Bulk floor on wooden floor: features

Most often, the self-leveling floor on a wooden floor is found in wooden-type houses. It is possible that it was built for a very long time village houses or large cottages, built on modern designs from a log house. In any such house you can install a self-leveling floor. Perhaps someone will make a small discovery for themselves, but to make a flooring floor in a wooden house today is not considered a particular problem. Modern polyurethane mixtures allow you to create any coating. The only and important condition is the complete readiness of the wooden floor.

Bulk floor on wooden floor: features

Floor screed device diagram.

The modern elastic, high-speed self-leveling floor is considered to be a great replacement for expensive particle boards. Together with a special reinforcing mesh, a special universal primer, a system is created that contributes to overcoming the stress experienced by a wood floor that does not have cracks. The result is a completely flat coating on which you can perform a variety of operations. You can put carpet, stick ceramic tiles or just paint. The wooden floor must have a self-leveling layer with a maximum thickness of 20 mm. After 5 hours have passed after the application of the coating, it is allowed to walk on a new wooden floor after 12 hours, it becomes possible to carry out the next work.

Well and, of course, so that the installation takes place qualitatively, prepare in advance:

  • empty containers;
  • screwdriver;
  • puncher;
  • hammer;
  • rule;
  • level;
  • tape measure.

What kind of floors have wooden houses

Houses made of wood, like living quarters, require special attention to the floor arrangement, since the rooms in such a house are usually located on the lower floor. That is why the coating must be completely flat, look attractive and must be warmed.

Bulk floor on wooden floor: features

Types of designs of floating plank floors.

In most cases, a wooden house has two types of floors. They are concrete, or for this they use wood. And most of all the advantages of the concrete floor. This floor requires a small investment of money, much less fuss with it, it does not need special professional skills for mounting such a coating. However, concrete pavement is the weight that exerts increased pressure on the building foundation. Any vibrations of the walls can cause cracking of the substrate, as a result of which the heat insulating ability of the material will be lost.

The wooden floor is more resistant to any wall vibrations, it meets all environmental requirements. Such a floor made of wood can be easily treated, to replace the rotten boards, and all the work can be carried out even after the complete installation of wooden floor. The negative side of such a floor is the high cost, the work of assembling a wooden floor can be performed only by professional workers, it is almost impossible to get an absolutely smooth surface.

Preparation of the base for pouring with the

Bulk floor on wooden floor: features

solution. Options and layouts for self-leveling floors.

How high the quality of the coating will be depends largely on the main stage at which the foundation is prepared. Non-observance of the step-by-step, competent technology for obtaining self-leveling floors will lead to cracking of the coating, it may begin to break, and there will be exfoliation occurring before the operational period. Only a reliable base, made with high quality, can be a quality guarantee of long-term operation of the floor covering.

Sometimes the self-leveling floor is mounted directly on an old wooden floor. In this regard, the tree should be subjected to grinding, using sandpaper, to achieve a rough structure. The treated boards must be painted with a special primer. In the case when the first layer is not very strong and solid, it is necessary to apply an additional several layers. The surface of the tree should not have grease, varnish and oil stains.

At the next stage, it is necessary to remove the installed skirting, cracks in the floor in the bars. The wooden floor must be very thoroughly cleaned using a scraper. When performing such an operation, it is necessary to pay much attention to the existing inter-joint compounds, to expose all the existing cracks. Using a vacuum cleaner, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the surface of the self-leveling floor, perform its degreasing, using for this cleaning powder.

After this, well-processed gaps should be sealed using a mortar to level the surface. Then lines are drawn around the perimeter of the room, the length of which is less than the length of the room. On each line, maintaining a pitch of 30 cm, screws are set. With the help of a laser level, the highest point on the surface of the self-leveling floor is found.

Screws must be screwed in at the same level.

And they should be screwed into the ends at an angle of 90 degrees along the previously drawn lines. Near each screw you need to put a few pieces of alabaster.

The next step will be the installation of lighthouses, which are required for the bulk floor. They are mounted directly on the screws. Sinking of lighthouses should not be observed; if this happens, they need to be cemented.

Some features

Bulk floor on wooden floor: features

The device of polymeric self-leveling floors.

Before you start installing a self-leveling floor on a wooden floor, you must lay a mounting tape around the perimeter of the walls. This will be a damping gasket, it will protect the surface in case of expansion, with increasing temperature.

After all the preparatory work is completed, it is necessary to determine the air humidity and the room temperature. Production technology very often requires that these parameters have certain values. Especially it concerns a bulk floor where use wood.

The prepared solution is immediately poured over an area of ​​2 square meters. m. The solution is leveled with beacons. To obtain uniformity, it is rolled with a needle roller. During the work it is necessary to ensure that the rise of the self-leveling floor in relation to the installed beacons is maintained Flooded floor should dry well.

After the surface has set and finally dried, pour the finish coating consisting of varnish and resin. It will give the finished coating a great glossy shine, improve the strength characteristics.

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