How to rent a construction crane - features of a construction crane rental

Sooner or later, before any developer, the question arises whether to buy or rent a construction crane, as it is estimated that over several years of rent, the amount equivalent to the purchase of this equipment is paid. However, not only this factor is taken into account. It is important to consider how often it will be needed, as well as the costs of depreciation and payment of the specialist working on it, plus a number of less significant issues. If it makes no sense to acquire, then we will see how to rent a construction crane, properly approaching this issue.

Benefits of renting

How to rent a construction crane - features of a construction crane rental Benefits of renting a construction crane

In Soviet times, the same type was built at home, and the use of various techniques practically was not required. Modern technology allows you to build various buildings that differ radically from each other, and the crane that was used before may be unclaimed. For the owner, this is not very good, as simple equipment brings losses, and those who rent equipment, have the opportunity to replace the construction crane with another one that is more suitable for a construction object.

By renting various tower cranes, you have the opportunity to try out different models of this technology, not only domestic, but also imported. For example, what should a crane owner do if he is not suitable for a new facility? Buy or rent another, while the tenant can simply change it, even without waiting for the end of construction.

How to rent a construction crane - features of a construction crane rental Availability of a Specialist

Having a rented equipment is not necessary: ​​

  • worry about where to store it, while observing certain conditions;
  • to purchase parts;
  • to repair;
  • every 10 months to conduct routine inspection;
  • register with Rostekhnadzor;
  • put on the balance of the enterprise;
  • add a few people to the company's staff;
  • add an extra burden to the safety engineer.

As you can see, by renting equipment, you can avoid many problems.

The choice of the lessor

How to rent a construction crane - features of a construction crane rental The choice of the lessor of the crane

The price question is not the last place in the choice of the landlord, but still need to think not only about how to rent a construction crane, but also from whom.

Imagine a situation in which a rented crane failed and repairs are delayed for an indefinite period. You turn to the landlord, and you are asked to wait, since there are no more such cranes. What to do? Search for similar equipment in other firms? One way or another, but you don’t meet the deadlines.

Now imagine a similar situation, only in the event of a breakdown, you will immediately be replaced by this crane with another. Why is there such a difference in these situations? Because the first landlord has little equipment, and the second has a lot! So we will stop the choice on the solid enterprises in which there is a wide choice of cranes.

Signs of solidity of the company

How to rent a construction crane - features of a construction crane rental Large park of special equipment

Not all reputable companies have representative office, since they simply do not need it, however, the park of special equipment must be impressive. On the seriousness of the intentions will be evidence of the conclusion of the contract, which provides for mutually beneficial conditions.

Read the contract carefully, as each comma put in the wrong place may result in additional costs.

Ask about everything that is not clear. When you do not agree with any clause of the contract, then discuss it, and if you are met, saying that this clause is canceled, then do not hesitate to cross it out at you, having certified the seal with the seal of the enterprise. If the terms of the contract are suitable, specify the questions, the answers to which are not provided in the lease agreement. Only when you have reached an agreement, sign the papers.


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