Water heater for the pool do it yourself

Pouring cold water over and occasionally diving into an ice-hole in some cases can be beneficial for health. But for a long time in such conditions can not swim. To fully enjoy the comfort of bathing, it's good to know how to make a water heater for the pool with your own hands. Not in all places weather conditions are such that the fluid can warm up just by being in the sun. It is in these situations that we cannot do without additional help.

System requirements

Water heater for the pool do it yourself On the wood

Water is the medium in where the human body relaxes and rests in the best possible way. But, in addition, it is in such conditions that there is a danger of injury that could be injured. For this reason, the heating system must meet the basic requirements:

  • relatively high heating rate;
  • good insulation in case of electric current;
  • minimum implementation costs;
  • environmental safety;
  • continuous use;
  • ease of self-assembly;
  • availability of all components;
  • lack of complex mechanisms ;
  • easy repair.

In most cases, it does not work out that a specific mechanism meets all the points listed, but if at least 80% of them are covered, then this solution can be considered very productive.

Types of water heaters

Water heater for the pool do it yourself Spiral water heater

The ideal solution is which does not consume any coolant and electrical energy. But in real conditions this is almost impossible to achieve. There are a large number of varieties of both commercial and independent developments.

Use of a gas boiler . This option can not be called economical, but thanks to him a large amount of heat can be quite quickly. The disadvantage of such a system is the need for some refinement. If you put water from the pool directly into the heater, it can clog it and lead to the formation of scale on the heat exchanger. In turn, this will result in costly repairs.

Water heater for the pool do it yourself Wood-burning

Wood-burning . This makes a small firebox through which the coil is passed. Water, passing through it, heats up and returns to the tank. In this case, you must constantly monitor the state of the system and do the loading of firewood. Also there is no possibility to carry out continuous heating. At night, the water will lose its temperature.

Water heater for the pool do it yourself Heat pump

Heat pumps . It makes no sense to put such a unit only to heat the pool. It will be inexpedient in terms of performance and material waste. You can use it in the case when it is already built into the heating system of the whole house. The condition for its operation is the ambient temperature, which must be above + 5 ° C.

Water heater for the pool do it yourself The principle of operation of the heat pump

of the heat pump . Inherently similar to instantaneous water heaters for domestic use. The principle of operation is that the fluid passes through the coil, which is in contact with the heating element. Thus, the transfer of thermal energy. Such a solution is very uneconomical in terms of energy costs. The power elements can reach and exceed 6 kW. If you apply it for a long time, then the electricity bill will block all the joy of bathing.

Water heater for the pool do it yourself Electric water heater

Solar water heaters . In such decisions, the sun acts as a heater. His resource is inexhaustible, you do not need to pay for it, so this solution can be considered ideal. But do not forget that during high clouds, when the rays are scattered, the performance drops, and at night it is completely zero.

Water heater for the pool do it yourself Homemade solar collector

You can install or connect to any of these options yourself. Some can be assembled with the first screw. How to do this will be discussed below.

Heating the fluid in the pool is only half the battle. Constantly it is necessary to monitor the cleanliness of the internal space, and also to ensure that the water does not bloom. Heat preservation is also one of the main tasks.

Several options for solar heaters

To make a productive and interesting version you need the following components:

  • black sheet of cellular polycarbonate;
  • polypropylene pipe diameter 25 mm;
  • fittings, their number and parameters will depend on the specific configuration;
  • circulation or drainage pump;
  • filter.

The manufacturing sequence will be as follows:

  1. You need to take two pieces of pipe. Their length should be 7 cm longer than the width of the polycarbonate sheet.
  2. The MPH adapter is soldered to one end of each segment (everything depends on how you need to connect).
  3. On the other hand, the nozzle is closed with a plastic plug.
  4. Markup is made along the pipe. Two lines are applied. The distance between them should be equal to the thickness of the plastic sheet.
  5. Nozzles are locked in a vice so that they cannot be moved. With the help of the grinder, slots are made.
  6. Prepared elements are worn on one side and the other side of the cellular polycarbonate.
  7. The joints are coated with an adhesive that is water resistant.
  8. The entire structure is left for a certain period of time for a full set to occur.
  9. Place the resulting unit on a sloped roof. The directivity of the internal channels should go along the sheet.
  10. The supply pipe is connected to the lower part, and the discharge pipe is connected to the upper part.
  11. The pipe goes down to the bottom of the pool. To it is attached the cartridge from the filter flask. In another embodiment, you can cut off the neck of a 2 liter bottle 15 cm long. Wear a stocking on the open part and fix it with a tie. The hose is connected to another part. It is output to the circulation pump.
  12. A pipe is fed to the second outlet of the pump from the bottom of the manifold.
  13. 17
  14. In order to start the whole mechanism, it must be partially filled with water so that the pump can pick up the current.

