The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

To determine which hood is better for the kitchen, you can only do some preliminary calculations in which at least the dimensions of the room and the presence of a ventilation system in it will be taken into account. Not the last factor will be the design of the device - not every hostess will want to “put” a white crow ”in the kitchen, which is unknown how it fits into its interior.

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

How to decide on the appropriate type of hood

If you can not think much about the design of the hood, the benefit of the market is quite different models with their colors and sizes then it is necessary to pay special attention to the efficiency of its work - the quality of the functions it performs depends on it.

First of all, you need to decide on the type of device - recirculation choose or flow. At the same time, without a preliminary assessment of the room, it is unambiguous to say which kitchen hoods would be better for him to use - each performs its tasks and is good in its place.

Circulating hood

This device got the name because it simply causes the air to circulate through the room, eliminating foreign odors by passing through a carbon filter that is inside hoods

In addition to the carbon filter, grease traps are installed in this hood.

The principle of its operation determines all the positive and negative aspects of such a design.

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

+ Pros of circulation hoods

  1. Ability to use in homes with a clogged ventilation system, or simply designed for small traction and not coping with the possibilities of modern hoods.
  2. Such a device can be placed anywhere and you don’t have to pull the corrugation from the ventilation shaft. It also opens up opportunities for designers - such a hood can be hidden in the tabletop or behind false walls.
  3. When recirculating air, it is not necessary to create strong traction, which means devices can be smaller and more economical in terms of electricity consumption.
  4. At lower engine loads, which is the main component of the exhaust, the overall service life of the device increases.
  5. The location of the cooking hob is not attached to the ventilation shaft.

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

- Disadvantages of circulation hoods

  1. Need purchase consumables - depending on the intensity of use of the hood, carbon filters need to be changed about once every six months or a year.
  2. It is necessary to regularly wash the grease filter - it is a fine metal mesh that is installed at the bottom of the hood and cleaned in running water or a dishwasher.
  3. It does not make sense to place a circulating hood over a gas stove. In the process of gas combustion, oxygen from the air is converted to carbon monoxide (CO²), which the hood will simply drive through the kitchen. Recycling in this case becomes not only ineffective, but also dangerous to health.

Flow-through hood

The main difference of such a device is that for efficient operation it necessarily needs access to the ventilation shaft. The hood is mounted either directly near its opening, or the corrugated pipe is connected to it, which is made as short as possible - the smaller it is, the quieter the work of the hood. For this reason, devices of this type are somewhat limited at the installation site - on the wall above the stove or ceiling.

The principle of operation of the device is quite simple. The fan forces air and draws it out of the room, forming a kind of draft that forms when the window is open, only the air does not spin around the kitchen, but is blown by the fan into the ventilation shaft or directly outside, if a separate ventilation opening is made in the kitchen wall.

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

Since the dirty air is brought out to the street, there is no need to use carbon filters, but the particles of grease and soot do not pollute the inside of the hood itself, the grease filter on it is still put. It is necessary to rinse it periodically - it depends on the cleanliness of this part how much the hood will work efficiently and quietly.

Because of the need to install ventilation, it is better to install flow hoods during repair work in the kitchen and when planning it, separately calculate its location. Special attention should be paid to the air duct - ideally, it should be a straight line without twists and turns. With their presence, the air will be very humming inside the pipe and the use of the hood will be at least not comfortable. In general, by the principle of operation it is clear which hood for the gas stove is better - in this case only flow through should be installed.Almost all models of flow hoods can be run in recirculation mode - to do this, a carbon filter is installed at the outlet and the device is ready for operation.

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

+ Pros of the flow hood

  1. Ability to do powerful, high-performance devices.
  2. There are no consumables that need to be systematically replaced - the fatty filters used are almost eternal.
  3. The exhaust hood can be hidden in kitchen furniture.
  4. Noise is lower than circulating counterparts.

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

- Cons of the exhaust hood

  1. So as the hood in fact sucks the air out of the kitchen, another must flow into its place, for which it is necessary to leave the window open or to think over the ventilation also for the air flow.
  2. The consequence of the previous drawback is that in winter the hood draws warm air from the room, replacing it with cold, and vice versa in summer.
  3. If the stove is located (or will be installed) far from the vent hole, large-scale installation work is inevitable.

