What is veneered door and which is better

Doors covered with a thin section of precious woods (veneer) are called veneered. The basis for the application is an inexpensive array of conifers and MDF. The technology is so popular and in demand that it is veneered doors that make up the majority of the model range in the average price range.

What is veneered door and which is better Door covered with natural veneer ash

Veneered doors ... modern, beautiful, varied and so durable ... - all this is true, but partly. No, they, of course, deserve the highest praises, but with the fact that they are a product of modern technologies, it is possible to argue. The fact is that the methods for obtaining doors by coating by the adhesive-free method were developed several thousand years ago. Were doing this in China. Only the name of the person who worked in this direction has come down to us - the inventor was named Li Peng.

At the same time, when he was creating man-made canvases using the then fashionable technologies, another art originated in Ancient Egypt, based on the production of veneer and its use as a finishing material. In the same place for the first time doors with a varnish covering appeared. Of course, the very method of applying materials had nothing to do with modern processing options, but, unfortunately, information about ancient methods of finishing did not reach our days.

Only the following is known - plywood (the so-called method of applying coatings to the surface of the finished web) was originally used to decorate those wood species that exhibit minimal resistance to environmental factors. Moreover, for processing they took veneer of more resistant varieties of wood, which were less accessible for this region. Nevertheless, the main purpose of veneering was not protection, but improvement of decorative characteristics.

What is veneered door and which is better The door with natural oak veneer lining

What the veneer is made of today

Veneers for finishing doors and furniture are produced using two technologies:

  • Shelling.
  • Planing.

Accordingly, the result is a peeled and planed veneer. Deciduous and coniferous wood is used:

  1. The best species for peeled veneer are beech, linden, birch or alder. Conifer varieties began to be used later - these are pine, larch, fir and spruce.
  2. For planed veneer, a solid array is more suitable — wood from beech, oak, ash, karagach, walnut, and maple is more often used for production. Rosewood, mahogany and exotic species such as red, rosewood are also considered to be excellent raw materials.

What is veneered door and which is better Door covered with American walnut veneer

The veneer obtained during processing is of particular beauty. butt parts of the trunk (those that are closer to the base and roots), as well as its vicious fragments with influxes, caps.

We anticipate the question - what is peeled and planed veneer, how do they both produce, how are veneered doors obtained, which are better and more stable?

All comparative characteristics and service life, the following, refer only to high-quality interior doors, manufactured in compliance with all technologies. Choose veneered doors from proven manufacturers, you can read reviews and photos of works in the catalog at the link.

Rotary-cut veneer is obtained as follows:

  1. The barrel is divided into logs - the so-called logs into a future sheet of veneer.
  2. Churaki cleared of bark.
  3. The cleaned fragment is placed on the machine, a blade is applied to the surface. When the machine is turned on, the axis on which the churak is put on, begins to rotate in one direction, and the blade creates translational movements in the opposite direction.

It turns out the spiral movement of a knife, from under which a thin ribbon of wood with a length from 1 to several tens, or even hundreds of meters, comes out. Before switching on the equipment, the blade is adjusted to the desired parameter of the slice thickness, thus obtaining material with a thickness of 0.3-4 mm.

What is veneered door and which is better Classic sliding doors with walnut veneer

Sliced ​​veneer is made differently:

  1. Take an even trunk.
  2. Clean the bark.
  3. Cut into vanches.
  4. The blanks are sent to the steaming chambers for heat treatment to make the material softer and more elastic.
  5. With special machines, vanches are planed into thin strips - the thickness of each does not exceed 1 mm.

Next, the veneer is sent for drying, flattened and packaged. In the future, already in production, a single sheet will be assembled from individual sheets, creating a certain pattern. Here it is necessary to ensure that each package contains sections from one vanchez, so that several large sheets with the same design can be made up. In the production of interior doors often use planed veneer.

What conclusion do we make from the information presented? Yes, the production process of veneered doors is not as simple and fast as it seems.Theoretically, to make a canvas by simply cutting the base out of a single piece of an array is much easier and faster. Why, in this case, is veneered doors the most popular collection in the range of each manufacturer?

