How to make a six-sided arbor of wood

With the arrival of the warm season, most residents of large cities begin their trips to household plots for outdoor recreation with their family and friends. Finding a place that is suitable for these parameters often takes a lot of time, besides, a rest away from home is fraught with many difficulties, such as unforeseen precipitation, transportation of food, picnic accessories, etc. With your country house and a small plot of land, you can to avoid these unpleasant circumstances with ease and to save a lot of money by making an arbor. Its ideal location - among fruit trees in the immediate vicinity of the reservoir. Among the variety of forms of this building, the six-sided arbor is the most popular because it has excellent aesthetic and practical features. In this article, we will look at how to make a hexagonal tree gazebo out of wood with your own hands, which can not only be a great place to hold memorable feasts, but each time emphasize the abilities of its author, becoming the property of the whole country house.

The advantages of the design

How to make a six-sided arbor of wood

The use of this type is due to a number of defining advantages, the main of which are:

  • compactness;
  • roomy interior;
  • stability and durability;
  • extraordinary design.

Selection of a place for an arbor

How to make a six-sided arbor of wood

In order to cope with the task, it is necessary to take into account a number of important features: the purpose of the construction to be constructed, the appearance of the arbor and opening space from it.


How to make a six-sided arbor of wood

In case of using a gazebo as a room for eating in nature, it should be placed in the immediate vicinity of the main residential building, since the transfer of dishes and dishes and other attributes significantly increase the time to prepare for the event. If the design is intended to become a place of relaxation and reading your favorite books in absolute silence, then the building should be erected away from the main structures in the shade of spreading fruit trees.

Opening space

How to make a six-sided arbor of wood

The gazebo should be placed with a view to the sights of your site or the surrounding suburbs. Excellent location arbor - near the pond or alpine slide. This will provide an opportunity to quietly enjoy the smoothness of the water and the fragrance of flowers, as well as get pleasure and peace from contemplating the beauty of Mother Nature.

In families with small children, it is best to place a gazebo on elevated platforms that allow you to simultaneously monitor the entire local area.


How to make a six-sided arbor of wood

This factor is primarily due to the functional structure. Pursuing the goal to give the land a special aesthetics and a certain charm, it makes sense to think about installing a gazebo near a pond or flowering beds. If gazebos are used for kids' games, place the structure in an open well-viewable area in the shade of garden trees.

Making a Plan

How to make a six-sided arbor of wood

In order to figure out how to build a reliable and high-quality gazebo, you should first create a clear sketch of the future structure. Today, for the preparation of this important document, you can contact any building and finishing company or carry it out yourself, using the options suggested at the end of the article. Properly executed drawings in conjunction with accurate measurements will allow you to perform any work with the least labor and temporary losses. At the planning stage, you should decide on the dimensions of the building and the type of consumables.

It is most expedient to choose wood as the basis of the arbor, since this material can be easily purchased and delivered to any point of geography. In addition, the pricing policy of wooden products is significantly lower than its other counterparts and replacement options. This task will easily cope with a timber and board made of spruce or pine.

Required tools

How to make a six-sided arbor of wood

For fast and high-quality installation, you will need to prepare the necessary tools and consumables. Integral representatives are:

  • a hacksaw for working on wood;
  • a hammer and nails;
  • a string for marking;
  • a plane;
  • chisel;
  • drill with a set of drills and bits;
  • construction level;
  • tape measure;
  • shovel and bayonet shovel;
  • homemade tamper.

In any construction measure, the use of electric tools will significantly reduce the time for preparing materials and increase the speed of construction of the structure.

Site preparation and marking

How to make a six-sided arbor of wood

The primary task is to clean the installation site from third-party garbage, tamping and leveling the site.Then it is necessary on the prepared plot to mark a circle with a radius equal to the length of one of the edges of the gazebo. For the successful implementation of the task, it is necessary to prepare a simple device, which includes in its composition two small bars, sharpened on one side, and a connecting rope or string.

Attach a rope to each of the bars, after which one of them is driven into the intended center of the future gazebo, we wind the required length of the rope and the second we outline the circle of the construction boundary.

To obtain a regular hexagon, on the inner side of the circle, 6 segments should be marked with a length equal to the radius of the named geometric figure. Ultimately, the 6 connecting points will become corners of the building.

Aesthetics, durability and speed of installation depend on the correct marking of the prepared space, therefore it must be carried out strictly in accordance with the established plan.

Arrangement of the base

How to make a six-sided arbor of wood

In the question of how to make a reliable substrate, you should seek help from the experience of specialists. Practice shows that for the manufacture of the base of a six-sided arbor it is more rational to use the column type of the foundation, since it does not require lengthy preparation and is built in a matter of hours.

To obtain it, it will be necessary to dig holes in the planned 6 points around the perimeter of the circle and in its center, with a depth of 50 to 100 cm, depending on the weight of the intended structure. Each of the grooves is filled with a small layer of sand-crushed stone mixture and qualitatively rammed. Then, along the perimeter of the pothole, bars of armature from 4 to 6 pieces are driven in, and wooden formwork is installed.

After performing the steps described above, we pour the prepared pits with concrete. Having sustained necessary time for drying, the timbering is dismantled.

To give greater strength before pouring the foundation into the center of each recess we drive in the bars of the reinforcement, so that its upper edges protrude at least 20-25 cm above the formwork.