How to choose the design of the hood according to the type of installation

Here the design question comes to the fore, because the internal structure of all the hoods is the same - the main differences are engines, build quality and applicable work area lighting.

Suspended . Mostly, these are low-cost options for devices - they differ in low engine power, but at the same time they are the most economical in terms of energy consumption. The simplicity of the design determines the cost of such extracts and the simplicity of their installation. Most often it is a case with dimensions of 60x50x15, the lower part of which consists of fatty filters, and the engine is located inside. The air duct is located on the top or back cover.

Despite the budget execution, in this category a sufficient number of reliable devices that will cope with air purification is not worse than TOP models and at the same time will have a rather low noise level.

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

Dome . Their second name is mantel. This name they received for their resemblance to the ventilation system of natural fireplaces, which immediately attracted attention when entering the kitchen. Often, these models are equipped with a powerful engine and can boast of high performance. Since they are constantly visible, manufacturers offer buyers a large number of design options for such devices.

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

Structurally, dome hoods are divided into three types:

1. The walls. Mounted on one of the walls, for which the back side is made flat.

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

2. Corner. Have the appropriate shape for installation in the corner of the kitchen.

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

3. Island. Fastened to the ceiling - most often through it is carried out the ventilation pipe. This is especially easy to do if you are installing drywall ceilings. This hood is used in large kitchens in which the stove is in the middle of the room.

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

The wall and corner devices may have an inclined working surface - this improves their appearance and also reduces the chance of hitting the edge of a regular hood with a head.

Embedded . After installation, such hoods become practically invisible - only the control panel with touch or mechanical buttons remains visible. This is usually a narrow strip a few centimeters high — black, white, or silver.

Such hoods can be built into kitchen cabinets or countertops - in the first case they are pulled out in the horizontal plane, and in the second (such models are also called “dominoes”) - in the vertical.

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

Built-in hood in the cabinet.

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

Built-in hood in the worktop.

Best suspended hoods

This rating of kitchen hoods includes representatives of the Slovenian trademark Gorenie, the domestic Kronasteel and the Italian manufacturer LEX. All hoods have approximately the same characteristics and at a good level cope with their responsibilities, so the selection criteria are likely to be design, the familiar name of the brand, and customer reviews using similar devices.

Gorenje DU 5345 W

The three-speed electric motor provides the extractor - despite its size, the device has a capacity of up to 300 m³ / h, which is enough to clean the air in the kitchen with an area of ​​up to 10 m². Control modes and the inclusion of lighting is carried out by buttons on the front panel.

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

+ Pros Gorenje DU 5345 W

  1. Easy to control. For the backlight and each speed has its own button.
  2. Easy installation - the hood is screwed with dowels, after which it remains only to close the cover.
  3. Low weight.
  4. Ability to work in the modes of exhaust and air circulation.
  5. Value for money.

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

- Cons Gorenje DU 5345 W

  1. Thin metal casing. It does not affect the work, but there is a general feeling of "fragility" of the structure. In some devices, panel punching may be felt.
  2. At high speeds, the air in the housing and the corrugated cable makes a noisy noise.
  3. No case grounding. But the engine is in a plastic case and is not in contact with the hood body.
  4. Energy efficiency class "E"

The device is a budget class of an average price segment in its category. If in a small kitchen you need a reliable "workhorse" with the most simple management, then the purchase will fully justify itself.

Kronasteel Jessica slim PB 600 white

Suspended universal extractor for a small kitchen with a three-speed electric motor with a capacity of up to 350 m³ / h. It is connected for work in the recirculation and bypass mode. All control is carried out by five buttons - powering the device, three modes of operation and backlight.

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

+ Pros Kronasteel Jessica slim PB 600 white

  1. The backlight is located at the front, not near the wall. The parameter is an amateur, but most often the front comforters are occupied.
  2. Fatty filters occupy almost the entire bottom surface - less you have to wash the hood itself.
  3. Convenient location of control buttons - visually you can see all modes of operation.
  4. Charcoal filter included.
  5. Low cost compared to peers.

