Which washing machine to choose - detailed instructions + Video

Most families no longer have a question about whether to buy or not to buy a washing machine. Today it is not a luxury, but an urgently needed thing in the house - especially where there are small children. However, having come to the store behind this useful device, you can be slightly taken aback by the diversity, completely unaware of which washing machine to choose and how they differ from each other. We'll figure out.

Which washing machine to choose - detailed instructions + Video

What are the types of washing machines

There are three types of washing machines on the market - automatic machines, semi-automatic devices and devices that work with the help of ultrasound. Since the most popular are automatic models, then we will tell about them in more detail. Naturally, we will give an idea about the other two types.

Automatic washing machines

Automatic machines are programmatically controlled and can do a lot. The simplest models erase according to a given algorithm, and the more “advanced” ones can measure the required amount of water, adjust the temperature at a spin speed, pour the required dose of powder. The working mechanism of them is mainly drum type - it is somewhat more complicated than the activator one (which we will describe later) and less resistant to damage. But the drum machine is very careful with the laundry, and also saves powder and water.

Which washing machine to choose - detailed instructions + Video

Automatic washing machines - with vertical and front loading.

Semiautomatic devices

Semiautomatic devices do not have any additional controls, except for the timer. The mechanism of their activator type. Simply put, there is a certain capacity, equipped with a motor, on the shaft of which a special disk or blades are mounted. They twist the laundry in the car, mixing it up. The foam is formed quite a bit, so it is possible to pour powder for hand washing into the device. Activator cars stood in almost every Soviet apartment — after all, few automatic models were available at the time. Today in some places there are similar units, and sometimes they even sell on ads for a penny.

However, even now manufacturers (as a rule, Russian) are producing devices of an activator type. Surely everyone has heard of "Baby", "Fairy" or "Lilies". There are also brands UNIT, Saturn, Wellton. These machines are good because they have a small weight. Wanted - picked up and moved to the right place (for example, "Baby" during washing simply attached to the edge of the bathroom). They do not require a constant connection to the water supply and sewage, so they are bought by those who often change their place of residence.

Bella in different models of semi-automatic machines you can load from 1.5 to 7 kg. They don’t have a choice of washing programs, the speed of work is rather small, you can’t wash it with cold water (the machine will not heat it). Pouring waste water is also not very convenient - you need to send a drain hose to the toilet or bath. So this option is better suited for the garden, and not for the apartment.

Which washing machine to choose - detailed instructions + Video

Modern activator washing machines.

Ultrasonic washing - is it possible?

The manufacturers initially positioned these small devices as massagers. And then they slightly modified and became known as ultrasonic washing machines. Do not flatter yourself - the use of such a device is equivalent to the usual soaking clothes, and nothing more. Take a good powder, pour into the water and hold dirty things for a couple of hours - the effect will be the same. But we need a full wash, so we will continue to talk about automatic machines.

Which washing machine to choose - detailed instructions + Video

Ultrasonic washing machine.

Choose a model according to the type of loading and design

According to these parameters, the devices are divided into machines with vertical loading (laundry is put in the tank from above) and front loading (linen is loaded through the front panel door).

Front loading - admiring the washing process

Such machines are quite comfortable and not very "capricious". They are both cheaper to buy and repair than vertical models, since they are simpler in design. A hatch with a transparent window allows you to observe how erasable laundry is spinning. There have been cases when it is quite rescued by scattered citizens who put a driver's license, passport or "stash" hidden from their spouse along with their trousers or jacket. Seeing in the window of the hatch that something else is being erased there, you can turn off the device and save your valuables.

The hatch for tightness is surrounded by a special sealing ring (cuff). Sometimes, as an argument, opponents of machines of this type argue that the cuff quickly fails. But with careful handling this does not happen. And if the seal breaks often, then it rather speaks about the inaccuracy of the owners. Now about the design of the drum, which is mounted on one axis (and not on two, like in vertical machines). This does not make the front devices less durable and reliable. In addition, they are easier to maintain and repair if necessary.

Such a machine is good for those who need to use every centimeter in the apartment. After all, its upper part may well be used in the bathroom or in the corridor as a bedside table, and in the kitchen it can become part of the working surface. With a vertical "washer" this does not work out - it is not suitable for the role of the nightstand. According to the instructions, its top cover needs to be slightly opened for airing, otherwise a fungus can settle inside the drum.

