The order of the repair of the apartment - repairs in the apartment

Repairs cannot be made spontaneously. In order not to have to do the same work twice, and also to avoid mistakes, you need to know a clear order of work. Stages of apartment renovation need to be planned in the case of major repairs, and if only cosmetic renovation of the premises is expected. This will help prepare in advance all materials and tools. It is better to spend a few days planning, than to redo the work.

Preliminary calculations

The order of the repair of the apartment - repairs in the apartment

Any repairs are always certain costs. The larger the renovation, the more money will have to be allocated from the family budget. Calculation of the cost of work must be carried out in advance, so that later you don’t have to stop repairs in the middle. If the funds are not enough, it will be a real disaster. In addition, knowledge of the approximate amount of expenses will help you choose more economical options and see ways to save money.

To calculate the cost of repairs, you need to go around all the rooms in the apartment, inspect the wiring, communications systems, and plumbing. All this may be an additional item of expenditure. If any element in the house is defective, it is better to troubleshoot the repair process than after it.

Design and location of items

The order of the repair of the apartment - repairs in the apartment

For some reason, many start repairs, without taking into account the arrangement of furniture and household appliances in the room. This is a big mistake, which then constantly reminds of itself with various inconveniences. For example, sockets installed in the wrong place can create problems with connecting equipment.

Before planning a repair, it is necessary to determine where and what will be located.

  1. First of all, you just need to live some time in the house (especially if it is new and habitable) and take a closer look. At this stage it should be revealed that it does not suit the premises of the apartment, which is inconvenient and annoying.
  2. Then you can already write down some thoughts along the way. For a week, such thoughts can form into a clear structure: the owner will know exactly what he will change. You should not force this stage and hurry - it is very important.
  3. When all the defects have already been noted, it is necessary to think about the placement of interior items and furniture in the room. This is especially important when it comes to the placement of household appliances, computers, TV and other devices that require access to outlets. The fact is that after repairs, changing the number of outlets in a room without victims will not work. The easiest way out will be to use additional conductors. The most difficult way out is to re-repair the walls.
  4. After thinking it is necessary to draw an apartment plan with the placement of all the elements for clarity. Sometimes in the process of working on a drawing, some missing parts may come up.

Repair algorithm

The order of the repair of the apartment - repairs in the apartment Dirty repairs

Repair procedures in apartment has a certain algorithm. During the inspection of premises and drawing up a drawing, the master determined the list of necessary works and estimates. These were specific details. The algorithm itself is distracted from such details.

  1. It is known that the dirtiest work is done first. Adherence to this principle ensures that the owner will not re-paint the floor, damaged, for example, by welding or mortars.
  2. The cleanest work is left at the end. This is the so-called finishing finish.
  3. Repairs are carried out strictly from the top down, but taking into account the cleanliness of the work.

Following these rules, you need to develop a plan. Having made a list of necessary works, the master must distribute them so that repairs in one place would not destroy the work that was done in another place.

The order of work

The order of the repair of the apartment - repairs in the apartment Repair wiring in the apartment

  • Repair need to start with electrical wiring. This is one of the dirtiest and most difficult jobs. In most cases, wall chipping is required. Before starting work, it is necessary to draw up a plan on which all sockets should be marked, places where the wire will pass, as well as boxes and other elements. It should be noted that the kitchen will most likely have to make more outlets. After all, there will be placed a different technique.
  • When wiring is installed, another question may arise. It is about replacing pipes and radiators. This is also a very dirty and dusty procedure, as it is necessary to make walls for laying the heating pipes.

The order of the repair of the apartment - repairs in the apartment Alignment of walls

  • The third stage is working with surfaces. In the apartments very often uneven walls and ceilings. You also need to ensure that there are flat joints of the plates. Otherwise, the plinth will not be installed correctly. Curved joints in the corners of the walls often cause damage to the wallpaper.
  • After leveling the surfaces, you need to take hold of the doors and windows.In new homes, windows may be in excellent condition. As for the doors, they may not satisfy the owners with their aesthetic characteristics. Doorways must be carefully processed before mounting the canvases themselves.
  • It is time to level and floor the floor. This is a very dirty job, especially when it comes to new screed. If the work on the surfaces of the walls is dirtier, then it is done before the floor.
  • Once global repairs have been completed, you can proceed to the finish. First of all, the ceiling is trimmed. It can be painting, installation of tension and hinged structures or tiles. If it was not possible to make the surface smooth, then the best option is a suspended ceiling.
  • Wall decoration. Here you can make wallpaper, plaster and other materials. If there is a suspended ceiling, then its installation is the last.

The order of the repair of the apartment - repairs in the apartment Wallpapering

The dirtiest part of the work is finished. All other processes are associated with decorative trim.

Completion of work

The order of the repair of the apartment - repairs in the apartment Correct plinth

At the last stage, plinths should be installed, shelves, make decorative trim. It does not take much time and does not create trash in the apartment.

It is better to select the plinth taking into account the fact that different wires and cables will be laid in the house. Reasonable choice - plinth with cable channel. It is easily mounted with special clips and is also easy to dismantle.

That's the whole sequence of apartment renovation.

General work plan

The order of the repair of the apartment - repairs in the apartment Repair in the bathroom

The procedure for repairing an apartment implies not only the sequence of work in a single room. It is also necessary to understand the sequence of the repair as a whole.

The order of the repair of the apartment - repairs in the apartment Renovation in the kitchen

  1. First of all, work is carried out in such areas as bathroom and toilet. Here you must first examine the serviceability of plumbing. Only after it is replaced, it is possible to make tile and in general any other finish.
  2. When work with the bathroom and toilet is finished, it is necessary to proceed to the rooms. Repairs begin with the farthest of them, gradually moving in the direction of the dining room and kitchen space.
  3. After the rooms, repairs are carried out in the dining room and kitchen.
  4. Lastly, they trim corridors, a balcony, utility rooms.

The order of the repair of the apartment - repairs in the apartment Repair in rooms

When the repair itself is finished, you can proceed to the arrangement of the apartment. Here, too, sometimes not do without installation work. For example, they will be required to install built-in furniture.

A heated floor should be made during the repair of the floor in the apartment. Otherwise, then you have to carry out all the work again.

It is for this that the plan of work is necessary: ​​it allows you to take into account all the details in advance. Work without a plan leads to various unpleasant situations.


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