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

- Cons Kronasteel Jessica slim PB 600 white

  1. Thin metal body. If there is a chance that the hood will be hooked during operation, it is better to put additional washers on the fasteners so that the case does not bend.
  2. There are no gaskets at the joints of the body parts - if you install them yourself, the noise level will be significantly reduced.
  3. Low price affects the overall quality of materials and workmanship - a white hood can have a black power cord.

The main task is to clean the air, the hood manages without any complaints. Prefer her another model makes sense only after comparing the noise level from the fans, but it largely depends on the quality of the installation of the duct.

LEX Simple 600 Inox

The combination of an economical three-speed engine with a power of 180 W and a capacity of 340 m³ is enough to be used on medium-sized kitchens of up to 10-12 m². The light weight of 4.5 kg determines the ease of installation, and the intuitive button control and low noise level make the operation comfortable.

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

+ Pros LEX Simple 600 Inox

  1. Universal silver color.
  2. At the first two speeds, the exhaust operation is almost unheard of (noise at third speed or in intensive mode is an unavoidable evil for devices of this class)
  3. High-quality case assembly - everything is securely fixed and does not rattle during operation .
  4. Protective visor under the control panel.
  5. Good combination of price, reliability and functionality - the hood can be installed to work in the mode of withdrawal and circulation.

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

- Cons LEX Simple 600 Inox

  1. Somewhat angular and straightforward design, but this is purely a matter of taste.
  2. An uneconomical backlight on incandescent bulbs - they consume 80 W / h and heat up the exhaust surface strongly.

This model can boast not only good performance - it got into the rating of kitchen extractor hoods, as buyers do not leave in it the address of negative feedback regarding noise or other operational specifications. If there are no special requirements for the design of the device, then this hood will be a great help in the kitchen.

The best built-in hoods

When planning to purchase such a device, you should definitely consider the size of the hood and the place where it is planned to be built.

Elica FILO IX / A / 60

Powerful three-speed hood with capacity in intensive mode up to 800 m³ / hour and electronic clock control. It can be installed for circulating or bypass operation. It comes with an economical LED backlight - 2 lamps of 3 watts each.

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

+ Pros Elica FILO IX / A / 60

  1. Monolithic construction without moving parts - there is nothing to break.
  2. After installation it is almost invisible - the panel is completely placed under the cabinet.
  3. Low noise - perceptible hood can be heard only at third speed and in intensive mode.

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

- Cons Elica FILO IX / A / 60

  1. The mounting screws included in the kit are in the form of an asterisk fastener - when purchasing, you need to make sure that there will be something to tighten them.
  2. The cold light from the backlight - many people associate with hospital lighting, but this is not for everybody.
  3. If there is a narrow diameter in the room ventilation, then the extraction power may even be excessive. The air vent on the device itself with a diameter of 150 mm - the discharge pipe should be made the same way - otherwise it may affect the volume of work.

In the first place, it is better to pay attention to the owners of studio apartments, with a minimalist design and a large kitchen area, which is usually combined with the living room. But before buying, you need to decide whether there is enough ventilation capacity for its work.

ELIKOR Integra 60

Two-speed hood for mounting in the cabinet above the cooker. Depending on the method of installation, it works in the mode of air exhaust or recirculation, passing 400 m³ of air per hour through itself. Modes of operation are configured with mechanical buttons and switches, and on / off is made by sliding the panel.

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

+ Pros ELIKOR Integra 60

  1. Simple and intuitive control.
  2. The rounded shapes of the sliding panel fit well with the kitchen design.
  3. Good value for money and performance.

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

- Cons ELIKOR Integra 60

  1. If the hood will work in the air recirculation mode, the carbon filter necessary for this must be purchased separately.
  2. At second speed, her work is very well heard.
  3. A small number of modes of operation.
  4. If the exhaust hood is planned to work in recirculation mode, then the charcoal filter should be purchased separately.

First of all, the hood is designed for a small kitchen - even at first speed, it copes well with the task. Before buying it is better to compare the noise level with the size of the room in which the hood will be used.

Kronasteel Kamilla Sensor 2M 600 inox / black glass

Combined, by-pass-recirculating built-in retractable hood with electronic touch control. The model is equipped with two 200-watt electric motors that operate in three modes, with a maximum capacity of 550 m³ / h.

