How to make a highchair: assembly procedure

Everyone knows that besides parental attention and care, children also need special furniture. This category includes chairs for children. There is a huge number of different children's stools, chairs, transformers for sale, so buying a ready-made high chair is not a problem today, but if you want to get something special and different from everyone, you can make it with your own hands.

How to make a highchair: assembly procedure

If you want an unusual chair for your child, you can do it yourself using your own design.

How to make a highchair on your own, what to pay special attention to? These questions concern many parents. You will find the answers to them below.

What material is suitable for a high chair?

It's no secret that children's furniture, including high chairs, must differ from adult safety (material must be environmentally friendly) and, of course same size. To protect your baby from the harmful effects that are possible during the operation of the furniture, you need to be very careful about the choice of material for the manufacture of children's chairs.

How to make a highchair: assembly procedure

For the manufacture of a high chair, solid wood is an ideal material.

What are you going to choose from? The range of materials suitable for the manufacture of furniture, is quite wide and different variety. Therefore, in order not to make a mistake and make the right choice, first you need to familiarize yourself with the proposals of the construction market. Experts advise against choosing materials of the composite category. Even if the seller has acquainted you with a certificate stating the safety of this material, you should not agree with this offer.

Most often, for the manufacture of children's furniture, an array of wood is used, in the production of which the so-called "ungulate" glue was used. Its harmlessness has been repeatedly proven in practice, since it does not include artificial resin and a number of other unsafe substances used in the manufacture of building material.

It should be noted that the presence of a resin of natural origin does not indicate its safety. It is best to opt for wood that does not have a high resin content. This category can be attributed to such a breed as beech. It is quite durable, has a long service life, the furniture made from it, no children's frills are terrible.

Preparatory stage

How to make a highchair: assembly procedure

To cut parts for the high chair, use an electric jigsaw.

You can purchase the above-mentioned material (beech) in the building market. Most often, it has the appearance of a finished shield. Standard sizes are as follows - 800x400x20 mm. To make a highchair for a child, only 2 copies will be enough. For their sawing best fit electric jigsaw.

From this material you need to make the following details:

  1. Details of the side of the chair in the amount of 2 pieces. Their size will correspond to the value of 450x400 mm;
  2. The seat of the chair and its back will be the same in size. They also need 2 pieces, each in 1 copy. The size of these parts is 340x340 mm.

Also can be useful:

  • screwdriver;
  • hacksaw;
  • chisel;
  • planer;
  • ruler.

After you have prepared the parts of the right size and shape, you need to process them. The back and the seat will be small rectangles. But with the shape of the side parts and you can fantasize. The main thing, remember that in the design of the chair for the child, there should be no sharp corners. To give the details a rounded shape, you can use the lid from the pan or saucer, using them as a template. To make it easier to cut the rounded parts, you can use a narrow-shaped saw. For these purposes, the best option would be to saw on a tree whose size corresponds to 4 mm.

How to handle the details of the baby chair correctly?

How to make a highchair: assembly procedure

You need to use a milling cutter to machine the details of the high chair.

In order to carry out high-quality processing of prepared parts of the chair, you need to use a router. The manual version of this tool is perfect for this. Some use sanding paper for processing, but in this case the processing is a bit slow. Do not get rid of sandpaper, it is still useful to you.

It should be noted that all cross sections of a transverse character are subject to mandatory grinding and subsequent coating with varnish. Take your time, let the varnish dry well. A few more words about the safety of the child. If you use varnish, which is based on turpentine, and not acetone, then this option will be more environmentally friendly.

After the varnish is dry, sand the surface again with emery cloth. To achieve a particularly smooth surface, you can carry out this procedure repeatedly.After the result is achieved, cover the details of the chair with a finishing coat.

Be sure to check the quality of processing all the details with his own hands. Just make sure the absolute quality of the parts, you can proceed to the assembly of the chair.

Immediate assembly procedure

How to make a highchair: assembly procedure

Assembly diagram of the highchair: 1 - upper cross of the backrest; 2 — rear leg; 3 — crossbar with a figured notch; 4 - middle cross backrest; 5 - seat plates; 6 - lower cross bar of the back; 7- lateral tsarga and crossbar; 8- front foot; 9 - front tsarga and crossbar.

The assembly of children's furniture involves the use of fasteners such as confirmatics. Their size is great for our purpose (5x70 mm). With the help of this fastener, almost any parts are fastened, and their preliminary preparation is not required.

It should be noted that the holes in planar parts must be 8 mm in size. In contrast, the end openings should not exceed a diametral size of 5 mm, and their depth should be no more than 50 mm.

To make the look of a children's chair aesthetic, you can use special furniture plugs.

But this is possible only in the case when you are 100% sure that the child will not otkovyrivat them and inadvertently not swallow.

That's all the main points regarding the question: how to make a highchair properly with your own hands? Please note that the chair with your own hands, made for the baby, will differ from the factory furniture in environmental friendliness, convenience, safety, aesthetics and stability. After all, you will surely make sure that all these properties are at the highest level.

A little advice to diversify the appearance of children's furniture and give it originality: you can use various kinds of stickers and drawings in the design of the chair. For example, arrange a chair using decoupage technique. And if you bring in a mother, she will be able to decorate the high chair with a beautiful, soft and comfortable pad made with your own hands. Agree that such furniture, made with love, will bring only joy on the weekdays of your crumbs.

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