Septic tank for a country house do it yourself

A septic tank in a country house is needed. You can build it without calling a professional brigade, but not alone, but with a couple of true friends. Because the construction will require a lot of physical costs. In this article we will explain how to independently make and install a septic tank.


Septic tank for a country house do it yourself The device of a septic tank

A septic tank is a device that serves as a sewage treatment plant. It consists of two - three cameras. Stocks flow through them sequentially, clearing. Installation of such a system seems to beginners to be something complicated. Actually arrangement of a septic tank is just a lot of hard physical labor. There is nothing complicated about it. Make a simple three-section design can and beginner.

Types of treatment facilities

Septic tank for a country house do it yourself Overflow wells

In general, there can be several at the dacha types of treatment facilities.

  1. The most primitive and simple type of sewage treatment plant is the cesspool. She has practically no advantages (except for ease of arrangement). But cons - a complete set, they should not even be listed.
  2. Plastic cleaner. This system works well, but regularly clogs up. In addition, it requires periodic visits to the vacuum.
  3. Overflow wells. This system is built very long and hard. The vacuum truck is also needed.
  4. Special stations. This is the kind of septic tank that will be considered here. Such systems are the most modern. Their arrangement, of course, will take some time.


Septic tank for a country house do it yourself Installation at the site

  1. V The first step is to select and buy a cleaning station. Depending on the position of groundwater, it is necessary to select a station with or without forced discharge. Forced flow is based on the pump.
  2. After the purchase you have to start excavation work. Approximately it is necessary to make a ditch with a size of 2.5 m in length, one and a half meters in width and the same in depth.
  3. The station is lowered to the bottom of the pit. Water is poured into it. At the edges you need to pour sand and ram well.
  4. In the next stage, the supply flows. We must dig a ditch and lead to the station pipe.
  5. The last stage is to connect the station. It needs electricity.

The septic tank is ready. Now it can be exploited.


Septic tank for a country house do it yourself Wastewater Treatment

  1. Periodically, the system will have to be cleaned. So, the filters are cleaned every two to three years, but the system itself should be checked about once a season. In the station there are clusters of sludge that can destroy the work of the septic tank.
  2. It is better not to use too many different chemicals, bleach and cleaning powders. This is a heavy load on the system
  3. Sometimes the power is turned off. During this period, it is necessary to limit the load on the system.
  4. When installing the system, it must be borne in mind that the distance from the house to the septic tank should be at least 6-7 meters.
  5. If the septic tank settles near the stops, the distance can be reduced three times.
  6. Septic tanks differ in chamber sizes. In order to choose the necessary system for the size, it is necessary to take into account how much water it will have to take. It is estimated that the average person spends about 300 liters of water per day on hygiene needs. The septic tank at the same time must have a volume that is three times higher than this figure.

Ideally, the station should be located at a depth that is below the ground freezing level. If this was not possible, then the system must be further warmed.


Septic tank for a country house do it yourself Cleaning the septic tank

To efficiently clean, need to understand the principles of its work. In the septic tank, waste and fecal masses are transformed into sludge under the influence of special bacteria. They reach the final stage of processing.

One of the main problems encountered in private areas is the silting and clogging of the septic tank. Often this is due to the death of bacteria, which are used for recycling. Bacteria could destroy bacteria with chlorine. To clean the camera, you can use special preparations. Usually they contain all the same bacteria for sewage. By restoring the balance of bacteria, you can solve the problem of clogs.

Septic tank for a country house do it yourself Arrangement

If the contents of the cleaning chamber became hard or a crust formed inside it, then deal with it can be exactly the same with the help of bacteria. Before placing the drug inside the chamber it should be diluted with water.

Poorly affects the work of the bacteria, manganese. Its action is similar to the effect of chlorinated water.

Septic tanks, whose design is based on storage tanks, are very easy to clean. To do this, you only need to remove the old waste tank and put a new one.If the system is not cleaned by itself, then it is necessary to resort to a compulsory measure using sewage disposal machines. Pumping is performed by vacuum drainage pumps.

Septic tank in front of the house

Septic tank for a country house do it yourself Sewage system at the cottage

  1. A place. Septic should be located away from home. He should also defend to 50-60 meters from the water intake. Otherwise, the wastewater will begin to enter the water intake.
  2. It is necessary to dig a pit with a depth of more than two meters. Its length should be about 3.5 meters and a width of 2.5 meters. After installing the walls, these parameters will be reduced by half a meter.
  3. The pit is divided into two unequal parts. After this, formwork is installed. It is advisable to use reinforcement and stones during concreting. Between the two chambers is an inclined pipe, through which the wastewater will begin to merge. The bottom of the pit is not concreted in any way.
  4. At the last stage, the roof is made. It must have reinforcing elements. When the roof is ready, the structure is covered with earth.

The average life of a septic tank without cleaning is from 3 to 10 years, depending on the amount of waste.

A septic tank allows the owner of the dacha to fully utilize the benefits of civilization outside the city. Board houses and cesspools are long gone. Modern technologies allow you to create a complete sewage system outside the city. Thanks to her, she can take a shower and a bath in the country house, build a real toilet, use a sauna and much more. A home septic tank can be done in about a week, and people will use it for years.


Septic tank for a country house do it yourself Drawing

Modern cameras for cleaning work for quite a long time without any - or failures, provided that all rules of operation are followed. If there is any malfunction, then the septic tank owner can eliminate it. Most often, devices fail due to clogging fractions. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to properly inspect the unit and clean it.

Repair of a septic tank is as follows:

  • filter replacement;
  • cleaning fractions;
  • washing the chamber.

Septic tank for a country house do it yourself The operation of the septic tank

A normal power outage can cause many problems. In this case, the septic tank stops working for a while. Silt masses can simply dry out. This will lead to the fact that the system completely fails, and you have to call specialists. However, the master himself can clean the device. However, in the event of serious blockages, it will be necessary to dismantle it for complete cleaning.

In order for the septic tank to work properly, you need to monitor it. Approximately 3 times a year, it is necessary to pump out excess waste with a drainage pump. This is not a very difficult operation, so the owner can handle it himself. Also, periodically have to clean and change filters. Approximately it should be done once a year. Aeration system elements need to be replaced once every 10 years. With proper care, no problems will arise. During the period when electricity is not supplied, it is better to limit the system load to a minimum.


The choice and installation of a septic tank will be discussed in the following video:


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