How to paint OSB plate outside or indoors

Oriented-strand board (OSB or OSB in a foreign manner) is a modern, very popular and affordable material for the construction of light structures and structures. It is convenient to mount. The slightly uneven, structural surface gives plenty of imagination and does not limit the possibilities for finishing. In order for surfaces made of RSD to serve for a long time, they must be protected from the negative impact of environmental factors. One way to protect the OSB is its painting. Next, we will tell you how to paint the OSB plate, how to apply paint or varnish, how to treat the joints and prepare the surface for painting.

How to paint OSB plate outside or indoors

What features should be considered when choosing paint for OSB

When choosing a paint and varnish coating for OSB, it is necessary to take into account certain features of this material.

Adhesion of paint and varnish coatings and OSB of plates

Some paints fall very badly on the surface of OSB plates because of poor adhesion between materials. This happens because the OSB plates are initially impregnated with resins and poorly absorb paint. For OSB staining is not recommended to use water-based paint and other compositions on a water-soluble basis. It is necessary to give preference to acrylic or other polymeric-based compositions.

Texture of OSB of a plate

A feature of this material is pronounced texture. The surface of the slab is uneven, rough - this increases paint consumption and requires preliminary preparation before painting.

How to paint OSB plate outside or indoors

Age of the OSB of the plate

The plates that are not in time protected by coatings and stayed on the street for more than one year are the most susceptible to painting. Under the influence of ultraviolet radiation and humidity, the surface quality of the OSB of the plate deteriorates dramatically. Even the paint specially developed for OSB of plates badly lays down on such surfaces. In this case, for high-quality painting, it is necessary to clean the surface from dirt, sanding and treatment with antiseptics.

How to paint the OSB plate on the street

If you choose paint for outdoor work, make sure that it contains special additives that protect against ultraviolet radiation. Otherwise, under the action of sunlight, the surface will quickly exfoliate and require repainting.

When choosing how to paint OSB a plate outside, you should give preference to paints based on polymers, which are recommended for coating wooden surfaces. They fit well on an uneven surface, reliably protect the base from exposure to ultraviolet radiation and precipitation. Before applying a layer of paint, prepare the surface, level it and apply a primer. Large holes and joints better putty.

When applying paint, follow the instructions of the manufacturer. Solid staining in one color favorably emphasizes the expressive structure of OSB plates and prevents the penetration of moisture.

For painting exterior walls and facades are suitable:

Oil paints.

This is one of the best and most reliable choices. They are quite viscous and slightly absorbed into the stove. This paint dries for a long time, but forms a durable protective layer with good performance characteristics.

How to paint OSB plate outside or indoors

Modern alkyd enamels and specialized alkyd-based paints for wood panels.

They penetrate deep into the structure of the slab and last for a long time. Walls painted with alkyd paints do not need to be covered with protective varnish on top - this significantly reduces the cost of finishing.

How to paint OSB plate outside or indoors

Acrylic paints.

They cover unevenness well and make it possible to achieve a uniform tone. If the exterior walls are treated with a primer that is resistant to mold, you can paint them with high-quality waterproof acrylic paints.

How to paint OSB plate outside or indoors

Professionals believe that the choice of material for painting the OSB of a plate on the street is due to the peculiarities of the plate itself and its operating conditions. Modern waterproof polymer-based coatings better protect walls from moisture penetration and active ultraviolet radiation than water-based paints. At the same time, acrylic paints make it easy to wash and clean painted plates, and compositions based on latex, alkyd resins or polyurethane form a resistant impermeable film on the surface.

How to paint the OSB slab inside the house

When choosing paint for interior decoration, it is necessary to consider compliance with environmental requirements. Not all polymers-based lacquers and formulations can be called harmless to health.

If you are going to paint the OSB slab indoors, you should consider the following options:

Acrylic paint.

It is perfect for walls and floors inside the house. The surface is uniform in tone, lined, with good coverage.

How to paint OSB plate outside or indoors

Stain + varnish

If you prefer the natural texture of OSB slabs, use the idea popular with designers. They are advised to use stain or patina-like compositions to impart the desired shade, and then cover the surface of the slab with varnish, vinyl or polyurethane based.

How to paint OSB plate outside or indoors

Separately, it is worth mentioning about such a variety of paints and varnishes as lasers. Lassurias are transparent, thin paints that are capable of imparting a certain shade to wood and preserving its texture. Azure can be produced both on acrylic and alkyd basis. Lazur on acrylic base, as a rule, can be used both for internal and external work, and on alkyd basis only for outdoor work.

Some manufacturers allow the use of azure on OSB slabs. When using these coatings for exterior finish of OSB boards, pay attention to the ability of the coating to resist UV rays. Given the texture of the OSB of the plates and the decorative capabilities of the glazing paints, it is possible to obtain very attractive surfaces of various shades.

How to paint OSB plate outside or indoors

Preparation of OSB of plates for painting

The better you prepare the sheets of OSB for painting, the better the paint will fall, the coating will be more stable. It is not advised to paint the panels of OSB before installation, because you still have to adjust the joints, grind irregularities. It is better to paint an already prepared wall.

Next, we consider the recommended procedure for preparing the OSB surface of the slab for painting.

Step 1 - grinding

Grinding of the surface is necessary only to smooth and hide the texture of the OSB of the slab, as well as in the case of surface coating with stains. This is best done with a grinding machine. To make the surface homogeneous, it will have to be carefully polished. Especially deep sanding will have to expose plates brands OSB-3 and OSB-4, since it is necessary to completely remove the protective coating of varnish and wax.

How to paint OSB plate outside or indoors

Step 2 - filling of irregularities with putty

For sealing of various recesses use oil-glue putty. She filled the voids and traces of the screws. After that, the plates are further polished. You should not putty the seams and joints on the border of the plates - you still can not completely disguise them. After painting the seams will still be visible. It is better to beat these lines with the help of decorative strips and correctly position the sheets of material so that there are no chaotic joints.

Important! When choosing a material, try to select plates where there are no particles of bark or its content is minimal. During operation, the bark often flakes off and spoils the appearance of the panels. The paint goes worse, then you have to repeat the whole process of staining. If the OSB is to be painted on the outside of the slab, this is especially noticeable - because under the action of ultraviolet, the delamination process goes faster.

Step 3 - coating with a primer

It is easiest to treat OSB with an acrylic or acrylic-polyurethane water-based varnish diluted with water in a ratio of 1:10. Alkyd varnish can also be used, but it should be diluted with white spirit. Apply it slowly, carefully, so that it is better absorbed. Another option is the treatment with an adhesive primer such as Aqua-filler or analogues. It is especially good if light paint is used, and reliably protects from emerging stains from resin and essential oils on the surface.

How to paint OSB plate outside or indoors

Step 4 - dyeing and drying

Here it is important to follow the correct procedure:

1 . At first, it is recommended to apply paint with a brush on the edges, around the perimeter of the panel. Here you need 2-3 layers.

2. Then the paint roller is evenly distributed over the entire surface. Movement must be done in one direction

3. After drying at a uniform temperature and no drafts, a second coat of paint is applied for 8 hours. If you want to keep the texture, try to put a thin layer. You can increase the number of layers and achieve a perfectly flat surface.

Updated: December 05, 2017


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