How to remove paint from a pipe

A good owner and a master of his craft will not raise a hand to put fresh building materials on top of old ones. Any paints, including oil or pentaphthalic PF-115, so widely known since Soviet times, are no exception. But removing the old layer is no easy task. The use of tools such as skin, iron scraper, chisel and solvent - is ineffective and very time consuming. But how to remove paint from a pipe in a more efficient way?

How to remove paint from a pipe Remove old paint

Of course, modern technology allow you to choose other means to perform this not very pleasant task. It can be both chemical means and special professional tools. For those who do not have enough time (and there are most of them in our century of high speeds), the method with the use of chemicals in the form of liquids, gels, etc. is suitable. They are purchased in stores with mandatory consulting by salespeople. It is unlikely that it will be possible to clearly distinguish between methods of cleaning pipes from paint on chemical and mechanical ones - most often, both tools and chemicals are used in both cases.

Safety equipment and tools

How to remove paint from a pipe Construction safety glasses

For safe operation Different paint stripping methods may require:

  • respirator,
  • safety glasses,
  • rubber gloves.

Of tools:

  • Bulgarian,
  • grinding machine,
  • construction dryer,
  • torch or soldering lamp;
  • special chemical agent (remover),
  • acetone, and more.

How to remove paint from a pipe Technical Acetone

The use of chemicals should always be started by studying the instructions that come with it. to the product when it is sold.

Due to the toxicity of chemical materials, it is necessary to observe an important condition - a well ventilated room where work is being done.

How to clean pipes chemically?

How to remove paint from a pipe Docker S4

A chemical paint remover is applied to the surface with a brush. A good example of such a chemical can be a fairly effective washing of all types of paint without damaging metal and plastic pipes - DOCKER S4 (manufacturer Docker Chemical GmbH Rus.) , brush as necessary with a metal sandpaper, and then the surface of the pipe is wiped with a cloth moistened with solvent.

How to remove paint from a pipe Decapant gel express

To universal chemical means for removing paint and varnish coatings include a means DECAPANT GEL EXPRESS, which can be used to remove outdated paint, varnish, plaster, mastic, glue (except for two-component coatings) from any type of surface - wood, glass, metal, cement, from ceramic tiles. This gel-like agent does not lead to the blackening of wood, does not drain when applied to a vertical surface. A layer of 2-3 cm is applied with a brush on the surface to be cleaned, kept for a maximum of 30 minutes, the destroyed and softened old coating is removed with a scraper, and the surface is washed with warm water using a hard synthetic brush.

A large metal surface can be cleaned by wet grinding : the surface is moistened with water and the outdated layer is removed with a waterproof sandpaper.

How to remove paint from a pipe using a power tool?

How to remove paint from a pipe Grinder

  • You can use a sander to remove the old coating layer. For this purpose, a nozzle with a medium hardness coating is installed on the machine, which must be periodically changed. Upon termination of work by the grinding machine the remains are removed solvent. Such mechanical cleaning of the surface is the simplest and most effective - along with the old paint layer, rust and any other contaminants are removed, and unevenness is smoothed out.

How to remove paint from a pipe Metal brush for grinders

  • Old paint from a metal pipe can be removed the Bulgarian with a nozzle in the form of a metal brush. Next, make cleaning with emery paper, treated with a special tool for removal or solvent. You should know that with this method of work a large amount of dust is formed, therefore it is necessary to work in protective glasses, in a respirator and in a well-ventilated room.

How to remove paint from a pipe Remove paint by building hairdryer

  • Delete paint can be using a building dryer. Under the influence of a jet of warm air from a hair dryer, the paint layer softens, after which it is removed with a chisel or metal staple, the pipe is cleaned with a metal brush, sanding paper or sandpaper.This method is more suitable for processing uneven and relief surfaces with a large number of hard-to-reach places.

How to remove paint from a pipe Blowtorch

  • Complicated surface configurations are easier to clean using a thermal method using a blowtorch or an acetylene welding torch, especially without overheating the metal of the product. At the end of the procedure, scale is removed from the metal. This method should be used with care for brittle cast-iron pipes and other products made of this metal.
  • Mechanically clean the surface by blasting or sandblasting. To do this, an abrasive stream (quartz sand or others) is directed to the surface under strong pressure. Such a "bombing" can withstand only a metal with a thickness of at least 3 mm.

To ensure that your efforts are not in vain, before you begin work, consider whether the pipe to be cleaned is suitable for further use.


The principle of removing paint using a building hair dryer:


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