Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

Acrylic baths have rightfully taken their place in the plumbing market, because they are an order of magnitude better than the usual cast-iron analogs. Their most significant advantages are much lower weight, which increases the ease of installation and transportation, as well as the ability to retain heat, which means that less hot water will be wasted during use to maintain its temperature.

There are several types of acrylic and production technologies that affect the quality of the final product, so choosing the best acrylic baths will be easier if you first get acquainted with the rating of their manufacturers and the models of their products they offer.

Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

The best manufacturers of acrylic baths

When choosing a product, it is useful to look at the rating of manufacturers of acrylic baths and learn a little about those who are engaged in its production and what they generally offer to the market. A company can have years of experience in production and established traditions, or vice versa - young, actively developing and seeking new solutions. Both are undoubted advantages, but deciding what the buyer will be closer to him, to whom all the hard work on creating new ergonomic forms and additional accessories for high-grade rest is devoted.

Jacob Delafon

Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

French bathroom equipment manufacturer. Creating new models, the designers of the company strive to save the premises from bright colors and excessive pretentiousness, which perfectly matches the classical aristocratic style.

The trademark was created in 1889 and since then it has been constantly expanding and improving the range of products offered to the buyer. In the domestic market, goods under the label "Jacob Delafon" appeared in 1994 and since then have steadily strengthened their positions.

"Chip" of Jacob Delafon products in the absence of ready-made sets of equipment - all the individual elements are made with the possibility of maximum combination with each other. Therefore, you can individually pick up the shower tray, curtains or screens to it, faucets, sink and toilet, without fear of disrupting the harmony of design.


Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

A Dutch trademark that is easily recognizable by its characteristic names — most of the baths from this manufacturer are named after different geographical features: Columbia, Carolina, Miami, Yukon, Livorno and others. In addition to them, steam showers, one of the most famous and recognizable parts of the Riho range, are well known to the domestic buyer.

The production uses components from the UK, which are assembled at factories in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic, with most of the production capacity concentrated closer to the center of Europe.

The quality of the materials used and their assembly allows us to give a ten-year warranty on the products, and the fulfillment of these obligations on the domestic market is ensured by a wide network of authorized dealers.


Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

Quality products at affordable prices from a domestic manufacturer are ordinary and hydromassage baths manufactured under the Triton trademark. Production facilities and the main office are located in Shchelkovo, Moscow region, but the products are sold throughout the country and the near abroad.

The company's designers are well aware of the needs of the local market, so a significant part of the products manufactured is designed for medium and small bathroom sizes. Do not forget the manufacturer and about the owners of new buildings and private houses - for them in the catalogs will also always find a suitable model.

The quality of products is provided by equipment and components for production from European manufacturers, making it a worthy choice among foreign analogues.

Villeroy. Boch

Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

Acrylic baths from this manufacturer should first of all pay attention to the adherents of the Hi-Tech style - they will perfectly fit into its minimalist design.

Villeroy. Boch is one of the old-timers in the plumbing market. During its establishment and development, the company's production facilities have appeared in many European countries and even overseas Mexico. This allows you to quickly solve the problems associated with logistics and keep a reasonable price in its price segment.

Baths from Villeroy. Boch is designed for a buyer who is ready to pay an appropriate price for high quality, but for which he will receive a really practical thing and be able to choose a design to his own taste.


Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

A relatively young company - began its activity at the turn of the XX and XXI centuries, but already having production facilities in two countries - Poland and Austria, products which is recognized throughout Europe, as well as offered to the domestic buyer.

By purchasing Alpen acrylic baths, you can be sure that they are made from acrylic, which is confirmed by all the necessary certificates and sanitary and hygienic conclusions.

In addition to the quality of products, the buyer can always appreciate its variety - in addition to standard baths, the manufacturer offers whole complexes for SPA procedures: hydro and aero massage, chromotherapy. If necessary, you can always retrofit the bath with additional lighting and other accessories.


Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

This Polish trademark hides a whole group of companies that manufacture and sell various sanitary ware. Entered its domestic market in 1990, but quickly became popular in several European countries, as evidenced by numerous awards for innovation in production, quality and excellent design of its products.

The company always monitors all changes in the market and, in order to improve the quality of its products, determines the needs of customers. As a result - in the Exellent catalog there are not only baths with a carefully calculated geometry of the inner bowl, but also equipment for hydromassage, models with seats and full-fledged Jacuzzis.
For the convenience of customers, the manufacturer has a wide network of dealers, thanks to which the ordered bathroom reaches its destination as quickly as possible.


Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

In the production of the Spanish factory "Roca" all the European experience of the old world and modern manufacturing techniques that have been honed since the birth of the brand in 1917 . Baths from this manufacturer are far from cheap, but the quality, supported by years of production experience, always justifies its price.

In addition to quality, the trademark "Roca" offers its customers a large selection of bath models, which in turn are made each in different sizes. This means that if you like a particular bath, but for some reason it does not fit in size, you can always find a larger or smaller counterpart, and also find the necessary accessories for it - faucets, nozzles or shower accessories.


Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

Polish brand known to European and domestic buyers as one of the recognized leaders when it comes to repairs in the bathroom or kitchen. The complex solutions offered by the manufacturer are characterized by a long service life, workmanship and a variety of design solutions.

Cersanit bathtubs can be chosen from classic models, with a rectangular, oval or asymmetric bowl that fits perfectly into small spaces. If you stop on the basic configuration, then separately to the bathroom, you can pick up the handles that match the color and choose the number of nozzles for hydromassage.

The company also offers a separate product line for people with disabilities, which is rarely seen among competitors.

It is simply impossible to say which manufacturer of acrylic baths is better - each has an area where it differs from the others, so the buyer always has the final choice.

Best rectangular acrylic bathtubs

If you need a bath with a classic or oval inner bowl, you shouldn’t immediately exclude rectangular models, because this is the outer perimeter. Inside such baths can be rectangular or rounded.

Riho Future

A single rectangular bath with an oval-shaped bowl. Made in as close as possible to the classic design, so it will be appropriate in most bathrooms.

Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

+ Pros Riho Future

  1. Ergonomic Design
  2. Dimensions make it possible to feel comfortable even for a person of large dimensions.
  3. Lugs under the armrests.
  4. It is convenient to put a soap box or other accessories on the rectangular bezel around the bathroom.
  5. A hole that prevents water from overflowing over the edge of the bathtub is high enough to get enough water into the bathroom for comfortable bathing.

Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

- Cons Riho Future

  1. If do not stare at the sides, then the bath does not look much different from the standard cast-iron model.

Acrylic bath Riho Future due to its size and shape will be an excellent replacement for the standard cast-iron model. The combination of quality and price allows you to purchase it even to those buyers who have planned to install a bath from a European manufacturer, but are limited in the budget for repairs.


Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

+ Pros ALPEN Vesta

  1. Capacity - calculated for two.
  2. Good value for money.
  3. Stylish and modern design.
  4. Saturated bright color.
  5. Thick reinforcing layer - the bath is dense and stable.
  6. Keeps heat well - the water does not cool down longer than when using cast-iron baths.

Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

- Cons ALPEN Vesta

  1. Model may not like those who do not like in the design clearly defined corners - transitions between surfaces
  2. Non-standard placement of the drain and overflow holes - in the middle of the bowl, but this is done because the bath is designed for two.

The external and internal outlines of the Alpen Vesta bathtub will perfectly fit into any modern bathroom interior design without taking up too much usable space.

Triton Standard

This model is manufactured by the manufacturer with a length of 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 170 cm, which allows you to choose the dimensions depending on the size of the bathroom.

Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

+ Pros Triton Standard

  1. Low weight.
  2. Durability - dense material without deflection.
  3. Easy to install and maintain.
  4. Low, compared with peers, price.
  5. Groove-soap dish on the rim.
  6. Anti-slip coating.

Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

- Cons Triton Standard

  1. Will uncomfortable for a tall man. In this case, it will often have to be used as a shower tray.
  2. May make a noise when taking water.
  3. Outwardly it seems not strong enough.
  4. Soap trays are made on two sides of the rim - if you have a habit of putting shampoo on this place, for example, then it can fall into the water.

This model will be an excellent acquisition if there are small children in the family - the anti-slip coating and relatively shallow depth will make their swimming comfortable and safe.

The best corner acrylic bathtubs

This rating of acrylic baths should be paid attention to, if necessary, to save space in the bathroom. Such models, although somewhat smaller than the standard ones, allow to combine both the bathroom and the shower tray in those places where the standard model cannot be installed. For spacious rooms, larger models are used, the dimensions of which allow the bathroom to be taken together. Such models require increased attention during installation, as the water supply system (pipe layout) was not designed for their connection - if you work in a close room, there is a risk of damaging the bath surface.

ALPEN Nevada

Despite the category of the model, the “angular” bowl has a standard rounded shape, which leaves the comfort of use at a high level. Soft, smooth lines of the bowl do not detract from the view and fit into any well-thought-out interior.

Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

+ Pros ALPEN Nevada

  1. Custom, original and nice looking outlines.
  2. The shape of the edging allows you to place in the corner shelves for bathroom accessories and subsequently not to cling to it.
  3. Pure white color, which does not sit divorce.
  4. If even scratches appear on the surface, they can be easily sanded.

Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

- Cons ALPEN Nevada

  1. Edges baths are bent down a little - if there is a habit of putting shampoo or soap box on this place, they will fall.
  2. Large slope from the outer edge of the bowl to its bottom — if you need to take a shower, you will have to stand only in its middle.
  3. A tall person will still be uncomfortable in her - you will have to wash while sitting.

This model is made specifically for small-sized bathrooms - if the room is large, then it is better to look after the bath itself more spacious.

Ravak Avocado

The designers tried to combine in this model the severity of clearly delineated external forms and the inconspicuous smoothness of transitions of one internal lines to others. If outside it is a standard corner bath, then the inner bowl has a drop-shaped shape that allows maximum use of the available space of the room.

Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

+ Pros Ravak Avocado

  1. Unusual, but attractive design.
  2. The maximum possible capacity of the inner bowl.
  3. Save space under the washstand - if it is located at the foot of the bath, you can use it without interference.
  4. The legs are height adjustable.

Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

- Cons Ravak Avocado

  1. B no curtain included.
  2. Cost may not be affordable for apartment owners with a small area, respectively, and a bathroom.
  3. It is likely that difficulties will arise when installing a bath in a typical apartment due to the mismatch of the height of the water pipes and connectors for them.
  4. Some reviews indicate that the right angle at the base can be a couple of degrees more than 90 - it is advisable to check this point before purchasing or have to gouge part of the wall.

The most effective solution for a bathroom with a small area, but on condition that the buyer is ready to pay for comfort.

Aquanet Capri

Despite the characteristic of the bathroom as a single room, its dimensions of 170x110x56 cm successfully allow it to be accommodated in two. A seat is added to the rounded bowl, which further increases the functionality of this model. If you use the bathroom together (and sooner or later such a desire should arise), then it is better to install the faucet not on its body, but on the wall. Anywhere else may interfere.

Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

+ Pluses Aquanet Capri

  1. Spaciousness - two adults fit without any problems, or you can swim with one person with your children.
  2. Well thought out ergonomics and overall design.
  3. Easy to remove side panel - easy maintenance.
  4. If necessary, you can add a whirlpool function to your package.
  5. Low price when compared with peers.

Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

- Cons Aquanet Capri

  1. From - due to a non-standard form, difficulties may arise with connection to water pipes.
  2. It is necessary to strengthen the base well during the installation - otherwise the bottom may “play” a little when you get out of the bath.
  3. Periodically, users left complaints about the smell from the acrylic surface, but this was more true of the first models that were sold on the market. Before buying, you should check with the seller whether this is a warranty case and a reason for replacement.

Spaciousness, low cost and comfort - all that the owner of such a bath will receive if the room allows the installation of a model of this size.

The best acrylic baths with hydromassage

Such a word as “jacuzzi” came into use not so long ago, but probably already familiar to everyone who knows what a bath is. If you think thoroughly about which acrylic baths are best to take, then in addition to the indisputable advantages of a Jacuzzi, you should remember about the inherent disadvantages of all such devices.

First of all, this inevitable noise from the pump's engine is an inevitable evil that we have to put up with. Secondly, in the pipes that go to the nozzles, water can stagnate and if you do not use the hydromassage regularly, you can smell the rotten water. This fact must be taken into account before purchasing in order not to spoil the overall impression of such a bath in the future.


A non-standard single bath with a useful volume of 290 liters, a semi-automatic drain, an anti-slip coating and a function of hydro and aero massage, for which two dozen injectors are built into the body.

Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

+ Pros Triton Breeze

  1. Large volume - it is convenient to take a bath even to a large person.
  2. Value for money functionality.
  3. Fits well in small rooms.
  4. Adjustable leg height.

Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

- Cons Triton Breeze

  1. Bath the equipment is quite large - it will almost inevitably create problems even during the entry into the apartment / house and further into the bathroom.
  2. You also need to clarify how it connects - if the water pipes go along the wall, you will probably have to redo the whole circuit a little. Installation is better to entrust professionals.
  3. When the hydromassage is turned on, the engine makes a noisy noise - a common problem of all the “hydromassages”.
  4. The inconvenient location of the switches - some of them are in the back, not the side.

This model is designed specifically for those cases where the bathroom is small, but I want to install a functional device in it.

Triton Diana

Multifunctional rectangular bath with hydromassage, with a useful volume of 230 liters and a height of water column up to 48 cm overflow. A length of 170 cm will allow you to comfortably accommodate even a tall person , and anti-slip coating will make your shower as safe as possible.

Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

+ Pros Triton Diana

  1. Maximum compact for its size.
  2. Warranty 10 years.
  3. Easy care.
  4. Multifunctionality.

Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

- Cons Triton Diana

  1. Plastic nozzles. They do not affect the work, but if you need metal, you need to clarify this question with the manager.
  2. The relief surface can be uncomfortable for obese people.
  3. The weak point is the holes for draining and overflow - if possible, they should be further strengthened in order to avoid the appearance of cracks.

The shape and functionality of the bath will surely appeal to lovers of creative solutions, but they will not leave the rest of the jacuzzi lovers at home indifferent.

BAS Laguna

The bath is made for the most comfortable accommodation of two people, and if you use it alone, its dimensions 170x110x44 cm will create the impression of a whole lake in the bathroom.

Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

+ Pros BAS Laguna

  1. Capacity - net volume of 295 liters.
  2. A classic but impressive looking form.
  3. There is a recess for the seat.
  4. Easy to maintain - easy to clean, smooth surface.
  5. With a curtain, turns into a large shower.

Top Acrylic Bathtubs - Manufacturers and Models Rankings

- Cons BAS Laguna

  1. Hydromassage nozzles are located only in the walls of the case, although it is rather an amateur.
  2. No anti-slip coating is provided.

Perfectly fit in medium-sized bathrooms, leaving as much free space as possible for the washstand, mirror and other accessories. .

The selection of goods is carried out on the basis of reviews, opinions and opinions of users posted on various resources on the Internet. All information is taken from public sources. We do not cooperate with manufacturers and trademarks and do not call for the purchase of certain products. The article is informative.


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