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Any modern well-equipped housing should be equipped with high-quality and reliable sewage system. However, in many suburban areas it is not always possible to organize and connect to communications. Therefore, owners of cottages and country cottages often have to look for alternative ways of arranging the sewer system. The most affordable methods for the cost and complexity of work include a septic tank of tires. The main thing, giving preference to this engineering technology to remember that it is not designed for a significant amount of wastewater and can be used as additional communication in the construction of baths, pools or other hydraulic structures.


Septic Tire DIY How does a septic tank work?

Many consumers confuse the two absolutely different sewer systems - cesspool and septic tank. However, the difference between them in the arrangement and further exploitation is simply enormous. A cesspool is a bulk storage tank that is emptied as it is filled. Septic tank refers to the system of biological treatment and partial pumping of wastewater. It is released less often or not cleaned at all, depending on the design of the system and the features of its use. A septic tank of tires with its own hands can settle down under the following conditions:

  1. The site should have a low groundwater table (more than 5 meters).
  2. The depth of soil freezing should be low, which allows you to avoid large movements of soil and contributes to the preservation of engineering structures.
  3. Soils on the site should have maximum filtering ability. As a rule, this soil is high in sand.
  4. A septic tank made of tires is recommended to be used only for treating gray waste.

Constructive and technological characteristics

Septic Tire DIY The septic system scheme from automobile tires

The sewage system of tires is made up of two sealed tanks connected to each other. Sewage from the sewage pipe initially falls into the storage tank. This is the primary cleaning stage in which large particles of dirt settle, and the work of the cleaning bacteria begins.

A further stage, the overflow zone, reaches only partially treated wastewater. The second capacity is somewhat larger in volume than the first. It is the active and intensive work of cleansing bacteria.

Choosing a place

Septic Tire DIY Choosing a place

When choosing the optimal place for arranging a septic tank take into account several important factors:

  1. The distance from the septic tank to the drinking water intake should be at least 20 m.
  2. Between the lower point of the construction of the upper indicator of groundwater should be at least 1 m.
  3. Provides free access to the septic tank of the sewage truck.
  4. From the house to the septic tank should be no less than 5-7 m. Similarly, the distance is adjusted by the type of soil and the features of the relief of the site.

Septic Tire DIY Preparing a pit

As far as possible, the building is located in the direction of the slope of the territory that its level was lower than the general water intake.

Work steps

Septic Tire DIY Let us down communications

We can lay sewer pipes to the septic tank pipe, necessarily below the mark of soil freezing. Communications can be protected from climatic influences and the likelihood of mechanical damage by a special box. After selecting the location and supply of utilities, the size of the structure is determined, which should be equal to three times the volume of effluent in one day. Taking into account the initial indicators, they calculate the depth and width of the structure, select the dimensions and types of tires.

On the selected car tire mark the dimensions of the septic tank. For the second tank, which is located at a certain distance from the first tank, it is recommended to use tires of larger diameter. After marking, digging holes just below two tanks. The base of the pits can be prepared with the help of sand, and from the tires should be cut with an electric jigsaw upper part. Tires are put into prepared pits, connecting them with wire for strength. All joints and seams should be treated with a special sealant. At a height of 2/3 from the surface of the base in the tires, a hole is cut out and an adapter tube is inserted. In the upper part of the first septic tank also cut out the entrance under the sewer system.

Next, the pit is filled up, for which purpose selected soil or sand is used.

All backfilling operations are carried out with the utmost care not to damage the finished structure.

At the end, the septic tank is closed with a functional lid made of high-quality and reliable material, which during operation will not be exposed to rotting and destruction from the negative impact of climatic phenomena.

Using simple recommendations and rules, you can quickly and efficiently make a practical and durable septic tank of your own hands on a country site.

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