How to make a headboard with your hands

In this article, we offer you a brief guide on how to make a headboard with your own hands.

How to make a headboard with your hands

Purchasing the necessary materials and tools

The plan of the back is presented below. These sizes are designed for a double bed (King size, 1. 9x2 m). We pay your attention that all sizes on the scheme are specified in inches; to translate them into centimeters familiar to all of us, you should multiply by 2. 5 (1 "= 2. 5 cm).

How to make a headboard with your hands

You will need:

  • board 5x10x240 cm (1 pc.);
  • bars 5x7. 5x240 cm (4 pcs.);
  • bars 2. 5x5x240 cm (5 pcs.) ;
  • paint;
  • primer;
  • screws for oblique connections; flush with a length of 30 mm;
  • a device for drilling holes at an angle (for example, Kreg jig);
  • hacksaw;
  • clamps;
  • square;
  • screwdrivers;
  • paint rollers.

How to make a headboard with your hands

Cutting of bars, boards and assembly of all elements of the headboard

From the accuracy of this stage of work for and the success of the whole project on making a headboard with your own hands.

You need to cut the following blanks:

From the 5x10 cm board:

  • one fragment with a length of 187. 5 cm (75 ") - horizontal crossbar at the very bottom of the back;

From 5x7 bars. 5 cm:

  • two fragments 187. 5 cm (75 ") - the upper and lower horizontal crossbars of the head;
  • two fragments 137. 5 cm (55") legs ;

From bars 2. 5x5 cm:

  • ten blanks with a length of 22. 5 cm (9 ") - horizontal elements of the "windows";
  • ten blanks of length 46. 25 (18. 5 ") - vertical elements of the" windows ";
  • ten blanks of length 15 cm (6") - upper and lower holders "windows";
  • six blanks with a length of 12. 5 cm (5 ") - horizontal lintels between the" windows ".

Lay out the sawed pieces as they will be placed on the finished headboard. Turn the bars face down (that is, the side with the best quality surface) down. Mark the backs of the blanks to know which side to drill the holes.

How to make a headboard with your hands

Drill holes for oblique joints, using a tool for angle drilling.

How to make a headboard with your hands

Assemble the headboard elements, fastening them with screws. At this stage, the square and knowledge of the basics of geometry will be very useful.

Sand the surfaces. We used the Rockwell Sonicrafter Sander belt grinder for this purpose.

Prime the surfaces. We applied FastPrime2 primer with a brush and mini roller. After priming, your product will not look like you imagined at the very beginning of the project ... Do not worry, everything is still ahead.

This stage of work (and therefore the entire project as a whole) is better to plan for spring / autumn, but not for winter. We do not recommend you to perform paint work in a residential, poorly ventilated area.

How to make a headboard with your hands

Apply two coats of paint. We used the white semi-gloss paint Olympic Zero VOC Premium. It fits well on the surface and, most importantly, does not smell.

Attach the finished headboard to the frame of your bed using bolts, nuts and washers (we used what we could find in our garage). The bolts must be long enough to pass through the wood of the fastened elements.

On this, our master class on creating a headboard for a bed with your own hands is finished. If you have completed all the steps with us, you just have to enjoy the result of your work!

How to make a headboard with your hands

Source of translation: decorandthedog. net


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