Laying floor boards: recommendations and tips

If you notice that the time has come to replace the floors in your apartment, then undoubtedly, the choice should be made in favor of the floor of the boards. Environmentally friendly material and the warmth of such a floor will more than pay for all financial waste. The material, of course, must be expensive, of high quality and free of any defects. But there is still a way to save - do it yourself.

Laying floor boards: recommendations and tips

Layout of the board.

Thus, you will be able to save an impressive amount of money, professionals estimate the provision of their services is very expensive. But before embarking on such a complex and time-consuming work, it is necessary to thoroughly and thoroughly study the information, learn all about laying the floor of the boards.

The floor of the boards normalizes the microclimate of the dwelling. It has enormous advantages, for example, it maintains a comfortable level of moisture, has excellent sound insulation and a great appearance, it retains heat.

Laying of boards can be carried out on the following surfaces:

  • concrete floor;
  • logs;
  • plywood;
  • old wooden floor.

Remember one of the main rules: to observe the correct level of humidity in the apartment. If this is ignored, then in the future the wood may be deformed, the boards may shrivel or crack.

Materials must be kept indoors for at least 3 days prior to installation to fully adapt to the surrounding atmosphere.

What may be required for work

Laying floor boards: recommendations and tips

Dimensions of the floorboard.

Lags (wooden blocks) are the most common way of laying the floor.

Required tools:

  • level of maximum length;
  • ruler 2-3 m long;
  • chisel;
  • screwdriver ;
  • hammer;
  • hacksaw;
  • circular saw;
  • plane;
  • nail puller;
  • pencil.


  • boards;
  • plinths;
  • slats;
  • primers;
  • varnish, paint.

Laying the floor on the logs: recommendations

First step - the logs are fixed to the main floor with self-tapping screws. The second step - after the installation is done, it is necessary to strip the system and make it smooth. You need to strive for a perfectly flat surface.

The third stage of this multi-level structure is the laying of plywood that is to be cut into longitudinal sheets. These segments are laid strictly diagonally.

The fourth step is to secure the plywood with screws. Remember to leave stitches between the sheets.

Laying floor boards: recommendations and tips

Construction of a wooden floor on logs.

Fifth step - this surface needs to be carefully polished.

The sixth step is to clean the bedding foundation from dirt and dust after the grinding process.

The seventh step is the application of soil to the surface.

The eighth step is to go directly to laying the board. Boards securely fastened, polished. Then comes the paint and varnish.

So make the laying of floors from the board with their own hands. This work will require a lot of patience and attention. Everything must be done accurately, accurately and reliably. Unless, of course, you want to redo everything again after a few years.

How to lay the flooring of the board over the existing floor?

  1. First of all, examine the old floor with a critical and meticulous eye. If you notice an unreliable and badly worn board, then by all means replace it.
  2. When installing the floor with such a foundation, the boards are laid perpendicular to the old floor.
  3. This is not recommended by specialists, but if you are convinced that the floor is safe, strong and durable, then feel free to proceed to action.

How to insulate and insulate such floors correctly? These actions are necessary, but they are very simple and do not cause difficulties even for a beginner.

For warming you need basalt wool. It should be placed between the lags, and the top should be covered with vapor-proof waterproofing. If you want to protect the wood from such troubles as rotting, then you need a waterproofing membrane with a high capacity. Observance of these simple and elementary conditions will allow you to enjoy a good floor for a long time and keep its original appearance.

Installation of tongue-tied boards

Laying floor boards: recommendations and tips

Laying of boards on a concrete screed.

Successful will be that laying boards, which lies parallel to the sunlight. Remember that it will be very difficult for a beginner to make such floors. This requires experience and skill, but if you still decide, then get a special template with which you will cut the material.

  1. It is imperative to leave a gap between the floor covering and the walls.
  2. Upon completion of the installation, all of this will be closed by the plinth.
  3. It all starts with the first plank, which must be laid with a fixing ledge to the wall.
  4. It is followed by the second. You combine a thorn and a groove. Such boards are fixed with screws.
  5. Fastening of boards is made by screws around the entire perimeter of the room.
  6. Next is grinding and painting or varnishing.

How to properly lay parquet

Parquet floor looks expensive and luxurious. This is a noble, durable and reliable floor. This is a very complex design, in order to achieve a perfect appearance, you have to work hard. The most reliable method is laying the floor tiles on moisture-resistant plywood.

In order to significantly ease the task of installation, a system of board lock joints is provided on the floor. That is why everyone can handle it. Work will not cause serious difficulties. By purchasing this material, you will receive instructions for laying. But there is too general information. Therefore, it will be useful to get acquainted with additional information and tips on how to finish this floor.

Laying floor boards: recommendations and tips

Laying the floorboard.

First of all, the base is trimmed under the parquet. There is a special screed on the floor that forms a perfectly flat floor surface. Screed can be of two types: wet and dry. This will not affect the quality of the parquet.

Remember that work must be clean. Cleaning should be done as the floor gets dirty.

A waterproofing film rests on the screed. You can use both a special film, and usual, polyethylene.

A heat insulation layer is laid on the film. A roll of material is unrolled on the floor butt-to-wall. Without gaps and seams.

Work on the preparation of the foundation is completed, you can proceed to the most interesting stage - laying parquet. Laying comes from a long wall, the first board is placed in its corner. Special wedges are inserted between all the walls and the parquet to be laid in order to provide the necessary clearance of 1.5 cm. This will help to avoid deformation in the future.

Floors are assembled quickly and easily. Last rows are usually required to trim. Doing this, do not forget also about the need for a gap between the floor and the wall.

If your parquet with an ornament, the task is complicated, it becomes necessary to select a pattern. Accordingly, the material consumption increases. For laying professionals use a rubber mallet. Tap the tile gently on the tile so that it is properly placed in the desired position.

All rows are stacked in the same way until the floor is completely covered.

Do not forget about the need for gaps around the edges.

After all the work has been done, carefully pull out all the wedges and cut off the waterproofing layer and films that hit the surface.

In order to complete the work, you need to nail the baseboards. Parquet floor is ready to use.

Tips for laying floors from the board

Laying floor boards: recommendations and tips

The steps for installing the plank floor in a log.

  1. The transport of the material must be very careful and careful, so that moisture does not get on the tree.
  2. For mounting boards use special screws on the tree.
  3. Before laying the board is treated with an antiseptic and anti-flame compound.
  4. The gap between the walls and the boards is at least 0.5 cm. This will reduce the noise level.
  5. After laying, the floor requires thorough sanding, then a primer base is applied and the surface is ground again.
  6. Varnishes are applied in three layers, but do not forget that before applying the next layer, the previous one should dry completely.
  7. For coating, special paints and varnishes are used with enhanced resistance to abrasion and loss of the original look and properties.
  8. Floor boards need to be purchased only the most expensive and of high quality, otherwise everything will become unusable after a few years. Repair of the floor, as a rule, is started infrequently, so it makes sense to incur financial losses.
  9. If the parquet is laid parallel to the window, the seams will be almost imperceptible.
  10. When laying the board, you must use glue.

Floors from boards look just gorgeous. Wood is the highest quality, harmless and noble material. Whatever gender option you choose, it will be exceptional. In the modern world, all materials for such an undertaking are sold in a huge assortment and variety.

But the main function of the floor is, of course, not to attract admiring glances, but reliability, the floor should last for many years and at the same time retain all its positive properties. Therefore, very carefully choose this product, the board should be free of defects and defects, perfectly flat and smooth. Then the floors will cope with their task.

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