But often collector pipes or a sewer riser are clogged with garbage, and not the water trap itself. Most often there is a problem with the riser and it is this part of the sewer system that requires cleaning or replacement if it is old and cast iron. There are many ways to clear the clog.

  1. Remove debris ("cork").
  2. Move the traffic jam further along the system.
  3. Applying a chemical to dissolve debris.

Application of chemical composition

What to do if the toilet is clogged and water does not go away Chemicals

Use of special chemicals solutions in sewer cleaning - this is the solution that requires the least effort from the person. Means for dealing with blockages in a large assortment can be found in almost any trade pavilion. Moreover, if you can not find the composition of direct appointment, you can safely purchase any means for cleaning pipes.

The use of a solution or mixture requires familiarization with the instructions, which, as a rule, indicate the algorithm for performing the work.

Filling, or filling the toilet into the toilet, leave it there for the time period specified in the manual attached to the package. After the time of action of the drug comes to an end, it is necessary to do a test washout. If the chemicals do not cope with the cork dissolution, then other cleaning options should be considered.

People living in a private house that is not equipped with a cumulative septic tank should be careful when using chemical solutions that are an aggressive medium that kills all bacteria, including beneficial ones.

There are several available tools that you can try to clean the sewers, for example, soda and vinegar. How to use:

  • remove excess water, leaving a small amount in place of the drain hole;
  • pour 1/2 pack of soda, and try to push it away through the pipe;
  • pour out one glass of vinegar;
  • the reaction lasts about 25 minutes;
  • pour out 3–5 liters of boiling water.

Spilling boiling water should not be performed for toilet bowls that use a flute made of thin plastic material. Plastic may burst from high temperature. To prevent this from happening, washing can be done not with boiling water, but simply with hot water.

Use of a plunger and a cable for mechanical cleaning

What to do if the toilet is clogged and water does not go away A plunger and a cable

The easiest and most popular tool for removing blockages in any plumbing fixture is a plunger. It must be installed in the equipment bowl down over the drain hole so that the rubber is completely submerged in water without the formation of an air bag. Then you should make a sharp movement by pressing on the tool handle and loosening the press. Repeat several times. The essence of the method consists in the formation of a water hammer that destroys the plug.

A special cable is used if the plunger is useless and the blockage is far in the pipe. Better use the services of an assistant. For example, he will twist the handle of the cable, and you push the cable through the pipe. You can clean the water trap in this way in minutes.

As a last resort, you can use a special hook to clean a stable clog, with which you can best remove a toy or a rag that clogs the drain pipe. You need to do this work with gloves.

Hydraulic method

What to do if the toilet is clogged and water does not go away Hydraulic cleaning method

The method is suitable for removal of "traffic jams", formed deeply and permeable to water, that is, for loose clogs. Usually used in the accumulation of organic sora and small particles. Principle of operation:

  • the hose is pulled from the water-supply tap to the toilet bowl and inserted into the sewage drain;
  • then hot water should be turned on;
  • the blockage is washed away by adjusting the water pressure in the hose.

But this method should be excluded if the pipe is so crowded that the sanitary equipment is filled with water.

Prevention of the occurrence of traffic jams in the sewage system

What to do if the toilet is clogged and water does not go away Prevention measures

Avoid troubles associated with cleaning the toilet, help a few tips regarding their use.

  1. Use sanitary fittings as intended.
  2. Pay attention to the rate of discharge of water, this signals the functionality of the funnel riser.
  3. Clean the air trap regularly with chemicals.
  4. Watch out for the operation of the riser.

It is better to carry out a number of preventive works in time for cleaning the sewage system than to wait for a dense blockage that causes a lot of problems.


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