Vertical loading - convenient laying of linen

Structurally, these devices are more complicated than previous ones, therefore their cost is higher. The drum, which is supported on two axes, has bearings, respectively, twice as large as those of the front models. However, the two-axis design is not only not a significant advantage, but also creates additional difficulties. In particular, keeping coaxiality is not so simple. After all, the bivalve drum must be balanced in order to balance both its halves. Alas, not all manufacturers succeed in perfect balancing, and sometimes the machine is trembling and shaking very much because of this.

Another unpleasant moment is worth noting - sometimes the doors of the drum of a running machine can suddenly swing open themselves. In some cases, this can lead to damage, and very serious - it will take a long and expensive repair. But on the other hand, vertical models have the ability to load additional portions of laundry during washing, without changing anything in the program. Or you can pull out extra things. Another plus is their more compact dimensions than frontal machines.

M Many buyers, not knowing how to choose an automatic washing machine, believe the unverified facts. For example, the legend that the drums of vertical devices are stronger, better and more reliable than the front ones. Not at all - it's just a clever marketing move. The reliability of the drum is in no way dependent on the type of loading.

Comparison, all the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of loading:

Front models

Which washing machine to choose - detailed instructions + Video


  • + Acceptable price (lower than that of vertical machines).
  • + Large assortment of various brands and models.
  • + You can see the entire process of washing and spinning.
  • + Bass drum.
  • + Convenience of placement - such models can be easily built under the countertop or even under the sink. A stand-alone machine is often used as a bedside table.


  • - To load the laundry you have to bend or squat.
  • - To open the hatch, you must provide free space.

Vertical models

Which washing machine to choose - detailed instructions + Video


  • + The small width allows them to fit well into the small bathroom, hallway or kitchen.
  • + The capacity is quite large.
  • + It is very convenient to load and take out linen through the top cover.
  • + During the wash, you can add forgotten things, as well as remove something.


  • - High price (significantly higher than that of frontal machines).
  • - The impossibility of using the upper plane as a shelf.
  • - The width and height of all models are the same - there is no diversity.

The overall characteristics of washing machines that need to be taken into account washing machine.

Front-loaded model sizes

Such washing machines have, as a rule, height (85 - 90 cm) and width (60 cm). There are a number of models of washing machines having a compact size that allows you to install them under the sink or any other hard-to-reach places. But as a rule, the maximum possible load of such machines is 3 - 3.5 kg. linen no more. Depending on the size of washing machines are divided into: full-size, narrow, ultra narrow and compact.

Classification of front-loading washing machines, depending on their size:


Which washing machine to choose - detailed instructions + Video

Height: 85 - 90 cm.

Depth: 60 cm.

Width: 60 cm.

Loading: 5 - 7 kg.


Which washing machine to choose - detailed instructions + Video

Height: 85 - 90 cm.

Depth: 35 - 40 cm.

Width: 60 cm.

Loading: 3.5 - 5.2 kg.

Ultra narrow

Which washing machine to choose - detailed instructions + Video

Height: 85 - 90 cm.

Depth: 32 - 35 cm.

Width: 60 cm.

Loading: 3.5 - 4 kg.


Which washing machine to choose - detailed instructions + Video

Height: 68 - 70 cm.

Depth: 43 - 45 cm.

Width: 47 - 50 cm.

Loading: 3 kg.

Sizes of models with vertical loading

Practically all washing machines with vertical loading do not have differences in width (40-45 cm), depth (60 cm) and height ( 85 cm). So you need to choose a specific model according to your taste and the planned load. As for the basic functions, they are usually identical in automatic machines. And about the maximum single load should be remembered that the more this parameter, the more things the machine can wipe in one wash.

How to determine how much drum volume is preferable to

When you have already decided the main thing for yourself, that is, you have decided on the type of load and the location of the machine, you need to study the characteristics of your favorite models by comparing them. Let's start with such an important parameter as the capacity of the drum, which is on average from 3 to 7 kg. If you have 3 or 4 people in your family, then get ready for about 5 kg of laundry to accumulate for one wash. From such considerations, and should make your choice.

