How to install a fire alarm - installation of a fire alarm

Before you install a fire alarm, you need to understand the types of such systems and choose the type that fits the specific requirements. The installation of the system can be done independently, but it is better to call a special team. If desired, the owner of the system can register it in the State Fire Supervision.

Types of systems

How to install a fire alarm - installation of a fire alarm Types

All types of fire alarm systems can be divided into several types.

  1. Threshold systems with radial loops.
  2. Threshold systems that have a modular structure.
  3. Address polling system.
  4. Address-analog system.
  5. Combined system.

Threshold systems with radial loops

How to install a fire alarm - installation of a fire alarm System with two parallel radial loops

Threshold systems equipped with radial loops are popular for one reason only - they are very cheap. In this case, the installation of such equipment will be quite expensive. This system has a lot of flaws that are difficult to notice immediately after installation.

In particular, the control panel may give false signals. The number of such false notifications here is much higher than in any other devices. At least two detectors should be installed in the same room, and this leads to increased costs. Despite the fact that the equipment is very economical, its installation and spending on extra detectors will lead to the fact that the total costs will be very significant.

With an abundance of sensors it will be impossible to track them from one computer.

Also in KP a certain threshold is established at which a signal is given. The serviceability of the alarm is almost impossible to verify, when it breaks, the sound may not sound. PEP strongly depends on the human factor.

In a word, there are more disadvantages to such a system than advantages. When setting the alarm for serious purposes it is better to choose something else.

Threshold systems with a modular structure

How to install a fire alarm - installation of a fire alarm Threshold alarms with a modular structure

Such systems are inexpensive, as well as the previous type of alarm. They have practically the same drawbacks: expensive installation, a certain signal threshold, dependence on the human factor.

However, the alarm of this type can be freely controlled from one remote control or computer. In addition, it is possible to simultaneously install two blocks.

Address polling system

How to install a fire alarm - installation of a fire alarm

Such a system has a fundamentally different structure than the previous two. It works differently. All sensors in it are combined into a common unit, and they are regularly checked from the control panel. The signals from the sensors can have four responses: "normal", "fire", "malfunction", "absence".

The disadvantage of this type of alarm is that they too late to detect the source of fire and report it. The rest is a very good system.

This system has an optimum ratio of price and quality, using the interrogation panel you can always identify the fault in the sensors in time, and also get a lot of useful information.

Analogue Addressing System

How to install a fire alarm - installation of a fire alarm

Up to two hundred sensors can be included in one loop of such an alarm. To appreciate all the advantages of this system, it is necessary to understand how this type of fire alarm works. It assumes the presence of twisted pairs, this is its main advantage and at the same time a disadvantage. When you exit the standing of any sensor, the system itself remains fully functional.

Sensors do not have any defined signal threshold. They simply record the atmosphere at their designated point and send data to the control panel. This allows you to quickly identify the source of fire. In addition, such a device system allows time to learn about all faults in the network.

The cost of the actual installation of an analogue addressing system will be inexpensive, but the equipment will cost decently. Probably the only drawback of this signaling is that the protocol requires the presence of a twisted pair.

Combined systems

How to install a fire alarm - installation of a fire alarm Combined

Combined fire alarms are the most powerful. They allow the installation of several thousand sensors and devices. They have a very wide range of optional equipment.

Fire alarm systems and devices of this type are monitored from a single control point, which greatly facilitates security monitoring. Deficiencies in the combined fire alarm almost none, except that it can cost a decent amount.

Installation and disassembly

How to install a fire alarm - installation of a fire alarm Installation

Installation of the alarm requires compliance with special rules, which are spelled out in the regulatory documentation.It is advisable to install such systems with the help of professionals, if the building owner does not have skills in working with such systems.

Some owners ask whether it is possible to create a fire alarm system with their own hands, that is, to assemble the device itself at home. Yes, this is quite possible, but within certain limits. Complex systems to create on their own will not work. The master can make only the simplest devices, and no one can guarantee that they will function properly.

How to disable

How to install a fire alarm - installation of a fire alarm

Sometimes the fire system works without any fire. Frightened owners do not know how to turn off the fire alarm. The sound of this system is very specific and hardly anyone will like it. To restore silence and order, one must proceed as follows.

  1. First you need to know the reason why the alarm went off. There may have been a smoke or a small fire. It is necessary to air the room immediately.
  2. If, nevertheless, the system worked without any reason, then it is necessary to determine its type. The simplest alarm with sensors is disabled simply. To do this, just remove the power source from the sensors themselves. With a more sophisticated alarm device, go to the control panel. The system often turns off only after the appropriate code is entered.
  3. The radical way to eliminate noise is by cutting the wires of the alarm. In case you need to restore it, you will have to carry out a number of works.


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