Wiring in the house with their own hands

Today it is difficult to imagine a comfortable existence in a house, equipped with modern appliances, but not having good electrical wiring. Therefore, if you want to make life in your home not only convenient, but also safe, then, having old, unreliable wiring, during the next repair it must be replaced without fail. Then the question appears: to water; can wiring be done in the house with your own hands without participation in the work of specialists? Professionals say that you can perform such work without an electrician. What does that require? One of the basic rules is to comply with all safety requirements.

In order to independently undertake such work, you need to understand the essence and order of installation of the system.

Installation Plan

Wiring in the house with their own hands Wiring Distribution

It is very important to make the correct floor plan where the wiring is installed. If the plan for which the old wiring is laid satisfies all your needs and meets modern energy consumption requirements for connected new technology, then you can use it. If you need a new scheme, then it is required to indicate where the sockets, appliances, switches, light sources are located. The electric stove has its own connection characteristics, so you need to specify it separately. Following the advice of experienced professionals, you can divide the entire system into several subsystems, connecting each separately to the panel. This will fix the problem directly in the part where the failure was found.


Wiring in the house with their own hands Socket in the bathroom

In this room you should observe all safety standards to exclude the possibility of closures, and only then conduct electricity. Therefore, most often the wiring in the bathroom is connected to an automatic safety shutdown device.


Wiring in the house with their own hands Wiring

There are several installation methods:

  • Open.
  • Closed.
  • Combined.

The first method is absolutely unacceptable in the bathroom, and in the apartment it is not very convenient, but it is suitable for utility rooms. The second method involves the installation of additional special boxes. The third option is the most common in a private house and apartments. To do this, in the concrete walls of the building drilled niche, where the wires are pulled. But this method requires more care and effort, in addition, it is very noisy and dusty. Therefore, it is very good if in this case there is a convenient plan of the past wiring system with ready engineering niches.

About wires

Wiring in the house with their own hands Wiring

If the wiring is completely new it is better to use copper wire, since it has better electrical conductivity than the more fragile aluminum.

If only part of the system is changed from aluminum wires, then where you should not buy copper, but do all the wiring from wires of a homogeneous metal. You can try another method - to connect these two types of screw connection, with a gasket between them in the form of a steel washer. Otherwise, if this is not done, due to the difference in properties of these two materials, they will oxidize, and because of this, permanent failures and breakdowns in the system will occur.

Wires should be chosen such type that does not support burning. This will prevent a fire in the event of a short circuit. All wires must be sheathed and insulated.

Between the wires it is better to solder, but it is time-consuming work, although more reliable than the installation of terminals. Thanks to this method, individual wires of the cable will better conduct current at the point of adhesion; moreover, such a connection will not warm up under heavy loads.

When installing closed wiring, you need to take into account all the nuances, since the niches are covered with a layer of plaster, paint or wallpaper. At the subsequent replacement of the wiring, the mode nt pr is re-done - in whole or in part.
With careful calculation , compliance with all safety standards, good planning and clear sequences action, the installation of wiring in the house independently will pass successfully and efficiently.


This video shows how to do the wiring in the house or apartment with your own hands.


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