Finishing the house of timber: the process features

For many years now, timber has been in high demand for the construction of residential buildings. Bruce has always been a great building material. However, the tree has many positive and negative properties. In this regard, it requires a good finish home from a bar. To perform such work, many different materials are required. For finishing work outside the building, only moisture-proof materials can be used. They can withstand temperature extremes and weathering.

Finishing the house of timber: the process features

The scheme of plasterboard wall decoration.

Decorating a house from a bar is divided into two groups. One concerns the interior, the other - the exterior. Houses from a bar, without finishing, look very impressive at the dacha. The only condition is high-quality wood processing.

Main types and variants of the timber

Today in the construction of a log house, two types of bars are used - rounded or profiled. The rounded timber having a rounded shape won high popularity. To mount such a building material, it is necessary to use special methods of laying.

Finishing the house of timber: the process features

Pattern of heat insulation of seams.

A profiled bar has the shape of a square or rectangle. It is much easier to work with such material in comparison with laying of rounded timber. All details of the design will have a tight fit. Much depends on the chosen method of laying.

We must always remember that the tree does not like moisture. From it it can be deformed. In addition, weather conditions affect the tree. It can crack, and this will affect the life.

The timber is dried and covered with antiseptic agents before being sent to the construction site.
It is dried in special drying chambers or left under the roof. The quality of such a bar is much higher, as the tree loses moisture very slowly.

Materials used for facade finishing of a house from a bar

Finishing the house of timber: the process features

Warming scheme of a house from a bar when mating walls.

Today the construction market sells a lot of high-quality finishing material. It is needed when finishing or decoration of the facade is required. This material can be:

  • decorative stone;
  • brick;
  • siding;
  • plaster;
  • plastic.

In recent years, brick finishing has become very popular. This material has a lot of advantages. He has high strength and durability, he is not afraid of moisture.

In addition, temperature changes do not affect the brick, it is frost-resistant. This material is not affected by ultraviolet rays. Brick wall lumber house is designed for many years of operation.

Wall cladding in a log house can be performed only by one type of brick - silicate. The color of silicate brick is most often red. It goes well with a touch of decorative seams.

Before you start laying bricks, you need to make wall insulation. Such insulation is performed using various materials. Foam, polyurethane and other materials are suitable for such work.

The installation of these materials is carried out directly on the walls; special fasteners are used for this purpose.

Decorating a house with bricks

Finishing the house of timber: the process features

Brick cladding scheme.

To make a reliable and durable brick wall finish in a log house, apply:

  • cleaned sand;
  • cement M400 ;.
  • water;
  • level;
  • concrete mixer;
  • trowel.

First you need to make a strong bond of bricks and walls of the house. The fittings which is installed on the walls of the house are taken. The laid brick will hide reinforcement in a solution made of sand, water and cement. To obtain such a solution is used concrete mixer. The solution obtained in it is always of high quality.

Usually a brick finish of a house is made in half a brick. To ensure the evenness of the walls applied level.

Wall decoration using decorative stone

Finishing the house of timber: the process features

Installation scheme of artificial stone.

For many years, a similar finishing material has been used when finishing a house from a bar. It is suitable for all types of finishing work. The artificial stone possesses excellent technical characteristics, is produced in different sizes and colors. It is very similar to natural, but it is much cheaper. Since it weighs very little, the installed facade finish is obtained on the original and unusual log cabins.

Installation of decorative stone can be done by hand. This process is quite simple. For such work you need to have:

  • trowel;
  • level;
  • concrete mortar;
  • decorative putty.

Installation of artificial stone is required on a well-aligned surface. The walls of the timber can never be smooth, so you need to perform preparatory operations. This will require:

  • OSB;
  • plywood;
  • plaster;
  • drywall.

During the operation of leveling the walls of the bar, insulation work is carried out. When the leveling process is completed, a concrete solution is placed on the walls. A similar solution should be covered inside the decorative stone. Then the walls are leveled using a level.

To disguise the pairings of decorative stone and other materials, special putties are used. This allows for a more beautiful appearance. To perform such work is optional, it depends on the wishes.

Finishing of the outer side of the walls

Finishing the house of timber: the process features

The scheme of finishing the house from a bar with PVC panels.

A large assortment of plaster is on the market. When outdoor finishing operations are carried out, special additives are applied. Plaster can only be used when finishing the walls of a house made using a profiled bar. It is necessary to pre-level the walls of such a house.

If you use plaster, the surface of the walls of a house made of rounded bars does not need to be leveled. You have to spend a lot of plaster. After some time, the deformation of the thick layers of plaster will begin, so moisture proof plasterboard will be an excellent replacement for it. Decorative plaster is laid on it, which has many colors and textures.

Wall decoration with siding and plastic plates

Finishing the house of timber: the process features

Finishing scheme of a house from a bar with siding.

Similar materials have similar technical characteristics. They can be used to decorate the walls of the house from a bar both inside and outside. These materials are characterized by high moisture resistance, they simply enough to mount. They are not subject to atmospheric influence. In the case of temperature difference, no deformation is observed.

The operation of finishing the house from a bar using siding is very simple. This material is nailed to a wooden crate fixed to the wall of the log house. For work it is necessary to have:

  • starting strips designed to install the material;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • screwdriver;
  • construction stapler;
  • sealant;
  • level.

To prevent moisture from entering the junction of the strips, it is necessary to use a sealant.

The interior of the building: peculiarities of the finishing process

Finishing the house of timber: the process features

The insulation scheme of the house joints.

Different materials are used for such wall finishing. Fit drywall, plastic, etc. Here the main thing - the individual preference of the owner.

Drywall is the most popular among builders. This material is considered universal. Its smooth surface is suitable for almost any type of finish. Drywall is available in the following groups:

  1. Ceiling.
  2. Wall.
  3. Arched.
  4. Moistureproof.
  5. Fire resistant.

Finishing a house from a bar is considered the best when moisture-proof and fireproof drywall is used. This material is highly durable and reliable. It is easy to install because it is lightweight.

Using drywall, you can align the ceiling and walls very quickly and easily.

The gypsum boards are fastened to a steel frame welded from profiles.

Material fastening is performed with special screws using a screwdriver. The joints are closed with a building tape, and then puttied. The surface of drywall can be finished, for example, with tiles, plaster, block house, etc.

When using finishing materials that have a large weight, the finish should be additionally fixed with special reinforcement structures. They are pre-mounted on the drywall plane. Such structures include reinforcement mesh made of wire.

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