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

+ Pros Kronasteel Kamilla Sensor 2M 600 inox / black glass

  1. Easy to use - after the initial configuration of the modes, simply push the panel.
  2. Filter cleaning need indicator.
  3. Touch buttons - there are no small holes in them, as in ordinary ones, where dust and dirt are constantly packed.
  4. Performance is more than enough for a standard size kitchen.
  5. Instead of one engine operating at higher revs in intensive mode, two are used, that

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

- Minuses Kronasteel Kamilla Sensor 2M 600 inox / black glass

  1. A lot of electricity is spent on lighting - 2x50 watts and all this to illuminate the stove during cooking.
  2. The place on the panel where the backlight lamps are located is very hot.
  3. You cannot start a hood without pulling out the operating panel.

The hood performs its task of removing odors from the kitchen cooker perfectly, and thanks to its minimalist design and touch control, it should appeal to fans of modern trends in home production electronics and other equipment.

Best Dome Hoods

Hansa OKC 6726 IH

Universal hood for use in air exhaust and air circulation modes. The 160 Watt electric motor provides maximum performance of 620 m³ / h when the fourth speed mode is activated. The device is controlled by touch buttons, with the display of the current mode of operation on the display.

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

+ Pros Hansa OKC 6726 IH

  1. Original design.
  2. Bright illumination of the work area - can be used instead of ordinary light in the kitchen.
  3. Four modes of operation for adjusting noise / performance.

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

- Cons Hansa OKC 6726 IH

  1. The lighting lamps get very hot - you should not touch the case during their work, or change them to low-temperature ones.
  2. Occasionally the touch buttons can "wedge" - you have to turn off the hood from the outlet.
  3. The backlighting of the touch buttons is weak — in bright light, they are simply not visible, and when the hood is in standby mode, you have to press the keys.

Reliable workhorse with an original design that differs from most similar models in its price category. If suitable technical characteristics of the device and the issue in the design, then this hood is one of the first candidates for consideration.

Kronasteel LINA 600 white 4P-S

Chimney extractor with electronic control and capacity of 800 m³ / h. Is established in an opening 60 cm wide and can work in the modes of circulation and removal of air. The engine with a maximum power of 198 watts operates in four modes, providing low sound levels and energy savings.

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

+ Pros Kronasteel LINA 600 white 4P-S

  1. Silent operation. Noise is heard only at 3-4 speeds, and for ordinary cooking, the first two are enough.
  2. Design. LED lighting, touch controls and display give the hood individual features.
  3. Versatility. If you buy a carbon filter to the hood, you can use it in recirculation mode.

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

- Cons Kronasteel LINA 600 white 4P-S

  1. A separate transformer is used to power the LED backlight - if it fails, the search for a new one and its replacement will take some time.
  2. When mounting, the power cord is pinched too much by the protective casing - you have to either make a recess in the wall, or ream the casing itself.

Determining which hood should be bought in the kitchen, not the last reason is the fact that this device has a minimal amount of negative feedback from people using it. If you need reliability, power, quiet operation and it is possible to pay a little more than the average price for this, then this model will be the right choice.


A stylish hood with a glass work surface, an embedding width of 600 mm and a push button control. Depending on the needs, one of the three modes of operation is used, which allows you to adjust the noise level in the kitchen. The exhaust passes through itself 520 m³ of air per hour, which is more than enough for a room of 20 m².

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

+ Pros MAUNFELD Tower C 60

  1. Value for money.
  2. Additional illumination of the cooking zone.
  3. The working surface is at an angle - less likely to hit her head.
  4. Possibility of connection in circulating and flow modes.
  5. As standard, there is a check valve.

The best hoods for the kitchen - rating top 9 (2019)

- Minuses MAUNFELD Tower C 60

  1. According to the instructions, the placement height above the table top should be 45 cm. If the hood is located at this height, the control buttons are not visible - you have to touch them or bend down to see them.
  2. There is a general lack of black things - there are strongly visible stains from hands and dust.
  3. When large quantities of steam from pans can not fully absorb it.
  4. At maximum engine speed, there is a noisy noise.

The practical and unpretentious Tower C 60 device is a good choice for a kitchen with an area of ​​up to 15-20 m² if you need to combine performance, design and low price.


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