How to paint a wooden house outside

Sooner or later, every owner of a cottage or country cottage thinks about how to paint a wooden house outside? Naturally, for its construction was used high-quality wood, but, nevertheless, it also requires additional protection from moisture: rain and snow. In addition, it should be borne in mind that this procedure will update the facade and make it more attractive.

Consider the assortment of colors

How to paint a wooden house outside The range of colors

Sure, go to the store for buying paintwork material without preparation is impossible. Here, the buyer will face a wide range, where each type of paint has its own characteristics and advantages, which is important to consider.


How to paint a wooden house outside Oil Enamels

This category should be called the most common and accessible , as such paints have an acceptable cost. It may be noted that there is still such a positive characteristic: due to deep penetration, the dried layer will be resistant to various changes in weather conditions. However, there are several drawbacks:

  • rapid fading,
  • repetition frequency averages 5 years;
  • drying takes several hours (in the case of windy weather all the dust will be on the walls of the house).

The frequency of renewal of the paint layer is affected by precipitation, the amount of UV radiation and the quality of the dye.


How to paint a wooden house outside Acrylic for facades

Innovative material that Suitable for staining both inside and outside the house. In addition, it can be painted with different materials: metal, brick and wood. Note that even a dried coat of paint will not prevent air circulation between the house and the street, unlike other paints and varnishes. The durability of the colored layer is about 8 years.

Covering antiseptic

How to paint a wooden house outside

Another one of the latest developments of manufacturers. The paint is developed on an alkyd-acrylic basis, which gives one of the highest rates of stability. Update layer will have no earlier than 10 years. The protective layer will be able to reliably protect the wood from atmospheric phenomena and insects.

In order to choose the right paintwork material, you must follow one simple rule: if you want to protect walls made of expensive wood, it is better to give preference to varnishes that can preserve the look of the structure. It is possible to paint wood of usual, widespread in the region of wood any kind of paint.

Choose the right color and shade

How to paint a wooden house outside Choose the color and shade

In addition to a large assortment of paint types, another dilemma awaits the owners of a wooden house: which color to choose? It can be one color or a combination of several. It is also possible to design patterns, drawings and graphics. Naturally, to answer this question, it is enough to follow your taste preferences, as well as take into account the terrain that surrounds the house.

Nevertheless, experts recommend taking into account a few tips on choosing the right color so that the facade has an attractive appearance as a result. So, if your wooden house is located in southern latitude, then it is worth painting it in cold shades:

  • blue;
  • purple;
  • white.

How to paint a wooden house outside Violet facade

If it is a question of northern latitude, then it is better to choose warm colors:

  • yellow;
  • red;
  • green;
  • orange.

Thanks to the artificial creation of contrast with the surroundings, the house will be harmoniously highlighted against the general background. Strict and business style will give a gray color, but too dark a shade is not worth choosing. To preserve the natural color of wood, you can consider options such as light yellow, light and dark brown. They will give more saturation.

A well-chosen color for dyeing will allow a wooden house to blend in harmoniously with the area or to stand out effectively on the general plan.

Preparatory work

How to paint a wooden house outside Preparatory processing

One of the important steps high-quality staining of a wooden house is the preparation of the walls. If you do not know how to beautifully paint the facade of your country house, then you should familiarize yourself with the rather simple recommendations given below.

The tree needs to be properly prepared before painting, otherwise the paint layer will become delaminated over the next few months and will begin to fall off. First of all, you should get rid of dust and other types of pollution. To do this, you can walk across the entire surface of the water supplied from a hose under pressure. If contaminants are present in the form of mold or fungal infections, they should be treated with specialized compounds.Also, in some areas a resin may form, which is removed with a standard trowel and a special varnish is applied on top.

After the surface is fully prepared for painting, it is recommended to let the wood rest for 7-10 days.

Staining technology

How to paint a wooden house outside

When the question about how to paint the tree is fully resolved and the walls are prepared, you can proceed to direct painting. To paint the exterior of the house, you do not need to have any special knowledge and skills. The whole procedure is quite simple, so you can do it yourself. The main thing is a clear implementation of the painting technology and compliance with several rules:

  1. Before beginning the process, the entire facade must be treated with a deep penetration primer, and also wait until the layer is completely dry.
  2. Paint can be applied in any convenient way: with a spray gun, roller or brush.
  3. Before proceeding with the application of the next layer, you need to make sure that the previous one is completely dry. The surface should not even be slightly wet.
  4. For even application, use a wide brush or construction spray.
  5. Paint and antiseptics are applied longitudinally to fibers.

How to paint a wooden house outside From the spray gun

Even though the work is done outdoors , it is necessary to protect your respiratory organs from caustic and harmful odors. Use respirators and try to be on the leeward side.

As you can see, painting a house is not too time consuming. It will be enough to choose the appropriate type and shade of paint, as well as fully comply with the technology of dyeing, so that the result pleased the owner. When it comes to painting the facade of an old wooden structure, which has already been applied a layer of paint, it is necessary to take into account an important rule: you need to repaint only the same type of paint that was used for the first time. If you do not know what the house was painted with, then you should independently determine the type of coating, as each paint in the process of aging, fading in the sun, is visually different from the exact same one just purchased.


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