Well into the water with their own hands

In a private area, its own water source is of great importance. Having a well in its use, it is possible to organize an independent water supply not only at home, but also throughout the territory.

Well organization

Well into the water with their own hands

A well, which is planned to be built and equipped, would be a more economical option compared to the involvement of specialists for the equipment of an independent source of water at the site. It is a well of small diameter reaching the aquifer. The equipment for such a pit is not only its organization, but also preparation for subsequent use:

  • strengthening walls with casing;
  • organizing water delivery to the house or to the site in advance certain places by immersing the pump;
  • ensuring the well is clean.

Search for aquifer in the area

Well into the water with their own hands Selecting a location for the well

The main task in the organization of the well will be the question of searching for an aquifer in the territory. There are several options for finding a place to drill a hole in the ground. Some are based on actual terrain data: maps showing exactly where groundwater lies. Others - on observations of plants, as well as natural phenomena. The willow twigs method is used no less often.

Depending on some natural phenomena, as well as on the results of the site inspection, it can be approximately assumed at what depth the aquifer lies. This determines the choice of the necessary equipment for the production of wells for water.

How to drill

Well into the water with their own hands Portable installation

After determining the final location, you need to decide exactly how the well will be made to water. The most effective method of organizing an independent source at the site is drilling. For independent performance of such works it is possible to use both a small-sized drilling rig, which has a small weight, and suitable for use even by a non-professional, and a homemade tool - a hand drill. The choice of instrument depends on the depth of the aquifer.

Well into the water with their own hands Self-propelled drilling

The garden auger is a bar with the possibility of its lengthening, at the end of which are cutting items. They loosen the soil, allowing more freely to pick it up with a spiral plate located on the rod after the cutting elements.

Well into the water with their own hands Garden Drill

The Garden Drill uses :

  • When the aquifer is located at a distance of 5-7 meters from the surface.
  • Prost both in independent production, and in use.
  • One person can drill.

The procedure for working with the garden drill:

  • Freeing the plot from the sod.
  • Set the garden drill to its original position.
  • Start drilling in the desired direction.
  • Periodic extraction of the garden drill from the well to release it from the soil to be taken.

The small-sized drilling rig (MBU) is used:

  • When the aquifer lies down to a depth of 10-15 m.
  • Requires installation space and manual assembly, as well as the organization of two small holes in the ground in preparing the MBU to work.
  • Water well organization can be done in 1 day.

Operating procedure of the MBU:

  • Transportation of the MBU to the site.
  • Assembly of drilling equipment.
  • Ensuring the operability of the MBU.
  • Monitoring the operation of the drilling rig and the necessary corrections at work.

Equipment for the water intake source

Well into the water with their own hands Equipment for the well

Well water needs not only its initial organization, but also the subsequent equipment for use. This means that the walls of the hole need to be strengthened with pipes so that access to the aquifer is not only unimpeded, but also as clean as possible without the inclusion of soil elements.

Well into the water with their own hands Construction of a well for obtaining clean water

Rules for the location of a pipe in a well:

  • The diameter of the pipe should be slightly less than the diameter of the drilled hole for its convenient location.
  • It is advisable to place a solid pipe. If this is not possible, then select segments of the same diameter with smooth edges, for minimal contamination of the water source.
  • Each well casing section must be carefully fixed with special clamps, which will prevent the casing from settling deep into the aquifer.
  • Often there is a rise in the casing, therefore it is necessary to think of its mounting already on the surface.

After equipping the well with a pipe, you need to think about the rise of water from depth to surface.The most successful way would be to use a submersible pump directly into the aquifer and holding hoses from it to feed both to the house and to the irrigation tank at the site. The power of the submersible pump is pre-calculated based on the height at which water will be supplied.

If you just recently drilled on your site and have positive experience in arranging high-quality independent water supply? We invite you to share personal experience with our readers, leaving comments on the article. Your opinion is very important to us.



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