Foldable stool do-it-yourself: how to make?

Today, the choice in modern furniture stores is large, so it is not difficult to purchase anything. But this does not mean that the furniture, made by hand, has become completely irrelevant. For example, who's stopping to make a stool with your own hands, and even one that you can't take your eyes off? At the same time, there is absolutely no need to have special skills for this - just follow the instructions and everything will work out.

Foldable stool do-it-yourself: how to make?

Drawing of a folding stool.

So how to make a beautiful and durable stool with your own hands, what do you need for this? First of all, you need to purchase the appropriate tools:

  1. A milling cutter, which is adapted for manual work.
  2. Jigsaw (better to take electric) with the necessary set of files, such that there is a clean cut on the tree.
  3. A screwdriver that has enough power, then there will be no need to use a drill.
  4. A machine designed for grinding.
  5. Pencil.
  6. Roulette.
  7. Building angle (right).

What materials and accessories will be needed?

Foldable stool do-it-yourself: how to make?

Tools for making stools.

It is easiest to purchase a furniture shield (it is great if it is made of beech), the size of such a shield should be 1120 * 400 * 24 mm. From such a beech shield, you can easily cut out the necessary details. It should be noted that such a thickness for all parts is quite acceptable. To make a folding stool with your own hands, you will need fasteners:

  1. Butterflies, hinges in a span of 35x35 mm, they will be needed in the amount of 4 pieces.
  2. It is not possible to do without a stud of 8x250 mm, mutual threading is mandatory, and end nuts will be needed.
  3. You will need dowels 8x50 mm.
  4. The folding stool cannot be made without high-quality wood glue; you can use PVA emulsion.
  5. In order for the product to turn out not only durable, but also beautiful, it is recommended to use a tinting varnish. Beech wood coated with such varnish looks particularly attractive.

How should the details of a folding chair be processed?

The circle should be cut out of the beech board in the most accurate way (it should be an ideal shape). The diameter of such a circle should be 350 mm, if a person has a firm hand, it will not be difficult to cut it out. But the folding stool must necessarily be equipped with a handle. To do it, you need to use the first drill. A drill with a diameter of 22 mm is best. In the future seat it is necessary to drill a couple of holes, but this should be done so that the distance from the outside edge is the same. Between centers the distance should be approximately 120 mm. To get a comfortable handle, you need to connect everything with a cut.

Foldable stool do-it-yourself: how to make?

Assembly scheme for folding chair.

As for the cutter for processing, you can take the most ordinary, butt-shaped, in the shape of a semicircle, and it is she who handles the parts from two sides. Details of the legs on the inside handle with a mill is absolutely optional.

To cut a groove in the inner frame of the legs, it is recommended to use a 8.5 mm straight cutter, however, there are 2 options for cutting this groove:

  1. You can make holes in the full length of the groove then just knock out jumpers using a thin chisel.
  2. Make 2 end holes, after which the “channel” is carefully sawn between them with a jigsaw. But then you need to be prepared for the fact that you need to purchase a special file, which is designed for longitudinal cutting.

As for the bottom of the legs, they are recommended to be simply rounded off, and then jumpers should be placed between the legs, this is done on the dowels with glue. Surfaces that fit snugly must be smeared with glue; glue should also be dropped into the holes for the dowels. Then you need to pull off the legs with clamps and leave them until they are completely dry, the remaining glue must be carefully removed.

How is such a stool going to be?

Such a stool should be assembled with strict observance of dimensions with its own hands, then there will be no problem with such a design. Hinges must be screwed on screws 3,5x16 mm.

In order for such a furniture product, made by itself, to be visually attractive, with a pleasant texture and rich color, certain efforts should be made.

All available parts must be wetted several times and then dried, so the texture of the tree "rises".

After this, sandpaper should be treated, at least 2 times covered with tinting varnish, after which such a stool will become not only a useful and comfortable thing, but also perfectly decorate the interior of the house.

As you can see, there is nothing particularly difficult in such work, there is no need for large financial and time costs - and the stool will be ready with your own hands.

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