Do-it-yourself wooden eurowindows: manufacturing principle (video)

Windows are the most important part of any room. Every year more and more new products appear on the market, one being better than the other. The latest invention - eurowindows. To date, the most popular for the manufacture of window frames is plastic. After all, this material is quite light and easy to install. And wooden eurowindows only gradually come into use due to their high price.

Do-it-yourself wooden eurowindows: manufacturing principle (video)

Wooden eurowindows have a lot of advantages: environmental friendliness, naturalness, safety, attractive appearance. However, to purchase and deliver them will require a considerable amount.

But in the modern world, people still prefer, if they install wooden windows, then according to European standards. After all, such designs are much more convenient to use, and their service life is much higher. And the process of deformation is very slow and almost imperceptible. But it is much cheaper to make wooden eurowindows with your own hands than to buy a ready-made frame.

Advantages of a wooden window over a plastic

Before considering the principle of manufacturing this type of frame, it is advisable to figure out what is the advantage of wooden eurowindows over plastic. After all, in addition to the ecological and natural material, there are several more important characteristics that put the tree to the fore.

Do-it-yourself wooden eurowindows: manufacturing principle (video)

The advantages of wooden windows.

  1. Convenience of repair. It is believed that repairing plastic windows is either unrealistic or rather difficult. Of course, it all depends on the type of breakdown. But still wooden windows repair easier. And, unlike plastic, during repair the minimal risk of formation of cracks.
  2. Decorative effect. First, the tree looks much more beautiful than plastic. And even if a plastic window is made under a tree, it will never compare with a real wooden window. Secondly, the dirt on the wooden window is always less noticeable.
  3. The main advantage is the absence of discharge of harmful substances during temperature changes. It also does not need to worry about changing the size of the frame. Of course, the tree has the ability to narrow and expand, but under the condition of proper installation, this happens unnoticed.

So, the main advantages of plastic before a tree are considered. You can add here that in the eurowindows, as in plastic, there are mosquito nets, several opening modes, as well as the opportunity to choose a mount.

Now is the time to move on to the process of making the frame.

We describe this briefly so that you can understand for yourself whether you can do it right.

Preparation of the timber for the wooden frame

The first step will be the manufacture and preparation for the installation of the timber - the basic material for the window frame. First, measurements of the frame are made, which are best done with the involvement of specialists, since you yourself cannot predict the necessary gaps, then the dimensions are already applied directly to the wood and sawn. It is useful to know such basic rules for the preparation of timber for eurowindows from wood:

Do-it-yourself wooden eurowindows: manufacturing principle (video)

Measuring scheme of the window opening.

  1. For an eurowindow, you need to choose a wooden bar with a humidity of 12%. It is best to choose such wood species as oak, beech, hornbeam, or some conifers. As a rule, these trees are the most resistant and quality for such structures.
  2. Window finishing specialists advise against using solid pieces of wood for frames. The best option would be to build a timber of several boards (in 3 or 4 layers), which must be glued together. Moreover, it is necessary to glue so that each fiber direction differs from the direction of the previous layer.
  3. The most important thing is the presence of a protective coating on the wooden window frame. Protective layers are applied to the timber before it is installed in the opening. To do this, apply antiseptics and impregnation. But the decorative coating should be applied after installation.

Installation of fittings, glass and frame installation

Do-it-yourself wooden eurowindows: manufacturing principle (video)

Fittings for windows.

The next stage of making the frame with your own hands is the preparation and installation of fasteners for the beam. To begin with, all the necessary fittings are bought. These are fasteners for tilting and opening the window, for fixing the junction of the frame to the aperture, and also a special seal that fits inside each beam to prevent the wind from blowing and precipitation.

Many people prefer to neglect the seal first, in order to save money and time. But this is completely wrong. Indeed, unlike plastic windows, where usually special sealing rubber is already mounted in the frame, its absence in a wooden window can lead to insufficient sound insulation. In the design of the jigsaw cut groove, which then fit the seal.

As for other fasteners, their number is calculated by you independently and depends entirely on how many snaps you want to have on the frame. For this type of fittings you need to make special notches.

Do-it-yourself wooden eurowindows: manufacturing principle (video)

Design scheme of wooden eurowindows.

But they need to be calculated very carefully, based on the accessories already purchased. Fittings are mounted using a screwdriver for specially selected screws, bolts or screws.

So, after that it is necessary to insert glass into the frames. For him, you will still have to pre-cut the grooves, again, depending on the thickness of the glass. For double-glazed windows made of expensive wood, it is advisable to use not the usual fragile glass (even if it is quite thick), but specially treated, which is not so easy to break.

After inserting the glass, it will be necessary to carefully wrap the glass unit in the opening, fixing it with special fasteners, and then repair the cracks between the wall and the frame with the help of construction foam. When the foam hardens, let the window stand, after which you can cover it with varnish or paint.

Now, after considering the whole process, you can decide whether it is in your power to make wooden eurowindows on your own.

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