Important: in the passport of the machine, the load per cotton fabric is usually indicated. But the weight of cotton, wool and synthetic products is significantly different. So, instead of five cotton T-shirts you can wash only one wool sweater. This should be taken into account when considering in the instruction plates with an average weight of products (meaning cotton).

There is one more nuance, which seems to many quite insignificant. This is the minimum weight loaded into the drum. Usually it is a kilogram or one and a half, and you should not neglect this data. After all, it depends on them how long your machine will serve. You can, of course, throw one jersey or a pair of socks, but this will lead to an uneven loading of the drum. The machine will begin to tremble and shake, and for its mechanism it is very harmful. Therefore, today, most models are equipped with a system that does not spin if the machine is not fully loaded and not evenly. All this is done to prevent premature wear of parts.

If to argue from the point of view of economy, then it is more profitable to acquire a machine with a big drum. However, not always there is enough space for it, so you have to compromise, looking for something more compact. A small device will fit perfectly even in a small apartment, but it is unlikely to overpower a large wash. We'll have to wash a few batches, spending more and powder, and water, and electricity. The larger the unit, the cheaper it is to wash.

Which washing machine to choose - detailed instructions + Video

How can you evaluate the performance of the washing machine

All washing machines are classified according to three main features - washing, spinning and energy saving. All comparison parameters of washing machines are standardized and are evaluated according to the adopted scale, in which 7 first letters of the Latin alphabet from A to G are used. Each washing machine is equipped with a special insert that reflects its washing, spinning, power consumption and other characteristics classes. An example of such a liner and the decoding of the symbols is shown below:

Which washing machine to choose - detailed instructions + Video

Grading interpretation:

  • A - five points;
  • B - four with a plus;
  • C - four points;
  • D - four with a minus (moderate or normal);
  • E - three points;
  • F - two points;
  • G - unit.


  1. Product type;
  2. Manufacturers;
  3. Model;
  4. Energy class;
  5. Energy consumption in kW / h. ;
  6. Energy efficiency class;
  7. Spin efficiency class;
  8. Maximum possible drum rotation speed during spinning, about. / min;
  9. Nominal drum loading by laundry, (kg.);
  10. Water consumption, per wash cycle, (l.);
  11. Noise level during washing, (dB .);
  12. Noise level during spinning, (Db.).

Energy classes of washing machines

Now, about power consumption. The generally accepted standards of Europe provide 7 classes of devices, denoting them in Latin letters from A (the highest and most economical class) to G (the lowest class). These rates are determined by the consumption of electricity per hour when washing one kilogram of cotton linen. As already understood, A is the best option. True, this was only until 2013, when even more economical devices and two new subclasses appeared: A + and A ++. Each letter corresponds to a certain power consumption:

Energy class Consumption (kWh / kg)
A ++ 0. 15
A + 0.17
A 0.17 - 0.19
B 0.19 - 0.23
C 0.23 - 0.27
D 0.27 - 0.31
E 0.31 - 0.35
F 0.35 - 0.39
G 0.39

Washing Efficiency

The washing quality of a future machine can be determined , also having read the Latin marking consisting of the same letters - from A to G. The closer to the beginning of the alphabet this letter is, the cleaner and more careful the machine you have chosen will erase. The best result, of course, for appliances with class A.

Select the desired spin class

After washing and rinsing, the laundry must be squeezed out. To do this, the drum rotates at high speed, which can be adjusted, focusing on the composition of the fabric. The faster the drum turns, the stronger the laundry will be wrung out. At maximum speed, the remaining powder is removed along with excess liquid. For allergy sufferers it is very useful. Spin adjustment is a handy thing. It allows you not to spoil the silk blouse, scrolling at the minimum speed, and terry sheets squeeze out almost to dryness at high speeds. As an example: for cotton and synthetic fabrics, 600 revolutions per minute are sufficient, while jeans are better pressed at a speed of 1000 revolutions per minute.

Important: the minimum speed that the drum can do when it is pressed will show whether the machine can cope with thin products. If this indicator is of great importance, then it is better to squeeze such things with your hands - otherwise they may break.

