Make a table for children with their own hands: tips and tricks

As the child grows up, new needs appear. In the nursery, each piece of furniture should be thought out to the smallest detail. There comes a moment when the baby needs a children's table at which he will play, draw, eat, learn new knowledge and skills. Of course, the easiest way is to purchase the necessary furniture attribute in the store, but it’s so nice to do something for your child on your own. In addition, only by making a table by yourself, you can adjust it exactly to the size of the child. Therefore, many parents face the question: how to make a children's table with his own hands?

Make a table for children with their own hands: tips and tricks

Drawing of a children's desk.

Tools and materials for work

When choosing raw materials for a children's table, first of all it is necessary to be guided by the fact that it is completely safe. It’s best to make a table with your own hands out of wood, as this is a completely environmentally friendly material that will not harm the baby’s health. Starting the preparation of the material, it is necessary to understand that it will be very difficult to perform a fully children's table with your own hands, since this requires a complex tool. It is best to design and order the necessary parts in the carpentry workshop.

Make a table for children with their own hands: tips and tricks

Drawing of the children's table and chair.

To make a children's table made of wood, you will need the following materials:

  1. Directly wooden tabletop. As for size, you need to rely on the age of the child.
  2. Wooden legs for the table. Remember that the height of the table depends on their size.
  3. Blanks that will serve as supporting bars for the table frame.
  4. As regards the instrument, the list may vary depending on the characteristics of the material and the design of the future table.

As a rule, a standard set of tools for making a wooden table with your own hands includes:

  1. A drill with various nozzles.
  2. The hacksaw.
  3. Joiner's knife.
  4. Hammer.
  5. Measuring tape.
  6. Sandpaper.
  7. Adhesive.

Guide to making a wooden table for a baby

First of all, it is important to determine how high the table will be.

Make a table for children with their own hands: tips and tricks

Wiring diagram of the details of the table with an euro-screw.

Naturally, you should rely directly on the growth of the child. The height of the table for children, as a rule, starts from fifty centimeters. Accordingly, the blanks of the wooden legs of the future table should be filed to the desired length. In order to make a children's table with your own hands stable and comfortable, it is important to take into account that all the legs were the same length.

All parts of the structure are joined to each other by the method of inserting spikes in the slots. To do this, use end mills. Initially, you should map out the places where the grooves will be, connecting the parts in pairs, and make holes in this place.

Important! The diameter of the circle should correspond to the thickness of the groove, and the depth, as a rule, is one third of the workpiece.

Make a table for children with their own hands: tips and tricks

Production of straight barb joints for mounting the table.

Next, follow the instructions below:

  1. You need to fix the workpiece legs for the table in the clamp and, using an end milling cutter, make the linear grooves of the desired size.
  2. The grooves made are measured with a ruler, and spikes are outlined on the bars, which will be necessary for the power frame of the children's table, made by hand.
  3. It is very important to remember that a table with your own hands can be made functional and comfortable only by correctly carrying out all the necessary measurements.
  4. Using a hacksaw, one should form spikes on the marking, cutting off excess material with a knife.
  5. It is necessary to collect all the elements into one design in order to control the correctness of all the measurements made. After all, furniture for children should be as convenient and comfortable as possible. All the necessary flaws that will be revealed during the control check should be eliminated.
  6. After the structure is ready for final assembly, the table should be reassembled and the attachment points should be smeared with glue. Carefully connect the spikes and grooves. They should be in close contact. Otherwise, the table can not be considered practical.
  7. After the assembled frame of the frame dries out, it is necessary to proceed to fixing the upper part of the table. A hole for the pin is drilled in the central part of the end of the leg with a drill. On the table tops from the inside in the appropriate places also holes are made, which will include spikes.
  8. Next, the pins are smeared with glue, and the whole structure is finally bonded.
  9. After the table is completely dry, the surface of the tree can be polished with sandpaper and covered with a paint and varnish substance.

The surface of the wooden table can be painted with a different color of paint, in accordance with the overall design of the children's room. The main thing is that the paint used does not emit toxic substances that can harm the health of the baby.

Tips and recommendations

As already mentioned, the size of the table should be selected in accordance with the size of the child. After all, then the baby will not only be comfortable and comfortable, but at the same time he will have the correct posture. Measure the baby should be as follows. First, the distance from the heel to the knee bend is measured. This measurement will show how high the seat should be. Then you should seat the baby on the subject of such a height (perhaps a stack of books will do for this) and measure the distance from the floor surface to the child's elbow.

This value will be the size of the children's table. Naturally, it is impossible not to take into account the fact that children grow very quickly, so a couple of centimeters should be added to the height of the table, obtained by measuring. This will allow to use the construction for several years

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