Construction of the frame

How to make a six-sided arbor of wood

To successfully accomplish this goal, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. In accordance with the with a drawing we cut the bars of the required length, after which we process them with a plane and a grinding machine. Further, on each side of the timber-base, we outline a flat square with sides equal to the thickness of the wooden product and drill through the hole at the intersection of the diagonals. We lay out the prepared bars with a well on the reinforcing bars located in the foundation of the supporting pillars. Folding cant is done by connecting in half-wood.
  2. Then, we proceed to the installation of the central support beam. For this purpose, it is more rational to use a bar with a cross section of 100 * 100 mm and a height equal to the distance from the central columnar base to the intended floor boundary.
  3. After we begin to build side racks. In their arrangement we will be helped by the same bar “weaving” with a length equal to the height of the future arbor. From the bottom side of each composite column, we drill a hole, then we put it on the reinforcement of the foundation. Verticals expose through a plumb or building level and fix the piles with metal corners with screws. To simplify the subsequent installation of the roof and the upper coronary frill, it will be useful to equip wooden supports with temporary shelves made from scrap scrap.

How to make a six-sided arbor of wood Arbor frame construction

  1. The following procedure is the making of the coronoid rings. Named structural element is the same frill of timber, as in the base. The cut parts are laid out on the upper parts of the supporting pillars and fastened with self-tapping screws.
  2. The final event is floor equipment. To do this, you will need to cover the place under the future floor with plastic wrap and cover it with a considerable layer of sand. Next, proceed to the installation of the lag. As a rule, they are made of 50 * 100 mm bars, although this value is only recommended and non-finite, therefore the definition of the type of wooden product and its dimensions remain for the owner. As a floor covering, it will be optimal to use classical batten, sheets of plywood or oriented strand board.

Before carrying out installation work with lags and floor, you should not forget about the treatment of each wooden element with protective antiseptic compounds!

Production of a truss system and roof

How to make a six-sided arbor of wood

The roof installation procedure is carried out in stages and includes equipment for the roof system and cladding. All work on the installation of this element gazebo is best carried out on the ground, and then install it in its place in the design.

For the manufacture of rafters enough timber 50 * 100 mm.In addition, you will need to recall the famous school theorem of Pythagoras, which, in a ridiculous interpretation, sounds like this: "Pythagorean pants are equal on all sides." On paper, it looks like this: а² + в² = с², where "а" and "в" are sides of an isosceles triangle or leg, in our case the distance from the top point of the wooden support to the center and the height from the support post to the top of the roof accordingly, and "c" is the hypotenuse, the meaning of which is to be recognized.

How to make a six-sided arbor of wood The junction of rafters

Having carried out simple mathematical calculations, you should add to the value obtained 20 -30 cm over the eaves. Next, to collect the rafters into a single system, it is necessary to make a hexagonal wooden billet, which is subsequently fixed in the center of the roof and connects each of the rafters to the inside of the roof.

The next event is the connection of the rafter bars by transverse beams. A bar with a cross section of 50 * 50 mm, which is placed in 50 cm steps from the center to the edges of the roof, is perfect for this.

Well, and the final stage is the placement of roofing material. In the case of using hard material (slate, metal tile or corrugated flooring), you can proceed to its installation without preparatory procedures. If, however, a soft roof is chosen as a lining, then it is necessary to precoat the roof frame with a rigid base (sheets of plywood or OSB board), and then proceed to the finishing.

Final work

How to make a six-sided arbor of wood

Most of the activities have been completed, it remains only to build a railing to suit your taste and color, and also to carry out manipulations on decorating both the interior space and external. In addition, in the case of manufacturing an excessively high floor, especially if children are planning to visit the gazebo, it is useful to build steps at the entrance. Since the erected structure is a street structure, it should be protected as much as possible from the harmful effects of natural phenomena.

As you can see, the construction of a gazebo in the summer cottage is not easy, however, with the right approach and due diligence, the installation process in accordance with the attached instructions can turn into a pleasant hobby for each owner, the result of which will please every member your family and guest.


You can learn about how to make an eco-talk from the video we offer:

Drawings and schemes

These schemes will help you in creating your own project wooden hex gazebos:

How to make a six-sided arbor of wood The scheme of the base

How to make a six-sided arbor of wood Ways of joining rafters

How to make a six-sided arbor of wood Roof construction

How to make a six-sided arbor of wood Arbor dimensions around the perimeter

How to make a six-sided arbor of wood Rafting design

How to make a six-sided arbor of wood Drawing of a six-sided arbor

How to make a six-sided arbor of wood Roof

How to make a six-sided arbor of wood Dimension Information

How to make a six-sided arbor of wood Drawing of the wooden pergola


The following photo options will help you decide on the choice of arbor:

How to make a six-sided arbor of wood Arbor from the processed log

How to make a six-sided arbor of wood Gazebo with brazier

How to make a six-sided arbor of wood In oriental style

How to make a six-sided arbor of wood In the Chinese style

How to make a six-sided arbor of wood Extended design

How to make a six-sided arbor of wood Original gazebo

How to make a six-sided arbor of wood Small hex

How to make a six-sided arbor of wood Classic form

How to make a six-sided arbor of wood Gazebo in the form of a flashlight

How to make a six-sided arbor of wood Arbor with mosquito walls


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