What is veneered door and which is better Doors with veneer-coated veneer lining in the color of bleached oak

Why veneered doors are so popular

In essence, we are talking about the advantages of veneered doors, in particular, how they are better than solid wood structures. You know - better, and sometimes even irreplaceable. Their main advantages:

  • Veneered door is cheaper than a similar model, for example, from expensive oak. Savings are particularly noticeable when replacing multiple doors at once.
  • You can opt out of models with synthetic coatings: veneer - you can say, a compromise between that same naturalness and price.
  • They exhibit a high level of moisture resistance: one cannot say that they are better than others in terms of this indicator, but not to mention this advantage would be wrong. Manufacturers use a special technology of veneering, when not a solid canvas, and its individual parts are wrapped in veneer. The cuts remain inside the grooves, which means that there are no “bridges” on the surface for penetration of moisture. If you are thinking whether to install a veneered bathroom door - the answer is yes.
  • Light weight does not create heavy loads on the box and adjacent walls, so if the partition is weak or made of drywall, the array must be replaced with veneer.

What is veneered door and which is better Wenge Fine-Line veneer doors

How to find out which veneered door better and better

When comparing doors, as well as any other furnishings, they take into account two criteria - beauty and quality. It depends on them, how the design of the canvas will be perceived by others, as well as its durability, ability to resist scratches, moisture, and ultraviolet radiation. And if you can appreciate the beauty yourself, then by the level of performance we suggest to consult the seller, as well as look into the product data sheet and make a visual inspection to identify errors.

From myself we just add that the direct proof of the high quality of the door is its high price. Indicator, albeit relative, but effective. This means, for example, that in the production they used expensive veneer of good production from noble wood.

Still - it's time to learn to distinguish one type of veneer from another. As a rule, unaware buyers do not see the difference between the three types of coatings:

  • natural veneer;
  • a product called fine-line;
  • ekoshpon.

What is veneered door and which is better Doors in mahogany veneer

Here is a small and clear reminder of how to distinguish one type of veneer from another:

  1. Natural veneer is an absolute copy of the array, because it is the tree. It has the same pattern, shades, there are beautiful fragments with knots and divorces.
  2. Fine-line: also produced from natural wood, but using a different technology. First, the trunk is cut into several layers. After they are glued together, a sheet of plywood about 2 m thick is obtained. Next, the sheets are cut into thin layers of veneer. The drawing has the form of parallel ordered strips, which look unnatural - this is the main difference between fine-line and natural products. The price of such structures is significantly lower than the cost of doors made of natural veneer, and if you want to check the seller if he does not give out a cheap product for the expensive one - pay attention to the picture.
  3. Eco skins are polymer. Rather, waste pulp industry interspersed with polymer and adhesive composition. You can recognize the fact that there is a film in front of you by the end cuts and by color: a wide palette of shades is allowed, including those that are not found in nature.

What is veneered door and which is better Doors in veneer white ash

Well, and do not forget that the main signs quality doors:

  1. Smooth surface - check the tactile sensations.
  2. Lack of pronounced chemical odors - we connect the sense of smell and do not allow ourselves to be deceived.

Veneered doors - differences in design, or - is it possible to pave a relief canvas

Let's start with the main thing - veneered doors come in three types:

  • paneled - for a classic interior;

What is veneered door and which is better Paneled veneer door with figure bead

  • molded (modern with large glass triplex);

What is veneered door and which is better A molded door with triplex glass with a pattern in color bleached oak

  • tsargovy (also modern, national teams)

What is veneered door and which is better Tzargovaya veneer team

As you can see Those, none of the listed options are distinguished by an absolutely flat surface.That is, veneered canvases in most cases have a relief, but to cope with differences of different heights, they came up with several technologies for applying veneer to the surface.

Veneer can be applied by one of the following methods:

  • Veneered: only the adhesive and the press are used. Overlay and bonding are produced under normal conditions.
  • Hot veneering: glue is applied on MDF panels, then veneer is applied. The blank is sent under a hot baking press. The semi-finished product is carefully polished and varnished. As a result of the use of adhesives with a different formula, the finished product becomes more durable, the risk of coating delamination is minimal.
  • Membrane Vacuum Veneering: the very method that allows you to apply veneer on surfaces with very complex relief. A very important technology that opens up a lot of possibilities for modeling.