Water heater for the pool do it yourself Two layers of polycarbonate

Water heater for the pool do it yourself Pipe sections with fittings and hoses

Water heater for the pool do it yourself Adapter

Water heater for the pool do it yourself The nozzle is fixed, slots are made

Water heater for the pool do it yourself Polycarbonate

Water heater for the pool do it yourself Polycarbonate water heater

The essence of the operation is that cold water taken from the bottom of the pool, served in the lower part of the polycarbonate. Passing through its entire area through small channels, it warms up and returns again to the tank. With a reservoir size of 6 * 2 m, the power reaches approximately 7 kW.

Another heating mechanism is also quite simple. You will need:

  • metal-plastic pipe with a diameter of 16 mm;
  • glass;
  • black paint in a can, resistant to temperature;
  • edged board 10 * 3 cm;
  • screwdriver;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • galvanized metal sheet 1 * 2 m in size;
  • wood saw.

The assembly of the whole structure is carried out as follows:

  • Two blanks 2 m long are cut from the board. The other two segments must be 1 m each.
  • They are twisted together in a rectangle.
  • The back is sewn with sheet metal.
  • The inner side is covered with black paint, which will attract more sunlight.
  • The whole construction space is conditionally divided into two parts. In each of them it is necessary to lay a metal-plastic pipe, which will be rolled up in the form of a snail.
  • Water heater for the pool do it yourself Similar option Two circuits are interconnected in one closed system.
  • For fixing the pipe, restrictive bars of wood or other material are fixed on the sides.
  • Inside, everything is again painted with black spray paint.
  • A cutout is made in one of the end walls and the supply pipe is passed through. In the same way, it is worthwhile to proceed from the opposite end diagonally.
  • The box is closed on top with ordinary glass. This will give the opportunity to raise the temperature to the maximum possible value.
  • A pump is installed near the pool. Self-priming centrifugal can be used. He is not afraid of airing. He will also successfully suck up the water and feed it upstairs.
  • The collector is installed at an angle of 30 ° towards the sun. It is advisable to place it on the roof.
  • A hose is lowered into the pool and a filter barrier is placed on it, as described above. The pipe is connected to the pump. A pipe for supplying liquid to the top is connected to the second outlet.
  • From the collector the pipe is lowered directly into the pool.

Water, passing through the coiled sections of the pipe, manages to warm up well and subsequently release its temperature of the liquid that is in the tank. The coils may not necessarily be arranged as described above. You can make the construction of large sizes and lay the pipe snake or other pattern, which will ensure maximum heating.

To automate the entire process, the pump can be connected to a special timer.On the device to make settings in this mode, so that it starts functioning only during the day. The supercharger will turn on independently and you will not have to worry about uncomfortable conditions.

Wood Heater

The essence of the method, which will be described below, fundamentally resembles solar heaters. Only the main element is not a natural, but an artificial source. Consider the general scheme. Components can be easily replaced by those that are available in a particular case. You will need:

  • plastic pipe or hose that can withstand the temperature of hot water;
  • old radiator or battery;
  • circulating or suitable centrifugal pump;
  • metal barrel for 200 l;
  • firewood.

Before starting the assembly, you need to find a place in the area where you can freely make a fire. It should not be too close to the pool, because it can damage it if it is assembled from PVC film or wood.

  1. The metal tank is installed. It is not necessary to use it. You can make improvised stands of bricks.
  2. The radiator or old battery fits on top.
  3. Nipples with fir-trees at the ends, on which a hose can be put on, are screwed into the outlet openings. This can be an adapter with two threads for winding the pipe.
  4. We connect the outlet to the outlet and lower it into the pool.
  5. At the bottom of the pool we install the filter tip according to the principle as described above.
  6. Connect the intake hose to the pump.
  7. From the pump we make the connection to the inlet of the battery.
  8. Under the radiator, we make a fire and turn on the pump.

Water heater for the pool do it yourself Radiator of water heating

If desired, a pool with 11 thousand liters of water can be heated to a temperature of 27 ° C in one day. If you continue to warm up, then you get an impromptu Jacuzzi.

Before using an old battery or radiator, be sure to rinse them well. In the middle there can be a raid and rust, which will lead to damage to the impeller of the pump, and also stain water.

You can make a portable device that will be used on a permanent basis. To do this, you need a metal pipe with a diameter of 200 mm. Its height should be 80‒100 cm. A square sheet of metal measuring 30 * 30 cm is welded to the bottom. A copper tube of the desired diameter is screwed on the outside. The upper end is connected to the hose, through which water enters the pool, to the lower end - the flow. In order for the entire system to work, it is necessary to make a fire inside the cartridge and constantly place firewood. Water, rising on a snake, will warm up and then give up its temperature in a common tank. To increase the efficiency of the installation, you can find another sleeve of larger diameter and install it as a casing, then the heating will be carried out even faster.

Gas heater

As mentioned above, connecting directly to the boiler is fraught with costly repairs. Special heat exchangers have been developed for this case. They represent a small flask that is connected through a manifold to the heating system. In it on a snake hot water circulates. Thanks to the pump, which is installed near the pool, liquid from it is fed into this sleeve, where the exchange takes place.

Water heater for the pool do it yourself Heat exchanger

The article can be used as a practical guide for assembling a specific heater or as a hint for your own designs . We are sure that you will be able to assemble a productive unit.


The assembly of the solar collector is shown below:

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