Dimensions of fiberboard, dimensions of sheets, its density and brand plates

Fiberboard or fibreboard has the appearance of a flat sheet of a certain size, produced by pressing from wood fibers, which are sawmill waste. DVP were widely used in the furniture industry and construction. They can be used for flooring, wall decoration, wood paneling and furniture upholstery. There are standard sizes of fiberboard, which are presented in a wide range.

Dimensions of fiberboard, dimensions of sheets, its density and brand plates

Types of fiberboard

According to the methods of production and further use of the plate, MDF is classified into the following types:

  • soft;
  • semi-solid;
  • superhard;
  • improved.

Fiberboard soft are distinguished by high porosity, however, they have weak strength, and therefore are not used as the main material. They have found their use in construction when installing sound and heat insulation systems.

DVP semi-solid , as compared to soft, have much greater density and hardness and are able to withstand impressive loads. They are widely used in the manufacture of furniture structures: rear walls, shelves and drawers.

Fiberboard superhard are of high workmanship and have an increased density. Their undoubted advantages include ease of processing and ease of installation. Basically, they are purchased for the manufacture of arches, doors, partitions and various types of containers. In addition, they can be used as a floor covering.

Fiberboard sanitized is characterized by a thoroughly treated surface on which the dye is applied, after which the MDF is cached. To give special decorative properties to the surface can be applied drawing. Imitation for wood is especially popular. The main advantage is a beautiful appearance, and of the shortcomings should be noted rather high cost and the inability to use for some purposes.

Dimensions of fiberboard, dimensions of sheets, its density and brand plates

LDPE or laminated fiberboard are separated into a separate group. They are sheets of fibreboard coated with a composition of synthetic resins, which increase the moisture resistance and strength of the material.

Dimensions of Fiberboard

Due to its unique protective and thermal insulation characteristics, DVP is successfully used in the construction and repair of various wooden structures and for the production of wooden products.

Thickness of the fiberboard plate

As a rule, the thickness of the fiberboard ranges from 2.5 to 5.5 mm, which is considered to be a rather thin material.

Low and medium density plates are produced in the following thickness: 8, 12, 16 and 25 mm.

Semi-hard plates are 6, 8 and 12 mm thick.

Plates of solid and superhard varieties have a thickness of 2. 5, 3. 2, 4. 5 and 6 mm.

With the right choice of types and sizes of fiberboard, it is much easier to carry out construction and facing works, which, in addition, provides significant financial savings.

Dimensions of length and width of MDF boards

For all its fineness, MDF sheets have an impressive area. Their length can range from 1220 to 3000 mm. and the width is from 1220 to 1700 mm.

The maximum existing size of fiberboard presented on the market may be 6100x2140 mm. , which is more applicable for industrial enterprises, and not for domestic purposes.

Density of fiberboard

The density of semi-solid fiberboard is not less than 850 kg / m3.

And the density of superhard fibreboard plates is at least 950 kg / m3.

The density of hardboard fibreboard is no more than 350 kg / m3.

Thermal conductivity indices of DVP of various types are in the range of 0.046–0.093 W / mK.

Varieties of grades of hard fibreboard

Solid fibreboard plates are produced by certain grades:

  • T - solid with a raw face layer;
  • T-P - solid with painted outer layer;
  • T-С - solid with veneer of fine wood mass;
  • T-SP - solid with veneer of fine wood mass and painted outer layer;
  • СТ - superhard plates with untreated outer layer;
  • СТ-С - superhard plates with veneer of fine wood mass.

According to the physicomechanical characteristics of MDF boards of TP, T-SP grades. TC and T are classified into groups: A and B.

According to the quality indicators of surface treatment of fiberboard plates of these grades are classified into grades I and II.

The types of soft fiberboard brands

Soft fiberboard boards according to density parameters are represented by the following brands:

  • M-1;
  • M-2;
  • M-3.

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