It only remains to add that the framed structures - in their spirit, lines, and reliefs - are close to classical interiors. Molded - this is a light model with glass without the lower and upper rails - the original story for modern interiors. And tsargovy doors with wooden or glass inserts - these are endless possibilities for designing canvases under natural wood.

What is veneered door and which is better Double-leaf sliding door in ash veneer

Restoration of door from veneer

Often you can hear: I scratched the veneer door - what to do? We will not be able to completely get rid of the defect, although we can offer this option - to find a store where they sell doors of the same manufacturer, and agree with them to be taken to the shop for repainting.

Other ways will help to decorate the defect, but not completely get rid of it.


  • restoration oil in the color of the canvas: moisten a cloth with it, rub the door. Scratches will become imperceptible, and the door itself will be cleaner and brighter;
  • soft wax;
  • pencil with stain;
  • varnish spray that does not leave ghosting.

What is veneered door and which is better Veneered doors in the corridor

If the veneer is unstuck from the base, then restore, in the case of budget doors is meaningless, since the cost of this event can be comparable to the cost of a new door. Judge for yourself: you have to buy a new veneer, take off the old one, prepare the canvas, glue the new veneer and completely paint and varnish everything, so that the color matches the other doors in the apartment that have not been spoiled and have been standing for some time. If the doors are of artistic value or are a museum piece - this process is justified, in all other cases it is better to put a new door. By the way, if the problems with the veneer begin before the end of the warranty period, then the manufacturer will, according to your statement, do just that - nothing will be restored, but simply exchange the door for a new one.

What is veneered door and which is better Veneered door in modern design

Veneer or eco-veneer - which is better?

This question is to hear door store consultants very often. We have already dealt with this topic, but we will explain it again, so that there are definitely no questions left.

Both are used as the outer, decorative covering of the door leaf. But the veneer is a natural wood, its thin cut, and the eco-veneer is a polymer film. Veneer is more expensive than ekoshpon, therefore veneered doors, for the most part, are more expensive than ekoshponirovanny.

Differences in price are not only due to the different cost of coverage, as a rule, the manufacturer deliberately makes a more expensive basis for more expensive, veneered doors. The door leaf itself is heavier, it has no cavities or honeycomb filling, it is more expensive to feel when closing, better for sound insulation. Here, as everywhere else, for example, in cars - you take a more powerful engine, you automatically get more expensive equipment.

What is veneered door and which is better Doors with white matte triplex

Naturally, natural veneer is more interesting than ekoshpon by its beauty. Of course, there are very high-quality films, with a very beautiful multi-color pattern and reliable relief. But in any case, natural wood, which is veneer, is better. It is like a massive board and laminate - it happens, and you can not tell, but in 90% of cases you can see immediately.

There is no difference in durability and convenience in everyday life. But only if both options are made with high quality and eco boards are really a plastic film, not paper. They do not need any special care, both options can be put in the bathroom.

What is veneered door and which is better Veneered classic doors with large windows and capitals

T. Since the veneered doors appeared on the market much earlier, we can say for sure about them that they cost a long time, more than 10 years - it’s easy if you don’t break them specifically. Doors of ekoshpon appeared relatively recently and it is difficult to speak about such dates. Yes, and they are very different in quality, becauseprice range in which similar products are presented: from the cheapest canvases - for 2500 rubles, up to 6000 rubles. Correctly compare with the veneer can be a door cost from 4000 rubles. Everything else is a product in which the manufacturer has saved on everything.

As a result, other things being equal, except for the price, you will have to choose based on the appearance of the door structure. It is important to take into account all other elements of the interior. If there are wooden parts in furniture, floors, etc., it is best veneer. If everything is covered with films: kitchen fronts, cabinets, laminate floor - then there is no sense to overpay, if the design of the door leaf is satisfied.

What is veneered door and which is better Veneered sliding door to the dressing room with a mirror

Veneer or PVC - how to choose?

If you have not read the previous paragraph - be sure to read! Eco-sheeting and PVC film are essentially the same. They differ only in composition: polypropylene-based eco-pans, chloride in the second coating, in a bound form, is present. In color and relief, they can be generally the same. Therefore, when compared with veneer, all of the above about eco hair pans is true.

