Installation of metal tiles - video selection of instructions for installation of the roof

It is quite possible to learn to roof the roof with a metal tile even for a non-professional - there would be a desire. Yes, and modern roofing materials are so comfortable and light that it is pleasant and easy to work with them. To acquire the necessary skills, it is desirable that someone should show how this is done. And it is not at all necessary to look at the work of the master live - it is quite possible to get by with video materials. As they say it is better to see once. .. Take, for example, installation of metal tiles - the video below will help you navigate and understand what, when and how you need to do and how to avoid certain mistakes when arranging metal-tile roofing.

Installation of metal tiles - video selection of instructions for installation of the roof

The company Metal Profile reveals the secrets of roof installation

Excellent instruction - voice overs accompany the video with the workers who carry out all the stages of installation. At the very beginning, useful tips are given on the transportation and storage of metal tiles. Then it tells how to check the dimensions of the rafters, what is needed for their processing. Details lists all the tools that will be needed when working with metal tiles. As a more complex example, the installation of a warm roof is considered. It is also shown how to arrange a drain, dormer windows, walk-through elements, a snow retention system, make antenna outlets.

"Metal Profile" directly on the installation of metal tiles

In this video, the installation instructions for metal tiles are given clearly, clearly and concisely. It is like part of the previous material. But if there it is fully told about the device of the entire roof with additional elements, then here we are talking only about the installation of metal tiles. It is very valuable that it is described what kind of lathing is required for each of the grades of metal tile.

Instructions from the WORLD OF ROOFING company - briefly and clearly

The video provides detailed information on the transportation and storage of metal tiles, gives practical advice on this matter. Continuation is the instruction on the correct raising of sheets of a metal tile on a roof and its cutting. An interesting and convenient "trick" is present in this manual. There are videos not only about how to carry out the installation steps. Plots with erroneous actions of workers are also played out.

Short installation instructions for the batten

The animated video takes less than four minutes. During this time, we manage to see how all the elements of the crates arise on the roof, like in a fairy tale. The hammer knocks briskly, tapping out the rhythm of bravura music, and construction is just as briskly. In general, everything is very clear - 3D graphics allows you to have a good look at every detail in all details and from all sides. Good video giving to understand how the crate is arranged.

A story about how to avoid mistakes when installing metal

Here we meet with Andrei Loshkarev, the host of the program “Everything is clever at the construction site”. Based on his own experience, he talks about the metal tile that celebrated its five-year anniversary. And not only tells. We contemplate the roof made by their brigade. And we see that during these 5 years the roof did not wear out at all. There is not a trace of rust, the screws shine like new, the roof surface is smooth and intact.

And then the leader will share with us the secrets of how to achieve such a result for almost an hour. He talks about the "right" rafters, and how and at what points to screw the screws. Advises how to arrange good snow holders that do not fall on your head. And gives other valuable advice. After watching this video, the installation of metal tiles with their own hands will be possible for many (and probably managed) to be done without making the typical mistakes inherent to non-professionals.


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