Do-it-yourself clothes hanger: step by step instructions

The wall hanger for clothes is easily made from wooden scraps, slats and plywood by your own hands. Hooks can be bought in finished form. You must first decide on the appearance of wardrobe furniture.

Do-it-yourself clothes hanger: step by step instructions

Self-made hangers can be made from wooden scraps of plywood, slats.

Step-by-step instruction

The wall-mounted clothes hanger consists of the following parts:

  • base;
  • hooks;
  • shelf.

Do-it-yourself clothes hanger: step by step instructions

Hanger Manufacturing Scheme , paint, glue. Pre-make shield for hooks. This will require slats or planks that are parallel to each other. They are fastened with similar elements located transversely. As the base of the hanger, you can use plywood with a thickness of 8-10 mm.

If the hooks are made with your own hands, then ordinary aluminum forks are used. They make the working part of the hooks out of the handle. Different patterns can be made from the teeth. For this purpose, thick wire is used, which is combined with glass beads and beads. The original solution is the manufacture of hooks from knotted pieces. Pre-sawn tree and cleaned of bark. Then the product is coated with varnish. The base of the hanger is decorated with multicolored acrylic paints. The wall model is installed with the help of nails or screws.

Do-it-yourself clothes hanger: step by step instructions

The branches, for making hangers, must be dried and trimmed.

To make the floor coat hanger with your own hands, you need to find the most suitable support with a solid base. If metal furniture is being made, then a base from a floor lamp is used. The hoop from the lampshade is perfect for fixing hooks. Otherwise, the last elements of the hanger is made of thick wire.

To make a coat hanger out of wood, you need dry wood. The material is cleaned of bark, treated and varnished. The base is provided with a support of 3 legs. The top of the structure is made according to individual preferences. To do this, you can use curved branches, wooden beads, beads and other decorative products. For fixing the elements of the floor hangers used screws and nails.

Self Decor

Do-it-yourself clothes hanger: step by step instructions

To change and update old hangers, they can be painted in the same style.

To change the look of hangers for clothes on hangers, you need to take the advice of designers. You can arrange them in the same style and color. To do this, take into account the interior in which the decorated house or apartment. Wooden hangers are painted with special paints for painting or varnish. With the help of nail polish can be brought to the design of any small details of the picture. With due experience, a certain pattern is burned on a wooden hanger.

You can decorate wooden and plastic hangers with the help of decoupage. This concept refers to the type of application, which is used for dining and other napkins. They can be bought in special stores. The napkin is divided into layers. A pattern is cut out from the top layer and is placed on the coat hanger. Glue is applied to the material in such a way that the entire pattern is soaked. Then the napkin is smoothed. If the drawing is dry, apply a special varnish.

Hangers color according to individual preferences. The girls will love the hangers with flowers and hearts, and the boys with tanks and airplanes. To decorate the wire construction, use bows, beads, beads, coins, pebbles, shells and other decor. For fixing such a material used superglue.

If the clothes hanger is made of thick wire, then it can be wrapped with a ribbon or ribbons, decorated with additional satin ribbons.

To change the look of the hanger, you will need fabric. Knitted clothing is easily stored on such a product. To do this, you will need to cut a synthetic winterizer of the appropriate size. The material in question is wrapped. Apply a thread to fixing of a synthetic winterizer. Two symmetrical covers are sewn from the fabric (taking into account the shape of the wardrobe furniture). The ends are inserted into the case and sewed by hand. The seam can be hidden by the decor.

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