Why is there an eco prefix in one cover and not in the other, and does it sound somehow very synthetic, PVC? In short, this is a marketing ploy. The film "eco shpon", based on polypropylene, such as safe - does not emit anything, therefore, "eco". And about the film "PVC" there is a bike, which it allocates in some form a compound of chlorine, therefore not "eco". Decorative coatings based on PVC appeared long ago, and eco-pallets based on polypropylene - relatively recently. To strengthen the demand for new material and this information appeared.

In fact, chlorine does not stand out from the PVC film in its normal state, and the coatings themselves evolve and become more beautiful relief, similar to natural wood. Suppliers of finishing films offer door factories a huge choice of materials: PVC films and polypropylene (eco-shears), which are now generally indistinguishable from each other. The only difference is in the method of applying to the surface of the door leaf and the equipment for this necessary. This is what the door manufacturers come from.

What is veneered door and which is better Veneered molded doors to the room bathroom and toilet in frosted glass

Veneer or solid wood is a hard choice

The doors from the array are therefore called because they are made entirely of some kind of wood. In veneered doors, the frame is made of cheap conifers, then there is a substrate of MDF, and on top a thin layer of expensive wood (veneer). The difference in approaches is obvious and each has its own advantages.

A normal veneered door costs about 8,000-12,000 rubles. Doors made of solid pine can be bought, starting at 4,500 rubles, alder wood - from 12,000 rubles, solid wood: ash, oak, beech - from 20,000 rubles. So we will compare, since it is obvious that the comparison "as a whole" is useless, given the completely different properties of different types of wood.

What is veneered door and which is better Two-fillet veneered doors

Doors made of pine or veneer

Pine is very beautiful , with large divorces, if you leave the knots, suitable for popular styles such as country, chalet or Provence, especially under white wax. The material is bursting with "naturalness", even creates a certain aroma in the room. But on this, the pluses end and the reverse side of the medal begins: a very soft surface quickly collects damage, and a “living” tree can change its size significantly when changing seasons and even crack. On Finnish doors, for example, around the panels, nonprokras may appear, because the canvas is painted on the assembled production, and in the apartment, when the humidity changes, the panel is compressed. In the veneered doors there is nothing like this, although they consist half of the same solid pine. The MDF layer perfectly holds the geometry, regardless of the importance of the apartment, being the ideal basis for veneer. On such a substrate, solid veneer becomes even stronger, maintaining an impeccable look for quite a long time.

What is veneered door and which is better Door in Veneer Fine-Line walnut

Alder or veneered doors

Alder is a little harder than pine, not so loose, but it has an inexpressive pattern. Its wood is not as resinous as that of pine, and absorbs moisture strongly, so the coating for the alder is chosen more dense, often it is covered with opaque enamels. Pine enameled paint scary - may appear cracks. In general, if you fundamentally need doors from 100% of the array, but there is no money for an expensive, beautiful and very durable oak or ash, alder can be a good option. At the same time, for this money, you can take the door with oak veneer or ash, and the beauty they will be just more interesting, but the strength and durability is not a fact.

What is veneered door and which is better Classic veneered door with patterned glass

Solid oak and ash or veneer

And now we compare doors made of oak and ash with veneered ones, and this comparison is very interesting, since it is oak and ash veneers that are the most popular.

Doors made entirely of oak or ash are very heavy and durable. By this parameter, they are, of course, better veneered, but this is not always appropriate, especially in flimsy urban, plasterboard partitions.

The second point that may influence the choice in favor of cheaper analogues is the frequency and quality of all repairs. The average repair will require an update after 15 years exactly, and veneered doors, just for this period and calculated. But one-piece doors can stand for several decades, but repairs may not survive.

And of course, veneer is all imitation, albeit natural. This tree has much greater potential for decoration. Large differences in heights, beautiful edges, carving, surface brushing are all not available for veneering technology. But I must say that the creation of such doors from an array will cost far less than the minimum 20,000 rubles.

We hope that the information presented was useful to you and will help in the selection. Materials for the article were prepared by experts of the interior doors store "To the House".


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