Well, the same European letter standards are also applicable for this characteristic. Spin class A says that the number of revolutions of the drum in such a machine is higher. Accordingly, the quality of spinning is better than that of the lowest class G. Each class has a certain level of laundry humidity:

Class designation Residual moisture of linen, %
A less than 45
B 45 - 54
C 54 - 63
D 63 - 72
E 72 - 81
F 81 - 90
G more than 90

How to determine whether you need the function of drying laundry

Deciding which washing machine to buy, think about the need for drying many After all, it is very good - pulled the washed thing, but it is already dry. No need to hang clothes on the rope, just enough to walk on it with an iron. However, do not forget that the built-in fan heater, necessary for this function, "eats" a lot of electricity, for which you pay. So look what is more important to you - comfort or economy. However, perhaps, for such a convenient application, it makes sense to pay extra.

In practice, it looks like this: hot air passes through the washed laundry, which turns excess moisture into steam. The linen becomes dry, and the steam is deposited in a special vessel in the form of condensate. Drying can be carried out in two ways:

  • Set a specific time on the timer after which the device turns off. There is no check on whether there is moisture on the laundry. So dry things most inexpensive models of washing machines equipped with this function.
  • Sets the residual moisture value, which is checked by a special sensor. In this case, the laundry is dried as long as necessary to achieve the desired parameter.

Important: machines equipped with a device for drying things have one small minus. If you fill the drum one hundred percent, then they can handle only half the laundry. And then you have to do the operation again.

Safety of the washing machine

No one wants, instead of comfortable use of household appliances, to face unexpected troubles. Therefore, each manufacturer considers it his duty to worry about the modes and functions that protect against the sad consequences. Sometimes they help to save not only the mass of nerve cells, but also health. Here, for example, some of these useful additions:

# 1. The "child protection" function allows you to lock the washing machine with a certain key combination. In this case, the display will kindly notify you of the inclusion of this mode, blinking the inscription where it will be indicated. By pressing the same key combination again, the lock can be removed. Undoubtedly, those who have curious kids in the family, such a regime is necessary. So neither the child will not be able to accidentally suffer, nor the desired washing mode will not get lost.

# 2. The “leakage protection” function will help if the tank is suddenly worn out or the hose is broken.After all, these faults can not be noticed in time, and then the lower neighbors will be flooded, and you - the cost of repairing their apartment. And how many nerves at the same time spent - and not counted. So it is better to choose units that protect you from leaks. They can work in different ways:

  • Complete leakage protection - turn off the water when a malfunction is detected in the washing machine. If at this point the tank was full of water, then the overflow protection device is activated.
  • Partial leak protection - when the malfunction is signaled, the water supply to the hoses is interrupted. However, if the overflow protection tank is not overfilled.

# 3. Another necessary function is protection against possible surges of electrical voltage. Alas, in domestic networks, it is by no means stable. And this often leads to the failure of expensive equipment. Washing machines are able to fully work at a voltage of 170 to 255 volts. This is a fairly wide range, allowing you to protect yourself from "surprises" of power grids. There is also such a nuisance - electricity is suddenly turned off at the very height of the wash, and then you have to start all over again. However, models are available washing machines that can remember the place to stop. And when current appears, they continue to erase, as if nothing had happened.

# 4. The function that blocks the opening of the drum door for a working machine is especially needed with a weak lock. It reliably fixes this lock, and there is no threat that during work all the laundry will suddenly fall out on the floor, and at the same time water will pour a fair portion. Nobody wants to crawl with a rag and wash things, so it's better to protect yourself.

# 5. Noiselessness is something that is very fashionable to advertise today. Many manufacturers of washing machines on this characteristic make the main bid. Of course, it is convenient when the unit works quietly for itself, but does not bother you at all. You and the TV can calmly watch and do other things. The baby who sleeps sweetly in his crib will not wake up - the machine will not make loud and unpleasant sounds. So choose the device where the noise level is minimal. It is denoted in decibels. On average, when washing machines make noise at 55 decibels (but some at 63). Spin up louder, with a noise level of 70 to 76 decibels.

Mechanical switches or touch electronic controls

On rotary switches, you must manually set the mode and program, and the desired temperature and spin speed. Simplifies the choice of the desired program, the presence of special pictures, icons, suggesting what better to stop. There is also a few keys to control. Each stage of the washing program is displayed on a slowly turning switch. This control system can be useful to those people who are not very well versed in modern systems with touch controls.

Which washing machine to choose - detailed instructions + Video

Mechanical control panel.

