Plywood on the floor under the linoleum on the concrete screed and wooden floor

It is possible to lay linoleum on plywood without much effort, but the floor surface must be flat so that the coating does not get damaged over time. You can level the wooden floor using putty or self-leveling compounds, but this method will take a long time and will require certain skills to achieve a high-quality surface.

Plywood on the floor under the linoleum on the concrete screed and wooden floor

Scheme of laying linoleum on plywood.

It is quick and relatively inexpensive to level a wooden floor with ordinary plywood. Plywood can be laid on the cement screed and on the logs. This method will allow you to get a perfectly flat and high-quality surface, on which in the future you can easily lay linoleum or any other floor covering.

Basic properties of plywood

Plywood on the floor under the linoleum on the concrete screed and wooden floor

The thickness of plywood for linoleum must be at least 12 mm.

Plywood is several layers of thin wood glued together. With its help you can level not only the floor, but any other surface. It is a durable, environmentally friendly material that can last for a long time. The surface of the plywood is flat and smooth, capable of withstanding temperature fluctuations in the room.

When using plywood for the floor, the load falls on the entire sheet, which prevents the surface from bending. Sheets of plywood closely adjoin each other, which prevents rodents or insects from penetrating under them. If necessary, sheets of plywood can be easily changed. Plywood under linoleum will increase the heat and sound insulation of the floor.

Choice and preparation of plywood

Plywood for linoleum should be chosen responsibly in order not to get negative surprises in the future. The thickness of the plywood must be at least 20 mm. It is desirable that the plywood was moisture resistant and treated with antifungal antiseptics. If you have purchased raw material, be sure to soak the sheets yourself with linseed oil or water-resistant stain.

Plywood on the floor under the linoleum on the concrete screed and wooden floor

Plywood sheet mounting scheme.

For ease of installation, sheets of plywood are cut into squares based on the size of your room. This can be done with a special jigsaw or buy ready-made squares. Then the squares should be placed on the floor without fastening, to fit them in size and number. Before that, we get rid of old baseboards and debris on the floor. Have plywood with shear, using the principle of masonry brick walls to increase the strength of the coating. It is necessary to leave technical gaps under the walls up to 2 cm and between squares up to 0.5 cm so that during expansion there is no friction between the sheets of plywood.

How to lay plywood on a concrete screed?

First you need to check the floor level. The maximum allowable discrepancy should not exceed 2 mm. Then the foundation is carefully prepared. With the help of a vacuum cleaner, all debris and dust is removed, the room is de-energized, and then the surface is washed with warm water. After drying, you need to cover the concrete screed with a thin layer of bituminous varnish or putty.

Ideally, after drying, it is necessary to lay a thin waterproofing film. It is laid with a slight tension, fixed at the edges with a special glue. After setting the glue, you can begin laying plywood.

Plywood on the floor under the linoleum on the concrete screed and wooden floor

Figure 1. All fitted sheets are numbered according to their layout.

First, prepare the same squares. After that, you need to lay the plywood in draft form. That is, do not mount it on the floor, but just put it the way you want it to be in the future (Fig. 1). In this case, do not forget that the squares should be stacked with overlapping seams.

After numbering, final styling is already possible. The best option is to mount the plywood using "liquid nails" or special glue for this purpose. You can apply and bustilat. But the use of screws in this case is undesirable. After setting the floor under the linoleum is ready!

How to lay plywood on a wooden floor?

Laying plywood on a wooden floor surface under linoleum is very similar to the process of laying on concrete. But at the same time there are some subtleties that must be observed so that in the future the coating will not deteriorate and serve you for a long time. Before work, be sure to de-energize the room.

First you need to replace those wooden boards that have become unusable. After that, the surface is checked by the level and is hammered in with the hammer out. With the help of a vacuum cleaner, the floor is freed from dust, and then washed thoroughly.

Plywood on the floor under the linoleum on the concrete screed and wooden floor

Layout of plywood on a concrete screed.

It is very important to wait until the floor is completely dry. Therefore, it is advisable to check the moisture level by overlaying the film for a day. In the absence of condensate after removal, you can proceed to the next stage of work, in which the surface is covered with a primer with the addition of an antiseptic. If there is condensation, you still need to dry the floor.For this purpose, you can use a regular hairdryer or put a heater in the room. Just do not leave the device turned on while you are away from home! After all, dry wood is very well ignited.

Approximately two days after the primer is completely absorbed and the surface is completely dried, you can begin to mount the plywood. For this, the sheets are again cut into squares, just like when they are laid on a concrete screed, after which they are laid in draft form. Watch carefully for clearances.

Fastening is made on bustilat or on self-tapping screws. It is better to combine these two ways. Heads of self-tapping screws should be well sunk. After finishing the work, the plywood is cleaned from dust and covered with a thin layer of varnish for wood. Now you can safely lay linoleum on plywood!

So now you are familiar with the basic properties of plywood and the subtleties of its laying under linoleum both on the concrete screed and on the wooden floor base.

If you follow these basic rules, then after laying linoleum the floor will not give you any problems. A noticeable sensation of warmth and comfort will appear in the room.

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