Sewage in the bath with their own hands

A bath is a structure in which people take pleasant procedures under the influence of hot steam. For steam, as you know, water is needed, and it should be discharged into the sewer system during the event. On her device in such a room will be discussed further.

The device of the drainage well

Sewage in the bath with their own hands Drainage into the drainage well

Drainage wells in the systems external sewers are provided for baths of small dimensions, in which a small number of people periodically soar. In this embodiment, there is no need to build complex wastewater disposal systems, since such a device only unnecessarily increases costs. A sufficient measure for the removal of drains is their drainage through the well into the ground layers. When constructing a drainage well, special attention should be paid to its depth. The lower mark of the structure should be approximately 2 times lower than the depth of freezing, which is determined for each region using special maps or tables. To build a drainage well, the following work must be done:

  1. A hole is dug under a well of a certain depth with vertical walls and a flat bottom, which is treated with clay with a layer thickness of up to 10 cm.
  2. The well must be approximately 0.5 m covered with gravel and sand.
  3. The bottom of the trench should also be treated with clay. The result should be a gutter with a well-leveled surface and a drainage slope of about 3º.
  4. A drainage backfill of rubble and sand is arranged above the clay.
  5. Above the drainage is poured earth, which is carefully tamped.
  6. Despite the fact that warm wastewater flows from the steam room, the pipe must be heated. This will help to avoid trouble in the winter time.

This version of the sewage system is quite in demand, since with good operating results, the construction costs are sufficiently acceptable. But you need to know that the sewage system should function qualitatively for a long time; sand and gravel backfill of the well periodically will need to be cleaned of impurities.

Types of pipes used

To collect wastewater in the bath and divert them to the drainage well, it is necessary to mount the system from the pipes. The latter can be chosen from different materials, but taking into account their service life, reaction to hot water and cost. For example, you can use steel pipes, asbestos-cement, cast iron, plastic (primarily for PVC products).

Sewage in the bath with their own hands Apply and asbestos cement pipes

  • Cast iron pipes for a long time deservedly used for arranging runoff networks . They are used today, but since they are relatively expensive and weigh a lot, in practice, they are now increasingly using more modern and cheaper counterparts. In addition, the actual life of this material is only a few decades.
  • Steel pipes are known to corrode. Therefore, their use in the above system is also not the best option. For such pipes to last longer, their surface must be covered with zinc.
  • A good version of the drainage system is asbestos-cement pipes. Previously, they were quite popular and easily accessible. The advantage of such products can be attributed to their long service life. However, asbestos pipes, as well as cast iron, have recently lost their relevance due to the emergence of more competitive products on the market.
  • Today, plastic pipes are the most demanded for the device system. They are inexpensive and have a long service life. In addition, such pipes are not exposed to aggressive components of the effluent. For example, PVC products are designed for a service life of 50 years. It only says that the sewage of PVC pipes with high-quality installation should not create problems for the owners of the building for a long time.

Sewage in the bath with their own hands PVC sewer pipes

Special mention should be made of the modification of PVC pipes with a high chlorine content. Chlorinated products can well withstand high water temperature - up to 95ºС. In addition, the installation time of such pipes is several times less compared to the laying of iron products. Another plus in the direction of the choice of PVC pipes is that it is easier to transport them compared to counterparts from other materials.

Unlike cast iron products, PVC pipes can be brought by tying them to the trunk of a car.

Installation work

Sewage in the bath with their own hands The device of the wooden floor

The system can be carried out according to different schemes and depending on them a certain type of installation is applied. The operating conditions of the bath dictate a certain type of work that will be performed when laying the sewer system.Before installation, the axonometric layout of the pipelines should be drawn. For the construction of drainage drains will need to do some work.

  • First, the internal system is built. From the shower, steam room and washing divert pipelines. In order for the water flow to occur optimally, the pipes must be installed with a slope of approximately 3º.
  • Then the floors are laid, which should have a slope for a capital device, which contributes to the flow of water into the receiving chute.
  • After this, the riser is mounted, which for ventilation must have access to the roof.
  • A drainage well is installed a few meters away. To him from the place of release of the riser should be dug a trench.
  • After backfilling of the trench and the drainage well with a filtering layer of rubble and sand from above, the ground is covered with subsequent tamping.

Sewage in the bath with their own hands Schemes for the organization of direct withdrawal

If there is a pit in the chain of stock equipment, then his device needs to pay attention to the characteristics of the soil. If it absorbs fluid well, the pit should be finished with waterproof materials. Concrete slabs or flat slate can be counted among them. The pit may be square in shape with the dimensions of ribs from 0.5 m.

At the stage of building the foundation of the bath, you must take into account the future laying of sewers and arrange all the necessary holes for the pipes.

Disposal of the room from unpleasant odors

Sewage in the bath with their own hands Hydraulic lock

If Incorrect To mount the drain system, then in its room there will be a constant unpleasant smell. To avoid this, you need to anticipate on the network installation of the hydraulic shutter and exhaust hood in the form of a ventilation riser. As a siphon, you can use a U-like pipe filled with water. The liquid in the gate will be a kind of cork, which will not allow an unpleasant smell to spread in the rooms. When siphoning the device, the following conditions must be met:

  • The diameter of the pipes must be as permissible. This will reduce the risk of pipelines clogging. The most optimal diameter of pipe products is not less than 100 mm.
  • Releases should be connected to a riser that will provide ventilation in the internal network.

Sewage in the bath with their own hands Venting column

If the external sewage system could not be built of short length, then on the network It is necessary to equip a manhole with a diameter of 1 m, so that it will be possible to clean the system. You can build a well of bricks or concrete rings. The bottom of the well must be sealed with concrete. In order to avoid pipe freezing in winter, it is advisable to install 2 covers on the neck of the well, while the lower one should be insulated.

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The following video shows how the drain with a hydraulic lock is arranged in the bath:

And in this video you will be told about the organization of the system which is made of an empty plastic barrel turned upside down:


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