How to paint a bath inside

It is known that the pride of any housewife is a sparkling white bath that requires constant attention and care for her. But to the great chagrin of this condition of this attribute of the bathroom does not last long. And indeed, over time, the enamel coating on the inner surface of the bath dims, scratches and traces of small chips appear on it. In addition, after prolonged use, the upper layer of enamel gradually acquires an unpleasant yellow-red tint.

How to paint a bath inside Bath Restoration

Recovery Options

How to paint a bath inside Pneumatic spray gun

Bath renewal involves the use of the following methods:

  • Enamel layer repair manually or using special spray cylinders;
  • updating the coating using liquid acrylic;
  • using a special liner made of acrylic material.

How to paint a bath inside Enameling of the bath

None of the above update options has some drawbacks, so you yourself have to choose a more suitable recovery method for you. We now consider the general procedure for the restoration work associated with updating the enamel layer. In this case, the focus will be on the selection of materials considered to be the most reliable, that is, providing high-quality coating.

How to paint a bath inside Enamel for a bath

Currently, two-component epoxy-based paints produced in Finnish are considered the most suitable materials Tikkurila company. The high cost of dyes from Finland should not embarrass you, since it is these brands of enamel ("Reaflex 50", for example) that will provide you with a high-quality update of the restored coating.

It is not recommended even to try to restore the bath covering by using alkyd and oil paints, as well as various automotive enamels and nitro paints. Such attempts often lead to the need for re-restoration, or you will be forced to address the issue of acquiring a new bath.

The order of work

How to paint a bath inside Restoration of enamel

the following subtleties of the process of preparing the surface for processing and applying enamel:

  1. When using two-component paints or liquid acrylic, the old enamel layer is thoroughly cleaned and then well degreased. A layer of primer is necessarily applied to the surface prepared in this way, after drying of which you can proceed to the main work.
  2. Apply the enamel using either a soft brush or a soft-nap roller, or by spraying it.
  3. The most reliable method of applying two-component enamels is spraying them with a special airbrush, with the help of which it is possible to evenly distribute the material on the treated surface.
  4. Preparation of components is best to start only when the bath is fully ready for final processing. The fact is that after the preparation of the composition, it retains its working properties for no more than 40 minutes.

How to paint a bath inside Applying liquid acrylic with a spatula

Applying the so-called liquid acrylic (stacryl), is carried out in the bulk method, at the same time the initial structure evenly spreads along walls of a bathtub. Due to its high fluidity, this composition spreads over the bath surface in a uniform thin layer. With a working coating thickness of about 6 mm, its complete drying lasts no more than four days.


In the following video, you will learn how to restore a bath using liquid acrylic:


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