Landscaping the site in front of the house - arrangement of the front garden

The business card of each house is the front garden or the area in front of the house. In the modern sense of landscape designers, the front garden is a beautifully designed area, which separates the house from the road, and not just flower beds. Today, many owners of estates and cottages hide their yard from the outside world behind high fences. In this case, talking about the arrangement of a full-fledged front garden is quite difficult. However, some craftsmen endure the garden outside the fence almost outside. Landscaping the site in front of the house is a crucial stage in the design of landscape design. This article will discuss how to design a front garden and what is important to consider.

Where to start and what to take into account?

Landscaping the site in front of the house - arrangement of the front garden

If you decide to plan the landscaping of the site in front of the house, then start from the entrance area. If it has a small size - do not worry! In fact, even from a small area near the entrance you can make a beautiful area. The main thing - to choose the right plants.

The smaller the front garden area, the more expressive and brighter the plants planted on it should be. With the correct layout of flowering plants, you can even visually increase the space.

If you have a lawn between the house and the fence, you can make a garden of flowers next to the porch. As a result, you should get a single composition from the house, flower beds and paved walkways. This is due to the fact that the front garden is inextricably linked with the architectural design of the house. This means that what kind of building is the front garden. For example, a European garden is a mowed lawn, the geometric shapes of a hedge, and small decorative elements. While the Russian front garden on the background of an old wooden cottage will look more organic with slightly corrected shrubs, flowers and conifers.

Landscaping the site in front of the house - arrangement of the front garden The flower garden in front of the house

If you are designing a front garden near the walls of the house, then plant vines. This may be wisteria, kampsis or common honeysuckle. They will serve as a background for other colors and will decorate the wall of the house. As for the porch, it can be decorated with flowers in hanging pots. If you want to create a fabulous atmosphere, then decorate the house with hydrangea bushes and lavender.

If you intend to install an arch or a pergola in front of the gate, it will be appropriate to plant wicker roses here. If the area in front of the house is large enough, then you can make a small pond and alpine slide. Complement the composition can be dwarf coniferous bushes.

These tips and your own imagination will help you arrange the site in front of the house professionally. It is worth noting that this creative process will bring you a lot of joy!

Greening the space behind the fence

Landscaping the site in front of the house - arrangement of the front garden

If you decide to separate the territory near the house from the neighbors and the road, This can be done not easily with a fence, but, for example, with a hedge. It can be placed around the perimeter of the site or in some places. A hedge can be made from perennial shrubs or from trees that have different heights. This will make the fence impenetrable. For these purposes, you can use fruit trees such as apple, plum and mulberry. Representatives of the coniferous world look no less impressive. For example, cedar, juniper, fir, pine, etc. If your fence is made of shrubs, then give preference to roses, currants, honeysuckle or lilac. So, you can enjoy not only the view of the hedge, but also its aroma.

Landscaping the site in front of the house - arrangement of the front garden Plants for a mixed hedge

If you have a desire to make a flower bed behind a fence, then think about what to grow on it. It can be not only flowers, but also shrubs. It all depends on your personal preferences.

The area behind the fence is most susceptible to weed vegetation. This is due to the fact that it is in open space. Therefore, if you decide to make a flower bed behind the fence, then you should subsequently pay enough attention to caring for it.

Landscaping the site in front of the house - arrangement of the front garden The hedge

Before you begin to refine the flowerbeds behind the fence, completely remove the wild plants and their roots. This can be done by applying special tools. Then prepare the ground and plant the plants in it. Next, you need to regularly water the plants and clean the area from weeds.

Arrangement of a front garden in front of the house

Landscaping the site in front of the house - arrangement of the front garden

You can plant trees in the front of the house in a variety of ways. This can be, as mentioned above, flower beds, flower beds, alpine slides, ponds and lawns. However, the special place in this work is occupied by the landing of plants, which should be located in accordance with the planned design of the front garden.

The height and dimensions of the landings, as well as the scale of the front garden, must fully correspond to the structure.Ideally, a flower bed, flower bed, alpine slide or pond should occupy a plot of land equal to 2/3 of the height of the house. Shrubs near the wall, in turn, should cover the upper line of the cap.

Landscaping the site in front of the house - arrangement of the front garden Small front garden

When choosing plants and their location, consider the terrain and the location of buildings . It is also important not to lose sight of their decorative features. In addition, you should consider the style of registration of the site. If you have already decided on plants, then be sure to fertilize the soil before planting it and treat it with means against weed growth. Do not forget about the water supply area and drainage system.

Flowers, shrubs and trees should be planted taking into account their love of humidity, sun and other factors.

The front garden must not be flat. It is better that its silhouette matches the architecture of the house. Gently guiding the guest to the entrance, the relief of the flower bed should go down to the walkway. Bulb flowers should be planted according to the following rules:

  • Daffodils - between perennials.
  • Tulips - with letniki.
  • Crocuses - under shrubs.

The overall concept of the front garden should consist of resistant, stable ornamental plants that can withstand frost.

If you plant a flower garden close to the wall of the house, then choose a color scheme that is in harmony with the shade of the walls. For example, if the walls of the house are bright, the flowers should have a muffled shade and vice versa dull walls will look better with bright colors.

A small area of ​​land should not be decorated with plants with bright flowers or large leaves. They will attract too much attention to themselves and visually narrow and so small space. A small front garden looks great with colors of cold colors - purple, lilac and blue. Increase the scope can climb plants that can be put on the wall.

A modest facade will be an excellent background for a bright flower garden. Conversely, a modest front garden will be an excellent backdrop for a stylish facade. If the entrance to the house is located on the north side, then plant on the front garden hosts, moss and ferns. These plants are well tolerated shade. If you want the site in front of the house to delight you at all times of the year, then plant on it evergreens and those of them that have a bright bark. It can be barberry or maple. In the spacious garden you will have the opportunity to equip the guest corner, paved with a platform with a bench, table and chairs.

Landscaping the site in front of the house - arrangement of the front garden Recreation area in front of the house

All these tips will help you beautifully green and decorate the area in front of the house. If you have experience in the design of the front garden, then share it with our readers. You can do this by writing a comment on the article.

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