How much does it cost to fill the floor in bulk

Today, almost everyone knows about the advantage of self-leveling floors, but they are not made by everyone. Therefore, when carrying out repairs, many are interested in how much it costs to fill the floor, because every person has a completely natural desire to get a durable coating for a reasonable price.

Advantages of the technology

How much does it cost to fill the floor in bulk Advantages of the self-leveling floor

Those who decided to make such floor, get high-quality, reliable and durable coating, and very beautiful, with the ability to choose a variety of ways of decorating. Self-leveling floor is a universal coating that can be made at home, in the office, in a production or commercial premises, or on any other object. In addition to aesthetic data, this coating has high strength, excellent antibacterial properties, it is easy to take care of him. In addition, this environmentally friendly coating meets fire safety conditions. Making sure that it is worthwhile, you need to find out if your wallet will cope with this task.


How much does it cost to fill the floor in bulk Coverage Price

Naturally, this is an important question, and you need to know how much it costs to fill a self-leveling floor even before the work begins, so we can consider the proposals of companies. The price range is considerable, but, about why this happens, let's talk later. What services can you offer, at a price per square meter?

  1. Dismantling the screed from 150 to 600 p / m².
  2. Cast asphalt screed from 350 r / m².
  3. Device of a dry combined screed from 400 p / m² to 450 p / m².
  4. Device of self-leveling floors from 200 r / m² ² to 500 r / m².
  5. Concrete screed from 140 p / m² to 750 p / m².
  6. Cement screed from 140 p / m² to 600 p / m².
  7. Waterproofing from 50 r / m² to 250 r / m².

Checkout can be from a minimum order amount of 440 p. and reach 100,000 p. for the amount of work performed.

Why prices differ

How much does it cost to fill the floor in bulk Fill large areas

Perform the work as specialized brigades as well as lone specialists. The speed of work performance depends on your choice, because it is clear that the team will do the work faster, especially with its large volumes.

If you make repairs in an apartment, it is unlikely that you will need a crew of ten people. One person can cope with such volumes, especially when there is no hurry, however, the cost of the work may be low, however, you can get an “ax of the ax”, as firms may include shipping, lifting to the floor, taking out construction debris and a lot pleasant surprises.

When calculating the cost of the work done by the master, you should not forget about accounting for additional work, the cost of which can be rather big.

How much does it cost to fill the floor in bulk Features of working with self-leveling floors

Also note that even if If you find a contractor for small amounts of work, then the calculation can be made for the minimum possible amount of work. On the websites of many companies in the rates for the floor with the image (3D), you can see the following information: "from 1 m² to 10 m² payment of 65,000 rubles."

Quality-price ratio

How much does it cost to fill the floor in bulk Self-leveling floor in an industrial area

Another An important factor affecting pricing are decorative qualities. For a self-leveling device in industrial premises, simple uniform coatings are mainly made, while for offices and apartments, photographs, original patterns or drawings, as well as three-dimensional images are often selected. It is quite natural that such floors will cost more.

How much does it cost to fill the floor in bulk The floor in the apartment

Pour the self-leveling floor in large rooms, of course, will be cheaper, so as in this case, you can count on a substantial discount, in addition, on the websites of the firms indicated the cost of work for the amount of work from and to. By measuring the room, you can find out the cost of work.


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