Decorating the house with wood outside panels and block house

The appearance of the house, its durability and practicality will depend entirely on the correctness of the choice of building material. Decorating a house with a tree outside is a fairly common way to do facing work. Recently, this option of finishing is increasingly chosen by the owners of country houses and cottages. The wooden finish will hide the metal frame, uneven corners, ennoble the structure and give it a designer look.

Decorating the house with wood outside panels and block house

The wood trim on the outside hides the frame of the house and gives it a presentable look.

Main advantages and disadvantages of using wood for building cladding

Wood panels are usually fixed to the crate, leaving ventilation gaps to prevent condensation. The advantage of the tree is its ecological purity, the tree allows the house to "breathe". Wood siding will reliably protect the house from strong gusts of wind and rain. On top, wooden construction has durability, strength and lightness.

Decorating the house with wood outside panels and block house

Wood siding allows you to protect your house from strong gusts of wind and rain this natural material. The painting procedure should be repeated at least once a year. The exceptions are tropical and modified wood species that do not need frequent coloring. With careful observance of the technology works and with regular care, the wooden frame will last for many years. Wooden veneer will give the house elegance and respectability.

Types of wooden cladding:

  1. Wooden panels - give the house a modern look and take care of its good ventilation.
  2. A block house is a very common material for facades. The outer side of the material has the appearance of a log, and the inner side (adjacent to the wall) is flat. The block house allows you to make any house look like a wooden log house.
  3. Shingles - guarantees reliable protection of the house against the most adverse weather conditions. Dranka significantly extends the service life of the load-bearing walls and gives the building individuality and originality.
  4. Wood siding is the most common option when finishing a house with wood.

Decorating the house from the outside with wooden panels

Decorating the house with wood outside panels and block house

The plan for crates in the house with wood.

Wood panels are made from various wood species. When choosing, you should consider the characteristics of each breed. Pine wood panels have a dense and solid structure, they are easy to glue, but they are difficult to paint. Spruce wood panels have a light and soft structure, are easy to glue, but rotting. Wood panels made of alder and aspen have a soft and light structure, they are easy to process, but they are also subject to decay in adverse conditions. Oak panels are the most durable, do not rot, do not warp, are easy to process, but have a high cost. Beech panels are of good quality, but also subject to rotting. Ash wood panels are easily confused with oak panels (similar texture), but they are much lighter than oak and easily rot. Panels can be of various types. The most popular panels, which are recruited from the strips and sheet. Some manufacturers produce panels that combine several types of wood.

Tools and materials needed to install the panels:

  1. Hammer, nails.
  2. Self-tapping screws.
  3. Wooden slats.
  4. Construction level.
  5. Brush or roller, paint.
  6. Roulette, marker.

Technology of installation of wooden panels

Decorating the house with wood outside panels and block house

Installation procedure for panels for finishing wooden siding.

The main rule is that when connecting panels of the groove-tenon type, the panel is fastened upwards with a tenon. Thus, the groove is protected from water and dirt. Before starting work, the crate is installed. Between the bars there should be a distance of 0.5 to 1 m (depending on the thickness of the panels chosen).

The panels are installed from the top down. The first board is set to level strictly horizontally. The panels are attached to the crate with the help of a Kleimer. Kleimer is fixed by means of nails or screws. Using klyimer allow panels to freely increase with temperature changes. In order to improve the ventilation, gaps of 1-2 cm should be left above and below. After installation, the panels are covered with a thinner.

Finishing the house outside the block house

Decorating the house with wood outside panels and block house

If you do not hold the panel of the house block before installing it outside for 2-3 days, then the facing may be deformed.

The wooden panels of the block house must be held at an outdoor temperature for 2-3 days before installation, while protecting them from moisture. This must be done in order for the block house to acquire the necessary humidity and temperature. Otherwise, the lining after installation may be deformed.

Tools and materials needed when installing a block house:

  1. Drill.
  2. Wooden planks.
  3. Hammer, nails.
  4. Cement mortar.
  5. Spatula.
  6. Polyethylene film.
  7. Plumb.
  8. Square.
  9. Construction level.
  10. Self-tapping screws and protective caps for them.
  11. Roulette, marker.

Technology of installation of the block-house

Decorating the house with wood outside panels and block house

Wiring diagram of the block house outside.

  1. Before the start of the work, the walls should be prepared: they must be smooth, without chipping and gouging. This must be done then, that in inclement weather soda will fall into the cracks, and, freezing, it will begin to destroy the wall. All irregularities are sealed with a solution of sand and cement.
  2. Before starting to sheathe the house, the walls are treated with a primer and cleaned of mold. If the walls are made of wood, they are treated with linseed oil. The surface of the walls is insulated from moisture. Concrete and brick walls should be covered with a layer of plastic film.
  3. After that you should install the batten. It must be installed strictly vertically, in 50 cm increments. Using a plumb line, a square and a building level, the correctness of the installation of the guides is checked.
  4. Similar lining requires holes for fastening in finishing boards. Fastening is carried out with the help of screws. After installing the block-house, the caps of the self-tapping screws must be filled with special water-repellent glue or special lining installed on them, which can be bought in the same place as the material. Castle mounts allow you to quickly finish the walls.

The technology for decorating walls with wooden siding is similar to the previous ones, but is simpler. Do not forget to lay waterproof plates in the gap between the siding and the wall. If you want to give the facade of the house the most spectacular view, then you should choose shingles. Shingles will provide improved protection against insects and adverse weather conditions, will significantly increase the service life of the structure. The technology of its installation is difficult for beginners, therefore, requires the presence of specialists who have experience with it.

Whatever material for facing the house you choose, you should immediately worry about its protection.

The required paintwork material is selected depending on the type of wood from which your panels, siding or block house are made.

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