Do-it-yourself wooden ladder installation (photo)

Before you do the assembly of the wooden stairs with your own hands, you need to carry out a series of preparatory work aimed at processing all its components. This is the use of antiseptics as protection against infections and fungal lesions, drying oil, varnish or paint to give the design an aesthetic appearance and, of course, thorough drying.

Do-it-yourself wooden ladder installation (photo)

Before installing the ladder, you should prepare and process all the parts and parts.

Experts advise before assembling the ladder in the final version, to pre-assemble the parts that have not yet been processed. After you make sure that the design of the stairs is accurate and correct, all parts are securely fastened into place and do not require fitting, you can perform paint work.

Do-it-yourself wooden ladder installation (photo)

Construction of a wooden staircase on kosoura.

Having dried all the prepared parts and assembled the ladder, you will surely be satisfied with the result, since you took care of the quality even at the pre-assembly stage. Of course, there are situations when finishing assembly is possible at once, but this is recommended to be done only when the project of stairs is professional in nature and compliance with all sizes is guaranteed. In this case, in the event of minor inconsistencies, you can fit the already machined parts, pre-protecting them from possible damage using masking tape.

Typically, installation work on installing a wooden ladder includes processing (using tinting compounds, paint or varnish), installing a frame structure, fixing it, installing steps, fencing, and so on. What influences the cost of the whole procedure? The amount usually depends on how complex the shape of the stairs is, as well as its installation, the number of existing steps, the material used, the design of the railings (railings), and some other nuances. Assessing your financial capabilities, you can either rely on a company specializing in installing stairs, or do the work yourself in whole or in part.

Required tools

Do-it-yourself wooden ladder installation (photo)

Types of wooden stairs.

As for the tool, this is:

  • tape measure;
  • jigsaw;
  • pencil;
  • level;
  • grinder;
  • screwdriver;
  • lacing and others.

Independent work on the installation of the stairs: what to pay special attention to?

Doing this work with your own hands should not forget that you must strictly follow a number of requirements stipulated by the State Standard. This concerns the technical characteristics of the angle of inclination of the ladder design, the recommended values ​​for which constitute an indicator not less than 26 °, but not more than 45 °. As for the height of the steps, they should not be less than 12 cm and not more than 20. And finally, the parameters recommended for staircases. This is the number of steps in one march: the minimum value is 3, the maximum is 18.

The width of the march may be different, but not less than 80 cm.

Do-it-yourself wooden ladder installation (photo)

Types of fastenings of a ladder to the base.

In addition to the above values, there are a number of other mandatory requirements that relate to the installation of a wooden staircase with your own hands.

And now we will consider the information concerning the technology of installing wooden stairs.

First, you need to make sure that the floor and ceilings are of high strength in the place where your staircase will be located. Assessing this factor, it is necessary to take into account possible loads that may appear during the installation of the stairs. This is a mandatory requirement, since very large weight loads can lead to damage (and, in the worst case, destruction) to the support structures.

What can influence the occurrence of such a situation? Firstly, a very heavy staircase. Secondly, an incorrectly assembled structure or a small number of reference points. Thirdly, poor-quality fastening parts or the use of defective materials in the device floor, or floors. There are a number of other factors that may affect damage to a future structure.

It is in connection with this that a preliminary stage of the installation of a ladder is carried out, which includes determining a reliable place for its location and points of support for the whole structure. If necessary, all weaknesses must be carefully strengthened using transverse and longitudinal beams. To provide additional support for the stairs, you can use a special pole, which will take on most of the load.

Installation of a wooden staircase: work order

To make it easier for non-professional craftsmen to navigate the steps of installing a wooden staircase, you can use the following information, which describes the work order and provides a brief description of it.

Do-it-yourself wooden ladder installation (photo)

Types of railing fasteners.

  1. First, determine the place for the staircase and choose its appearance. As an original option, if there is enough space, you can equip the stairs in the center of the room. In addition to its direct functions, it will also serve as an interior decoration. If there is little space, it is better to use more modest, compact options.
  2. Next, the calculation of marches and other necessary details is done, a project is made, estimates are made, necessary materials are purchased, and so on.
  3. At the next stage, you need to prepare the beams, mark up the future steps. Then carry out the preparatory work relating to the processing of steps and risers.
  4. Now you can assemble the staircases and fix them, as well as connect them to the risers and steps. In this case, do not forget that you need to adjust all the details to each other very carefully and carefully, achieving almost perfect results.
  5. The next stage involves the installation of an intermediate platform. For this purpose, usually used wooden shield. As mentioned above, its width should correspond to a value equal to the width of the flight of stairs.
  6. Next, you can install and secure the flight of stairs to the floor. To do this, use a transverse beam. Fixing to overlap is carried out using anchors or bolts.
  7. It is the turn of the staircase installation. For fixing the balusters and racks of an intermediate nature, groove joints are used or metal studs are used. At the same stage, install the pillars, fixing them with anchors to the wall of a capital nature.
  8. The following procedure involves installing and fixing the railing.

Finally, the staircase is equipped with decorative elements, if they are, of course, provided, and also covered with another 1 layer of varnish or paint.

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