Do-it-yourself conditioner repair - how to repair an air conditioner

Do-it-yourself air conditioner repair is not the easiest thing. After all, not every master is familiar with the device of climate technology. However, today many of these systems have special indicators that indicate the nature of the breakdown. It helps to cope with some common problems in the home. Malfunctions of air conditioners are divided into the most common ones that can be fixed by yourself and those that require serious repairs in service. The following are the most common problems.

The air conditioner does not turn on.

Do-it-yourself conditioner repair - how to repair an air conditioner

The causes of a malfunctioning air conditioner in this case can be ridiculously simple. First you need to believe the remote. He, too, can fail. In the remote can simply sit down batteries.

  1. It is necessary to turn off the air conditioner, and then turn it on again.
  2. The same should be repeated with the control panel.
  3. In the remote, you can try to replace the batteries.

If these methods did not help, then it’s time to contact a specialist. Because the causes of failure can be very much. Without special knowledge, fix the device will not work.

Water appears

Do-it-yourself conditioner repair - how to repair an air conditioner Air conditioning is dripping

If water is dripping from the air conditioner or condensate forms in its walls, there may be several reasons for this problem. Most often this suggests improper use of equipment. For example, the owner could start the cooling mode in the air conditioner at a time when there were low temperatures. This could well cause a plug in the drain wire.

  1. Before you fix the air conditioner, you need to figure out whether an ice block appeared in the drainage water supply. If it has not yet appeared, then the water supply must be heated. The optimal temperature for heating is about plus 6 -7 degrees.
  2. If the cork has already appeared, you will have to wait for the heat until it melts. Technique before this period can not be run.

Clogged filters

Do-it-yourself conditioner repair - how to repair an air conditioner The filter is clogged

Blockage of block filters - the third most common problem. To eliminate it, you must first clean the air conditioning panel. Often there you can find a pile and dust. It can appear from carpets and various woolen products. Before you repair the air conditioner, you need to make sure that the filters are to blame.

Symptoms of clogged filters are sharp drafts and cooling in the room. If water and condensate were found along with this, then the problem could be a defective drainage system.

In the event of a defective drainage system, simply cleaning the panel is not enough.


Do-it-yourself conditioner repair - how to repair an air conditioner Installation of the indoor unit of the split-system

Installation of the split-systems causes no less questions than repairs. After all, a lot also depends on the correct installation of the air conditioner. Some problems with air conditioning devices occur precisely because of improper installation. Of course, installation is most often produced by professionals. However, this can be done independently. The main thing is to figure out how to do it right.

  1. Do-it-yourself conditioner repair - how to repair an air conditioner Air conditioning care Location selection. Most modern air conditioners are split systems. That is, the device is divided into two parts. One of them is located on the street, where there is enough fresh air, and the second operates in the apartment. To install such an air conditioner, you must choose a place in the room and outside. When installing the unit outside the apartment, you must choose a place that will be located closer. The length of the track should not exceed 4 meters. The maximum size is 5 meters. Otherwise, the installation of the device will cost too much.
  2. When a place is selected, you can begin work. Installation begins with the internal unit of the split system. It is set strictly according to the level, and this is a reasonable explanation. At the slightest distortion of the device may leak, because it is located in the capacity of condensate. Therefore, when installing the console, you need to use only the level. Do not navigate the ceiling line.
  3. When the console for the indoor unit is installed, it is necessary to make a hole that will lead the second part of the split system to the outside. Through this hole will be held the cable connecting the two parts of the air conditioner. To do this, use a punch (if the hole lies in the concrete wall).
  4. The inner and outer blocks are combined with copper tubes. It is better if this work is done by a professional. Although the installation can handle the owner of the device.
  5. When the system is installed, tubes can be hidden in a box. It is noted that they are often damaged by various birds that are addicted to the external coating of the track.
  6. Final Works. After installing the system, it is necessary to check the operation of the air conditioner in all modes. You should also test the noise level.Modern systems are almost silent, they are not audible against the background of street noise.

Do-it-yourself conditioner repair - how to repair an air conditioner Installation of the outdoor unit

If unforeseen malfunctions occur, you will need to contact a specialist. Air conditioners from leading companies usually install the installation team. Installation of the device is a very important procedure. Often the reasons for the failure of the air conditioner lie in the wrong installation. Defects that the unit has received due to improper installation are not amenable to warranty service, and this should be remembered.

Fault classification

Do-it-yourself conditioner repair - how to repair an air conditioner Electronics problems

In addition to the three main problems that may occur with similar installations in the domestic environment, the malfunction of the air conditioner may be different. All failures can be divided into two parts:

  • problems with electronics;
  • problems with the refrigeration circuit.

The most common problems with the refrigeration circuit arise from the leakage of freon. The reason for this lies in 90% of cases in the improper installation of the structure. With regular service installation, such problems are solved by refueling. However, at home there is no constant check of the air conditioner. In addition, the leak can be quite intense.

If the air conditioner does not work well, then it should be fully diagnosed.

Begin diagnostics by checking the status of heat exchangers. They must function in such a way that nothing will disturb them. Interference may be the most common dirt or dust.

After that, proceed to check the integrity of the circuit. If the suction pressure in the system falls below zero, then it is likely that not only air but also water got inside. Having discovered such a problem, you should immediately start repairing the system, because you cannot operate the air conditioner in this condition.

Do-it-yourself conditioner repair - how to repair an air conditioner Replacing freon

If there is a shortage of freon, danger first of all threatens the system compressor. It can:

  • overheat;
  • corrode.

A shortage of freon can be fatal for the system as a whole. Therefore, this problem must be resolved urgently. In some cases, avoiding freon refueling is no longer possible. We'll have to:

  • remove the old freon completely;
  • eliminate the cause of refrigerant leakage;
  • replace the anti-acid filter in the system;
  • replace the filter-dryer;
  • vacuum the circuit;
  • fill the circuit with freon.

Tools such as leak indicators will help detect a freon leak in a timely manner. They are added to the refrigerant. If a leak occurs, it becomes obvious.

Other means - special electronic devices for searching for leaks. They flash the refrigerant.

Electronic problems - another headache for the air conditioner owner. Most often, either a compressor or a condenser suffers. To fix these devices at home is extremely difficult.


In general terms, the operation of the air conditioner is presented in the following video:


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