Electronic control is more flexible and sophisticated. The user does not need to think about anything - the machine itself will think about how much powder to put and how much water to pour. It will weigh the things prepared for washing, checking how dirty they are, from what fabric they are sewn. Accordingly, the optimal wash temperature, spin speed and rinse mode will be selected. All highlights will be shown on a bright color display. We, in particular, will see on it a temperature indicator, speed of rotation of the shaft, timer of time counting.

A machine equipped with electronics will be able to determine that the laundry in the drum lies unevenly. And then it will not allow the drum to spin at maximum speed to prevent excessive vibration. Touch sensors located in different places signal how hard the water is, what its temperature is, how clear the laundry solution is, and whether the laundry is thoroughly rinsed. If suddenly the water in the car stopped flowing, the electronics will turn off the unit. The same will happen if excessive foaming or leakage occurs.

However, with an unstable voltage in the electrical network, a machine equipped with electronic control may make mistakes. Perhaps even its burnout.

Which washing machine to choose - detailed instructions + Video

Electronic control system with a rotatable programmer, touch keys and a small display.

About modes, programs, and how many there should be

Naturally, we all want to buy goods cheaper, and at the same time get the functions to the maximum. Here are the manufacturers and try, using all their ingenuity. They come up with all new and new modes for washing, actively and widely advertising them. However, the new "tricked out" models, equipped with all these software delights, cost the buyers a decent amount of money.

Therefore, it is worth thinking not only about which brand of washing machine is better to choose, but also to determine for yourself which modes are needed without fail, and without which you can do well. A family with kids, for example, will be very useful programs on which the machine wipes soft toys or children's clothing. But a bachelor such programs completely useless. So do not overpay for something that does not have to use.

However, there is a minimum set of standard programs that are suitable for almost every consumer.

We list them:

  • cotton washing program;
  • color washing program that allows you to adjust the temperature;
  • delicate wash program for products from fine fabrics;
  • express wash program for those in a hurry.

And then look at your needs. Take, for example, athletes. Perhaps, not all of them know that some machines have a special mode that allows you to quickly and easily wash out sneakers or sneakers. And it turns out much better than with manual rubbing of dirt. All you need is to inquire before buying from the seller whether the mode is in the selected model. By the way, if it is absent, you should not try to wash your shoes as usual - it will be hopelessly flawed.

Naturally, the more expensive a machine is, the more programs its manufacturers supply. Unpretentious budget models have only the most necessary minimum, but the devices from the premium segment are equipped with a substantial number of programs and modes. They can easily wash any items: fluffy soft toys, the finest silk blouses, tracksuits and shoes, blankets and rugs. There are even a number of models capable of starching linen.

Choosing a typewriter tank: plastic or metal

Someone might confuse when they decide that this is a drum. Far from it - the vast majority of machines have a metal (stainless) drum. The small exceptions are just some brands from Asia. But tanks for styralok can be both plastic and made of stainless steel. Long ago, when the automatic machines were just beginning to be produced, they had steel tanks with enameled coating - now there are none. But you can find models with a stainless steel tank. Plastic gradually replacing metal. Asian manufacturers have no metal tank models at all.

Note that plastic has many advantages. It is much more efficient than metal, retains heat, which saves electricity. And the noise it absorbs much better, both from the inside and the outside. Of course, there are drawbacks to this material - it is afraid of fire and is not as resistant to shocks as stainless steel. But we do not buy the machine in order to set it on fire or to test for strength. So you can safely wash your device with a plastic tank for years, and nothing bad will happen to it. And even the thought does not appear that a stainless tank is needed.

Which washing machine to choose - detailed instructions + Video

Plastic washing machine tub with stainless steel steel drum.

About pleasant and convenient additions

Intelligent laundry control

The “smart” system of Fuzzy Logic is a microprocessor built into a number of modern models. Such a "brain" is able to adjust the entire washing process completely independently - you need only one button click. Fully automated washing frees us a lot of time. Constant monitoring of what is happening allows the intellectual system to make the necessary adjustments in time if something goes a little wrong. Before washing, you only need to specify from which material things, and everything else is a matter of the system.

The microprocessor will determine the desired mode, heat, speed. He will check the water for transparency and temperature, and the flow of water and energy will be selected the most optimal (including drum loading). With this system, you can always wash quickly and inexpensively. Although these CM are somewhat more expensive than conventional devices, it makes sense to acquire them. After some time, these 100 or 150 dollars will pay off with interest, as it will be possible to save more.

