What to glue parquet: useful recommendations

Many people think that gluing parquet is a very difficult task, which only specialists can do. In fact, there is nothing difficult in this, you just need to work according to the instructions. How to glue the parquet so that it lasts a long time?

What to glue parquet: useful recommendations

Three layers of lacquer are required to protect the parquet floor from moisture.

Such tools will be needed:

  1. Roulette.
  2. Grinding machine.
  3. Knife.

Preparatory work

What to glue parquet: useful recommendations

Laying of parquet.

Parquet can be started to glue only after all the wet interior finishing work has been completed. If this rule is neglected, then it may turn out that the floor will deteriorate. Still it is necessary to take into account that after the installation of the floor covering is completed, it is already impossible to paint the walls.

Such a flooring as parquet requires a very careful and careful attitude. It is necessary to take into account the environmental conditions of the room, since the parquet is a material that is highly sensitive, it reacts very quickly to all changes in the external conditions.

The first step is plywood, which should be well sanded. In order for the parquet to accept the necessary climatic conditions, it is recommended to keep it indoors for some time.

How is the parquet being laid?

What to glue parquet: useful recommendations

Layout of parquet fixing points on self-tapping screws.

After that, you can proceed directly to laying the parquet. Plywood is covered with parquet glue, you need to use a special trowel to make it more convenient. In order to have a good fixation, the parquet must be shot at the edge of each slat. To perform the adjustment it is necessary to use some kind of pneumatic tool. After the flooring has been laid, you should wait, as the glue must grasp properly.

When the glue dries, you can begin to process the laid surface. As for the waiting time, as long as the glue dries, most often it does not exceed a week, but very much depends on the quality of the glue and its features. Sanding parquet is necessary in order to get rid of dirt and dust when the work has come to an end.

What to glue parquet: useful recommendations

Parquet flooring scheme.

It is necessary to ensure that the floor is perfectly level. For high-quality grinding is recommended to use a drum grinder, working with it is easy, it is available even for those who do not have this experience. With this device you can very effectively remove all existing irregularities and defects that are on the floor.

There may be microcracks in the joints. To avoid this, puttying is performed across the entire genital surface. In most cases, the owners of apartments and houses want the color of the putty to fully coincide with the color of the parquet itself. To achieve this is easy - you need to use special solutions. Parquet dust should be added to them.

Useful recommendations

What to glue parquet: useful recommendations

Types of parquet laying.

When this stage of putty has come to an end, you can proceed to the final grinding. This process is performed in the same way, again you should use a grinding machine. When and this is done, you need to start varnishing the flooring. Before this, the following recommendations should be observed:

  1. All windows in the room should be closed.
  2. All air conditioners, if any, should be turned off, just like humidifiers.

It is imperative that a uniform surface is obtained, in no case should dust be allowed, as a result of this, the floor surface will become dull, which will make it unattractive.

Before sticking a parquet, you need to choose it correctly, because it is just as important as the method of sticking.

Experts do not recommend choosing homogeneous wood, because parquet is a unique material. Its texture and shades are different, there is no repetition even in the slats that are cut from the same trunk. The fact is that natural wood can not be homogeneous.

You should not artificially tint wood, since the desired result is achieved infrequently. It is very important to choose the parquet glue correctly, since not only the result but also the service life depend on it. It is the quality of the glue that largely determines how well the floor can withstand, for example, water pouring. Experts recommend to stop their choice on environmentally friendly water-dispersion adhesives, which have a low water content (not more than 25%).

If parquet made from exotic wood is used, it is best to use a unique water-dispersion two-component adhesive that has an even lower water content (not more than 11%). If varnished parquet is used, it is better to purchase a classic two-component polyurethane adhesive.The intermediate layer of the base, on which the parquet is laid, must be made of high-quality plywood, characterized by high resistance to water. The thickness of the plywood must be no less than the thickness of the parquet. So, everything can be done with your own hands without difficulty.

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