Repair the ceiling in a wooden house with their own hands (photo and video)

The wooden house is becoming increasingly popular due to its unique environmental properties and visual appeal. Ceilings in such houses, too, are in most cases made of wood, they contribute to the creation of a certain style in the interior and comfort. In order to repair the ceiling in a house built of wood, you should use these tools:

  • hammer;
  • electric drill;
  • spatula;
  • tape measure;
  • construction level;
  • hacksaw.

Repair the ceiling in a wooden house with their own hands (photo and video)

When repairing the ceiling in a wooden house, you should pay attention to aesthetics and preserve the ability of wood to breathe, without compromising its natural look and interior integrity.

For the installation of such a ceiling, a solid wooden frame is made, the bearing materials of wood are nailed to the supporting elements. For its longer operation, it is necessary to take into account some expert advice. For example, if lining is nailed "into the groove", then straight lines here will be completely inappropriate. If you do the repair of ceilings in a wooden house in this way, then the nails will not be visible, which will allow not to spoil the appearance of the room. There is one more tip for those who plan to repair the ceiling in a wooden house: the plan for electrical wiring should be made even at the initial stage of repair. That is, you need to know in advance where the chandeliers and lamps will be located.

The nuances of repairing the ceiling

Repair the ceiling in a wooden house with their own hands (photo and video)

The scheme of wood flooring and insulation of the ceiling

When the ceiling is being repaired, it is possible to depart from the accepted framework of understanding of color. You can use special dyes that allow you to keep the initial structure of the tree, then the color scheme will be very rich, which gives a stunning appearance. It should be noted that this repair point in a wooden house is not the most expensive, but the effect is excellent, there is a great opportunity to create the illusion of natural wood (walnut, cedar, pine or oak).

When it comes to repairing old wooden ceilings, there are some nuances here. Their reconstruction should be gradual. The weight on the foundation of the house should be reduced. In this way, you can effectively solve the problem of security in the house, while maintaining the acoustic and thermal insulation characteristics.

In carrying out repairs in a wooden house between the beams, there remains a space that must be filled with modern materials.

First, you can put expanded clay, then - screed and any coating.

This method of repair today is very popular for many reasons. Time to spend a bit, do not use solutions (they dry for a long time).

Useful recommendations

Repair the ceiling in a wooden house with their own hands (photo and video)

Installation of plasterboard is performed on a pre-installed profile.

It is not recommended to use a material such as plasterboard to finish the ceilings in a wooden house: the house will sit down gradually, during the temperature fluctuations there are minor changes that contribute to the rather rapid destruction of such a fragile structure. Therefore, it is better to use thin plywood or complex structures made of expensive wood in the repair process. Thus, you can not only perform high-quality ceiling finish, but also decorate it stylishly.

For the repair of the ceiling, you can use other materials that will make it even and smooth.

In order for the ceiling to be warm, claydite, sawdust and other bulk materials can be used. In this regard, materials such as polyurethane foam, mineral wool and polystyrene foam are best suited. If at repair of ceilings in the wooden house to use mineral wool, then at the ceiling there will be an excellent opportunity to breathe. In addition to excellent thermal insulation parameters, mineral wool has excellent sound insulation qualities. Carpet can be used as a warming material, it is perfect for such purposes.

When the ceilings are being repaired, you can immediately proceed to their plastering. But this will require the installation of the batten, so that the plaster itself can be fixed. When choosing materials for the repair of the ceiling in a wooden house, you can stay on the PVC panels or clapboard. Such materials are perfect for these purposes, and they can also fit well into the overall interior. Embossed wooden ceiling is also best suited for such purposes.

Such repairs are not difficult. If everything is done correctly, then even a person who does not possess special construction skills can cope with such work very effectively. And everything can be done quickly with their own hands.

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