What is included in the cost of the project house

If you are interested in the question of what is included in the cost of the project at home, it is worthwhile to begin to figure out exactly which project you have in mind.

Does the project need?

What is included in the cost of the project house Does the project need a home

Current legislation allows land owners to build individual residential houses without submitting project documentation for them to be checked by any authorities. That is, neither the administration of your settlement, nor the local architecture will not care whether you have it at all, or whether you decide to build it by eye. Another thing is keeping the distance from the house to the borders of the site and connecting communications (this usually requires separate projects carried out by specialized organizations). These questions are always on tight control, and for their violation you may face not only a fine, but even demolition of the house (or refusal to connect any communication - water, gas, sewage, electricity).

However, building your house is still better for the project - so you will have more confidence in its safety and reliability. Therefore, ordering a project, you should know what you will pay money for.

In principle, to build an individual dwelling house, you only need the following sections:

  • explanatory note to the project;
  • site planning scheme;
  • architectural, structural, and space-planning solutions (facades, floor plans, sections, and detailed diagrams of complex nodes).

What is included in the cost of the project house Components of a home project

But the estimate is not obligatory in this case (if only you are not going to take a construction loan in a bank, which this estimate may require from you).

Thus, it turns out that in those cases when you are going to build a house from the foundation to the roof yourself (that is, without engaging шаб shabashniki ’or construction companies), then you can do without the project. But if specialists fill in the foundation, build the walls and make the roof, then the project is absolutely necessary - will you not explain the depth of foundation of the foundation, the size of windows and other "trifles" to them on your fingers?

What is included in the cost of the project house Individual project of the house

The cost of the project will depend not only on the number of floors and the area of ​​your future house, but also on what organization (large or small) you will develop it. A standard project that will simply “tie” to your land plot will cost less (an individual project will cost much more).

Mandatory project

What is included in the cost of the project house Turnkey house

Another option when the project is mandatory - this is an order for building a house "turnkey". In this case, since during the construction process you will not be able to make any changes to the layout of the house, all the small details need to be discussed just during the development of the project.

What is included in the cost of a project for a house in this case?

  • First, the cost of developing a project — many firms building private houses from the foundation to the roof often provide this service for free, attracting thereby bringing in more customers.
  • Secondly, the cost of all the materials and structures from which your house will be assembled.
  • Third, the remuneration of workers. The more people and equipment will be involved, the higher the cost of your home. In addition, more skilled work is also paid more expensive than the labor of workers without qualifications.

If you do not need a turnkey house for any reason (that is, you decided to do some of the work yourself or invite specialists from another company), then the project may not include Some works, for example, with the frame technology of building construction, often in the cost of the project, the foundation is not included. You can also refuse from:

  • roof insulation,
  • installation of windows and doors,
  • interior decoration of rooms,
  • connection of communications.

What is included in the cost of the project house Selection of a company

Choosing a set of works performed by a company that will develop you the project of the house and build it, it is not necessary to be guided only by financial economy. Do not forget that "turnkey houses" are usually erected in a few months, while in case of independent performance of most types of work, the building is stretched over several years. In addition, for such a period building materials have time to rise in price (but your salary may not increase at exactly the same pace).

Therefore, discussing what is included in the cost of the project at home, do not forget to clarify:

  • whether the company you have chosen does not hold any shares now;
  • whether they have benefits, for example, for young or large families, retirees, military personnel, etc. (if you, of course, treat them),
  • is there an opportunity to receive installments or a loan on preferential terms.

In addition, if you have the opportunity to buy some materials for building a house at a cheaper cost, discuss this possibility with a company representative before starting work, so that you do not have to make adjustments to the price specified in the contract .


How to make a project at home by yourself:


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