Do-it-yourself wooden ladder painting: work order

Wooden stairs are easy to assemble with your own hands, but to make the surface more beautiful and stylish, you need to use various decorative materials. One of the options for finishing a wooden staircase is its painting. Different paints and varnishes are used for finishing, they allow you to give the wood surface the necessary appearance and properties.

Do-it-yourself wooden ladder painting: work order

Paint and varnish help protect the wooden staircase from rotting.

Compounds protect the material from rotting, from the negative effects of moisture, from mechanical damage. The process of painting itself is not too complicated, it is easy to do it yourself, without attracting expensive teams of specialists to work.

What to use for painting?

The technology of painting wooden stairs is simple, but attention must be paid to how the surface will be prepared. For wood, the usual paint and varnish are mainly used, but during preparation, the tree should be covered with a layer of stain, which performs a protective function. Before using the stain, the surface should be cleaned and sanded. If there is old paint, then it must be completely cleaned.

Before a wooden staircase is painted, it is necessary to prepare its surface for work. For this, she carefully looks around. If there is damage with traces of rot, then you need to repair. This means that all defects should be eliminated, replace rotten boards. If the staircase is completely intact, but it has already been painted, then the layer of old paint must be completely removed. It will help in this solvent, metal spatula or burner. Next, the surface is ground, all dust is removed from it.

Do-it-yourself wooden ladder painting: work order

Painting tools.

Often, various impregnations are used to finish the stairs. This is the so-called "Pinotex" - stain that may have a different shade. All of them have antiseptic, fire-resistant properties, after application protect the wood. Impregnations can themselves have decorative properties, after applying the surface is only varnished.

For wooden structures, wax and oil formulations are used, they are applied in several layers, each of which must dry out. All impregnations can be sold in ready-made liquid form or in dry form, which must be diluted before work. Their quality is the same, so the most convenient option is chosen. It is possible to apply wood stain with a brush, the roller or an airbrush. In the latter case, the consumption of the composition will be minimal.

Painting the structure

Painting the wooden stairs is not a problem, especially if you use a spray bottle for work. For painting you will need:

  • thinner;
  • paint of the chosen type and color;
  • topcoat;
  • paint sprayer (you can buy already ready or do it yourself);
  • narrow brush for treating hard-to-reach surfaces and other things;
  • painting tape;
  • protective equipment, i.e. gloves, face mask , you can use a protective robe, which is not a pity to get dirty in the paint.

Do-it-yourself wooden ladder painting: work order

Species of wood varnish.

If painting is carried out in a room where finishing work has already been completed, it is necessary to protect the floor and walls from splashes (this is especially important when working with sprays). A plastic film is laid on the floor, it is also fixed on the walls, pieces of furniture that cannot be moved away from the painted structure . The sprayer itself is best bought for work in order to ensure the best quality of dyeing Today, there are various devices on the market that are selected depending on the intensity and complexity of the work. Their cost is higher than that of conventional tools, but the quality will be much better, and paint consumption less.

For hard-to-reach surfaces, it is better to use narrow brushes, which are selected depending on the type of paint. For example, it is recommended to take soft hair brushes for liquid ones, and bristle stiff ones are excellent for thick mixtures. In any case, attention should be paid to quality, since the falling out pile not only leaves ugly traces, but also individual hairs, and this affects the quality of work.

The sequence of work

The process of painting the stairs with your hands begins with the processing of difficult places, the space under the railing. To do this, use a thin brush, she neatly all areas are stained. The paint is used already finished or kneaded independently. If a ready-made paint with the desired shade is used, it can only be mixed with the addition of a solvent in order to obtain the desired thickness. But if the base color is taken, which needs to be colored, then it must be remembered that it is problematic to achieve the same shade for different batches. During operation, the paint is mixed regularly.This allows you to avoid the formation of lumps, it is necessary to start painting from the top, gradually moving to the bottom of the structure.

Do-it-yourself wooden ladder painting: work order

The procedure for varnishing wood.

If a paint roller or a wide brush is used for painting, then time is spent more, paint in small portions should be poured into special plastic trays. The first places are painted hard-to-reach places and steps, after which you can proceed to the railing, the side parts of the structure. We must remember that the process will be long and difficult, and when using the spray gun the paint will not only fall evenly and beautifully, but also the time for work will be reduced, plus the expense will be minimal. In addition, one layer is enough for an airbrush, but a layer or brush may require 2 layers.

Varnishing the surface

After the staircase has been painted, it is necessary to wait until the coat of paint is completely dry. The time for this may be completely different, it all depends on the type of composition that was used to perform the work. After the paint dries, you can begin to paint it to give the structure a more attractive appearance.

To work, you need to prepare a varnish of the selected type. It may be glossy or matte, but its main purpose is to protect the tree from dust, moisture, scratches. Before applying the varnish it is necessary to clean the surface from dust, all elements should be polished.

A roller and a brush are used for the varnishing itself, a sprayer can be used for wide surfaces.

A narrow brush is used to finish hard-to-reach surfaces, and a roller or spray for wide ones.

Before work, you must wear gloves, use a mask that protects the respiratory system. The varnish is applied in several layers, each of them should dry out. After the finish layer the construction is left for final drying. The ladder can begin to use in full force after a couple of days.

Painting a wooden staircase is a process of surface finishing, during which a tree is covered with a layer of paint and varnish. This allows you to make the design more attractive, resistant to various mechanical stress. The technology of painting the stairs is simple, it is only important to choose the right material for finishing, to carry out all the stages of work exactly.

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