Noiselessness - a guarantee of our peace of mind

In order to choose the most silent device, we will examine the stickers on its case. There is noiselessness as one of the advantages. The difference between these washing machines is that inside they have a thick layer of noise insulation, made of a special material. In addition, manufacturers replace the standard and collector engine. Instead, an asynchronous three-phase motor is installed, which makes much less noise. The result is a device, next to which we are absolutely comfortable. But it is worth the extra cost.

Balancing laundry during spinning - vibration protection

The washing machine equipped with this function will automatically distribute things inside the drum, spreading them evenly over its surface. And until she does, the spin will not start. Thanks to this forethought, the device will last longer, and the break will be much less.

Ironing function - the ability to forget about the iron

For those who hate ironing, this addition will be enjoyed. The machines equipped with this function analyze the fabric, choosing the most suitable conditions for its washing. Due to this, the folds on things are practically not formed.

Failure alarms

Conveniently, when a car breaks down or in an emergency, it immediately reports that it has a pain. She displays one of the icons she has in her arsenal. Some of them say that the water no longer flows or overflows, others - about the open door of the drum. If the display is absent, the signals give indicators on the LEDs. And if you notice their alarming blinking, then it is urgent to sound the alarm.

We get acquainted with the main manufacturers of washing machines

Considering the abundance of brands and models of washing machines in the shop windows (whether it is real or virtual), it's time to get lost. Indeed - how can you know which brand of washing machine to choose, without having the slightest idea of ​​any of these brands? Well, let's find out who is who.

Indesit and Ariston

Which washing machine to choose - detailed instructions + Video

Indesit and Ariston are brands owned by one firm - Merloni Electromestici, which has more than 500 European and world certificates , patents and certificates. Household appliances with the names Indesit and Ariston are sold in 90 countries, and there are more than 1800 different models and modifications. Naturally, these are not only washing machines, but also other units. You can buy as a very prestigious and expensive models, as well as goods that are distinguished by a reasonable price, coupled with good quality.


Which washing machine to choose - detailed instructions + Video

The Bosch brand is also from Germany. It is almost as reliable as the previous one. In Europe, the company Bosch has long been known, being one of the most respected and prestigious. It assembles most of its washing machines in Spain today. These devices are of high quality and durable, they almost do not make noise at all and consume a little electricity (as a rule, they have an energy class A +). And masters of service centers love cars from Germany for being easy to maintain and repair.


Which washing machine to choose - detailed instructions + Video

The Zanussi brand is a nicely designed washing machine, assembled from Italian components. Their reliability is, perhaps, not lower than that of Bosch, and the prices are quite pleasant. In general, these are high-quality and durable units. Of particular interest is the IZ series with a tilted drum. This design makes it easier to load and pull out the laundry, and washing is more efficient.


Which washing machine to choose - detailed instructions + Video

The ASKO brand is Scandinavia, which is distinguished by high demands on quality standards. Any unit manufactured by the company, certainly tested and passes through the picky factory control system. We add that the Scandinavians have their own production technology, and the materials they take are only safe.

Vestel and BEKO

Which washing machine to choose - detailed instructions + Video

Vestel and BEKO are well-known Turkish brands. They are distinguished by low price, efficiency and good performance. In this they are akin to products from Korea, but, like those, do not differ by longevity.


Which washing machine to choose - detailed instructions + Video

The Miele brand belongs to the premium category. These washing machines are assembled exclusively in Germany, and parts for their assembly are thoroughly checked for quality and reliability. German manufacturers give a very solid guarantee - 30 years. This period may be even longer if the unit is operated carefully. These washing machines work exceptionally quietly, and during spinning they never vibrate. The company also offers a number of models that have the "cellular drum" function. If it is present, your items will be wiped extremely carefully - they will gently slide on the water film formed inside the drum.

Samsung and LG

Which washing machine to choose - detailed instructions + Video

South Korean brands Samsung and LG, assembled in automatic mode, are widely represented in our stores. These SM erase perfectly, but do not differ durability, working no more than 10 years. Some Samsung "giants" hold 10 kg of laundry. This company also produces Silver Nano models with antibacterial technology.


