Furniture for a bath with their own hands: the choice of wood and manufacturing

A good bath at the summer cottage or backyard is not only pleasure and health for the whole family, but also pride in front of neighbors and friends. But one circumstance interferes with inviting guests to the "first steam" - there is no furniture in the room yet.

Furniture for a bath with their own hands: the choice of wood and manufacturing

Shelves are the most important component of the interior of the bath and make them very easy and not expensive.

It is not a problem to buy suitable furniture in the store, but if there is a desire and an opportunity to make furniture for the bath with your own hands, you can create a unique interior of the dressing room and steam room with substantial cost savings.

This process will require some skills in carpentry, time and patience, and the result will be comfortable and stylish furniture for the bath, which differs from the factory originality of individual design and harmonious style.

Before you begin the process of producing furniture for a bath with your own hands, you need to think about exactly what interior items will be needed, how they will be located in the room and what size and shape will best suit the interior. In many respects this will depend on the spaciousness of the bath section and the possibility of conveniently placing the necessary elements in it for arranging a bath with your own hands.

Furniture for a bath with their own hands: the choice of wood and manufacturing

Types and shapes of bath shelves.

The main structure in the steam room, of course, will be the shelves, and how to make furniture for a waiting room, everyone chooses based on the number of family members or intended guests. Typically, this set includes a table, benches and chairs, as well as wooden tubs and fonts.

Considering that one of the main goals of a bath visit is to promote health, it is wrong to spoil the ecology of space with artificial materials, therefore natural wood will in this case be the only right decision in choosing the right material.

Choice and preparation of wood

You can make furniture in the bath yourself from several sorts of wood, but the most common coniferous material, which has the ability to isolate the resin when heated, is not suitable for this purpose. The furniture for the bath has direct contact with the bare human skin, so increased demands are placed on the raw materials for its production.

In addition to the low content of resin in its composition, wood for a bath with its own hands must have a low thermal conductivity, high density and easy to be machined.

Furniture for a bath with their own hands: the choice of wood and manufacturing

Scheme of a bench for a bath.

Presence of knots, cracks or other defects that can cause damage on the surface is not allowed.

Poplar, aspen and linden are considered the best wood materials for decorating a bath. They have good moisture resistance, reliable strength and low thermal conductivity, allowing the use of this wood in rooms with high temperatures.

In addition to these familiar tree species, there is an ideal material from which you can make bath furniture with your own hands. This is an African dead tree with the name Abashi. The surprisingly low thermal conductivity allows the shelves not to burn the skin even at extreme temperatures, and the operational characteristics guarantee the absence of darkening and rotting of the boards during operation.

The only disadvantage of this elite raw material is its high cost. Furniture for the bath, designed to be installed in a waiting room, can be made from various tree species without imposing too stringent requirements on them. But the mechanical treatment of the surface of any furniture made for the bath with his own hands, should be particularly careful, not leaving rough edges that can lead to scratches or splinters of skin.

Processing of wood before the manufacture of furniture

Furniture for a bath with their own hands: the choice of wood and manufacturing

Installation scheme of flooring.

High humidity and frequent temperature changes in the sauna room will have a negative effect on wood, which has the ability to absorb moisture and be subjected to deformation during climatic changes.

For the greatest preservation of the material from exposure to wet steam, rotting as a result of reproduction in the tree of microorganisms and the appearance of harmful insects, it is necessary to make it impregnated with compositions specifically designed for such premises.

It is strictly forbidden to use toxic wood trimming preparations when making a sauna with your own hands, which can cause serious harm to the human body, releasing toxic substances when heated. Do not cover the furniture for the bath with lacquer, paint, impregnation with linseed oil or waxing.

Tools and materials for furniture production

Before you make furniture for a bath, you need to prepare the tools and purchase the necessary lumber. You will need the usual set of carpentry tools, including:

Furniture for a bath with their own hands: the choice of wood and manufacturing

Drawing of the table for the bath.

  • grinder equipped with a circular saw or a hacksaw;
  • a sander;
  • a screwdriver or a drill with nozzles;
  • a planer;
  • hammer;
  • pliers;
  • roulette, square,
  • construction level.

The shelves for the steam room can be made in several tiers, for them you will need a 50x60 bar for making a frame and a flooring board, the thickness of which should be at least 25 mm, but should not be too thick, otherwise they will dry for a very long time. How to make furniture for a recreation area depends on the complexity of the designed structures.

The table top can be made of laminated veneer lumber or furniture panels, the same material can be used for seats, backs and side parts of benches or chairs. In a very narrow waiting room, the tabletop can be made reclining, fastening it to the wall plane. It is more convenient to mount the blanks using self-tapping screws, and to fix the legs using metal or wooden corners.

Making furniture for a bath with your own hands

Furniture for a bath with their own hands: the choice of wood and manufacturing

Drawing shelves for a bath.

According to the sketches made in advance, the exact dimensions of the wooden blanks are drawn, which are subsequently sawn by hand or with special equipment for woodworking.

The edge parts of the boards are treated with a cutter, and the surface is polished in two stages, first mechanically and then manually, removing the remaining irregularities.

Assembly of finished parts is carried out by tightening the screws, trying to ensure that the elements do not have too tight fit to each other and there is a small gap between them to ensure natural ventilation. All metal mounts, caps screws and nails should be covered in the thickness of the tree, covered with putty and polished.

In addition to basic furniture items, you may need some other household and interior details in the bath. These are clothes hangers, shoe racks, small lockers for accessories and shelves for dishes or decorations. To create a complete composition, wood can also be used in the design of a mirror frame or wall lamps.

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