Do-it-yourself garden staircase - arrangement of uneven area + drawings

If you are the owner of an uneven suburban area, then there may be some inconvenience when moving on it. But it does not matter, since such a geographical feature is a wonderful opportunity to do landscape design, making it convenient to move around the territory, at the same time transforming the architectural and decorative look of the garden. On a gentle slope, you can pave a path, but steep climbs are more convenient to overcome, climbing the beautiful garden stairs.

How to find out how many steps to make

Do-it-yourself garden staircase - arrangement of uneven area + drawings Calculate the number of steps

The basis of each stairs are stairs. Their number should be such that it was comfortable to walk on them. If the slope is too small and only 1 or 2 strides can fit on it, then it is better to make a sloping path. It is worth noting that a large number will make the pad for the foot very small, which is not only inconvenient, but also dangerous, since you can stumble. In addition, a massive staircase is unlikely to harmoniously fit into the design of the site.

In order to correctly perform calculations on the number of steps, their height / length must be fixed at right angles to the slats and perform the following actions:

  1. Fix the lower part of the slats in the place where the first lane will be placed , and the top one at the top is the last one.
  2. The resulting horizontal length is divided into the desired number of sections to be constructed. As a result, we obtain the length of the section.
  3. The same scheme is used to calculate the height, but instead of the horizontal length, the vertical is taken.

After receiving all the data, it is best to make a drawing, thanks to which it will be possible to avoid mistakes when mounting the product.

The ideal option for the country staircase is considered to be the construction of four projections. The height of each must be within 11-15 cm, and the length is 2 times more, respectively, about 30 cm.

We take care of safety

Do-it-yourself garden staircase - arrangement of uneven area + drawings Garden element safety issues

Consideration should be given to this issue, since the object will lead to permanent injuries, especially in children who are not attentive, if they are not properly arranged. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account several safety requirements:

  • it is necessary to use durable and non-skid material;
  • for movement at night lighting should be provided;
  • near large stairs you must install the railing.

The right material is the key to a reliable staircase with a long operational life. Do not forget that it will be affected by atmospheric phenomena, as well as physical activity.

Recommendations for the arrangement of

Do-it-yourself garden staircase - arrangement of uneven area + drawings

To develop the design and style of the stairs, you need to carefully study the terrain. For example, in some cases it is necessary to further equip the railing, especially for steep slopes. If the place is flat, then it is not necessary to provide for the presence of a railing.

For arranging a robust, high construction with a comfortable lift, you need to provide a platform that will combine 2 flights of stairs. If you wish, it will be possible to take a break and continue to rise. At such sites, you can provide several options for registration, for example, floor vases. On the railing, you can let flowering vines.

One of the factors that affect what the stairs will be is the preservation of the individuality of the territory, so the installation should not disrupt the plastic of the relief.

Style and design

Do-it-yourself garden staircase - arrangement of uneven area + drawings

The types of stair designs are presented in various classifications, but most often they are divided into two large groups:

  • mortise;
  • free.

The first ones are mounted directly on the ground, and the second ones are supported by retaining walls. Mortise stairs are considered to be the most common, as they give a greater effect in landscape decoration. It is important to choose the right type of product, for which it should be well combined with the garden style. For example:

  • with the landscape style will harmonize well with the ferns, stonework, as well as other ornamental plants;
  • in the country style fit designs made of wood with thread, and for reliability and extension life time they are opened with varnish;
  • natural stones are suitable for the romantic style, while it is important to pay attention to the lighting of the staircase, as with its help you can create a romantic atmosphere.

A variety of materials can be used to make a staircase, such as brick, stone, wood, and concrete. The main thing is to take into account the strength parameter.


Today there are a huge number of types of stairs.


Do-it-yourself garden staircase - arrangement of uneven area + drawings Development Options

This is the easiest and most affordable for everyone option.To equip them, it is necessary to lay the risers in an inclined recess, which is located between the two sections. Install the boards should be on the edge, and for greater fixation to use pegs, which are hammered on both sides. Formed voids between the boards are filled with soil. For greater savings, you can use the remains of lumber from construction or repair. Those will always be on the territory.


Do-it-yourself garden staircase - arrangement of uneven area + drawings Bulk steps

To make a log ladder you need these materials :

  • logs (the length should be the same);
  • metal or wood pegs;
  • gravel or small bark.

On the slope where there will be a ladder, you need to dig a trench along the whole length and tamp it down. Installation must begin at the bottom, for this pegs are hammered, which will rest on the first step. The first log is placed close to them, and the resulting void is filled with soil, which is subsequently tamped. Thus, form the remaining steps. After everything is ready, the object is sprinkled with small gravel - this will give it a decorative and originality.

To prolong the service life of wooden products, it is necessary to treat them with special antiseptics or used lube oil, and also to open them with varnish.

A ladder in the form of a mosaic made of wooden round timber will look no less original. To do this, you can use thick branches and tree trunks. The height of the logs should be 15 cm. They need to dig in the ground.


Do-it-yourself garden staircase - arrangement of uneven area + drawings

The ideal option for making a solid construction is a stone that can have a different shape:

  • circle;
  • rhomb;
  • rectangle;
  • square.

They can be laid in any way, but two options are most common:

  • one-piece overlap;
  • with intervals that are filled with tamped soil.

The original solution will be the lateral displacement of the steps relative to each other. With this, you can make the landscape of the garden more dynamic. It is important to remember that stone slabs have considerable weight, so they need to be laid on a pillow of sand or rubble. For greater fixation using cement mortar. It is also suitable for sealing seams between the plates. If you want the steps to look like a single unit with a paddle, then you can fill the gap with sand, which will allow you to grow decorative grass.

Another important point is to prevent the destruction of steps. To do this, it is necessary to build a retaining wall. In its role can act the same stone or concrete.

It is not necessary to use expensive materials, it is enough to use available tools. Adhering to these recommendations, you can create a unique object that will fulfill its intended purpose, and also act as an aesthetic decoration of the garden area.

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