Which washing machine to choose - detailed instructions + Video

And one more German mark - Siemens. Cars with this name have a lot of programs and functions, while "eating" quite a bit of electricity and working quite quietly. In addition, they can measure the optimal amount of powder with amazing accuracy - for this, the developers have built in the IQ-system of its dosage.And the function that remembers three personal washing programs is also very convenient.


Which washing machine to choose - detailed instructions + Video

The Ardo brand is cheap. These cars are extremely easy to operate and quite reliable, which is why many consumers love them so much. Even those models in which the tank is made of enameled steel, rather than stainless steel, are in high demand.


Which washing machine to choose - detailed instructions + Video

Many have heard of the Slovenian brand Gorenje - advertising with this company's equipment flashes on TV every now and then. Washing machines of this brand are distinguished by a large manhole with a diameter of 34 cm. Of the interesting features, the "shower system" can be noted, thanks to which the laundry is protected from excess foam and is better wetted.


Which washing machine to choose - detailed instructions + Video

The Swedish brand Electrolux symbolizes reliability - these cars are less often guests of services. Models are produced and the most simple, and "heaped up" - there are even those who talk with the owner. Recently, the company developed the Evolution series with a convenient electronic control panel. On it you can immediately see all the necessary information.


Which washing machine to choose - detailed instructions + Video

The Whirlpool brand is American. The firm is promoting a technology called the "sixth sense MAX". It saves water and electricity by weighing the laundry and counting out the time needed for washing.


Which washing machine to choose - detailed instructions + Video

Candy typewriters have become "pioneers" in many developments. They were the first to become compact, received new systems for washing ("Active", "Kombium", "Spring") and an oval tank. Of all European brands, Candy is the leader in water and electricity savings. The new model Activa needs to wash only 55 liters of water, not 65 or 100, like most SMs. In this case, Activa and rinsing cleaner, and washes more efficiently.

Now there is one unpleasant tendency on the market of "stiralok". Sly manufacturers are trying to increase sales, releasing less durable models. Those who do not know how to choose a washing machine should be on the alert. When buying a unit, check where it was manufactured. Products of many Asian and European brands are collected in Russia. Their prices are low, but the quality is not the best. For example, in Lipetsk do Ariston and Indesit, in St. Petersburg - Zanussi, in Kirov - Candy, and in Alexandrov - Whirlpool and Vestel.

To make it easier for you to navigate in choosing a manufacturer, we’ll give a hierarchy of brands of washing machines by class and price:

Which washing machine to choose - detailed instructions + Video
Aeg, Miele and American-type laundre complexes.
Price: 800 to 3000 y. e.

Which washing machine to choose - detailed instructions + Video
Whirlpool, Kaiser, Gorenje, Bosch, Electrolux, Siemens, Zanussi.
Price: 400 to 600 y. e.

Which washing machine to choose - detailed instructions + Video
LG, Ariston, Beko, Candy, Ardo, Indesit, Samsung, Siltal.
Price: from 300 to 350 y. e.

7 steps when choosing a washing machine

Step 1.

Decide whether we need the machine to dry underwear. Typically, devices with this function have a frontal type of loading with a height of 85 cm and a width of 60 cm, and a depth of 55 to 60 cm. There are also small-sized machines with a drying function, for example, a depth of 45 cm, but they are not recommended. If you need a machine with a dryer, it is important to clarify how it works: by time or by residual moisture.

Step 2.

We look at what dimensions of the car will fit better into the area reserved for it:

  • Vertical CM with a height of 85 cm and a depth of 60 cm have a width of 40 up to 45 cm.
  • The frontal CM with a height of 85 cm and a width of 60 cm have a depth of 32 to 60 cm.

Step 3.

Select 2 - 3 to suit you brand, then we read reviews about them, we ask friends, sellers of household equipment, masters of service.

Step 4.

We visit offline or online stores where there are products of the selected brand. We select the most appropriate in function, size and price of the model.

Step 5.

Let's compare the selected models according to European quality criteria (EU criteria).

Step 6.

We stop on a single model.

Step 7.

We are not in a hurry to make a purchase at the first store - first we will monitor the prices. We take into account not only the cost of the machine, but also the price of delivery, connection and installation. An important point - a guarantee. If it is branded, and the product is sold in a company store, you can even overpay a little.

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