How to cover a tree with stain - we cut a tree with stain

Wood requires special protection, in most cases it is enough to use paints and varnishes to resolve this issue. For example, you can learn how to cover the tree stain. It can penetrate the wood structure and protect wooden products from deformation, moisture and dirt.

How to cover a tree with stain - we cut a tree with stain Materials for wood processing

First you should study the existing range of paints and varnishes. We pay attention only to options for lumber.

Alcohol varnishes

How to cover a tree with stain - we cut a tree with stain Shellac

A group of transparent and translucent coatings using which can give the surface shine, as well as protect against external factors. They consist of complex components:

  • shellac;
  • sandarak;
  • dug;
  • synthetic resins.

Carefully study the label with varnish, the strength of the alcohol used must be at least 90º. Ethanol can be used as a solvent.

Properly chosen means will allow you to select the structure and tone of wood.

Oil varnishes

How to cover a tree with stain - we cut a tree with stain Oil varnish

Emit from the main components resins and pigments that are dissolved in oil. The consistency can be liquid and semi-fluid, which allows it to be applied to the surface of the tree with a brush or roller. Affordable price is an attractive and positive factor for most people. After processing, a thin transparent film appears on the surface, which acts as a protective barrier for moisture and ultraviolet cure. Perhaps the manifestation of the characteristic yellow color.

A high degree of protection allows you to coat with lacquers wooden products that are outdoors.

Nitrocellulose varnishes

How to cover a tree with stain - we cut a tree with stain Nitrocellulose

The base includes nitrocellulose, which is diluted in organic solvents. The applied layer will dry for a long time, so you should take the object away from open windows and doors. The resulting hard coating will be resistant to both the sun's rays and mechanical loads.

When working with this varnish, you need to worry about your protection: wear a respirator, goggles and rubber gloves.

Water lacquers

How to cover a tree with stain - we cut a tree with stain Water-based

Acrylate base in aquatic environment - this is the composition of varnish. Before applying the water-based lacquer on a wooden surface, it must be thoroughly mixed or shaken. After complete drying, the varnish layer will protect the wood from water, solar radiation and mechanical loads.


How to cover a tree with stain - we cut a tree with stain

The process of staining is used to give the wood a certain color, in particular the color of a different wood species. The applied composition will penetrate into the structure without creating a film. This allows you to emphasize the structure and pattern of the tree and, in addition, to protect the wood. The main types of stains:

  • water-based;
  • solvent-based;
  • wax-based;
  • alcohol-based.

In the specialty store you can find such an assortment of stains: liquid concentrate, solution and powder.

Remove the old layer

How to cover a tree with stain - we cut a tree with stain Prepare the wooden surface

Apply Both lacquer and stain are needed solely on the prepared surface when it comes to an old piece of furniture. To date, you can use three methods of cleaning wood from the old coating:

  • wash;
  • heat;
  • mechanical stress.

How to cover a tree with stain - we cut a tree with stain Use the remover for varnish

It is necessary to determine which method is appropriate, individually , based on the type of product and paintwork materials that were used before. Consider each method separately.

  1. In the first case, the old varnish is removed with the help of special liquid solutions. It is applied with an ordinary paint brush to the surface, after which it is wrapped with plastic wrap to form a thermos effect. A day later, using a spatula, the coating is removed, washed with water. Drawing a new layer is possible in 24 hours.
  2. The second method is faster, but for this you will need a building dryer. Armed with a simple trowel, you can begin the process: a small area is heated and carefully removed the old coating.
  3. The third option is suitable for processing a large area, such as a cabinet or floor. From special tools you will need a grinding machine, the remains cleaned with sandpaper.

How to cover a tree with stain - we cut a tree with stain After the treatment with the remover, cover with

film In the composition of solvents in most cases poisonous substances enter, so when working with them should wear a respirator.

Surface preparation

How to cover a tree with stain - we cut a tree with stain Defects and gaps are eliminated with putty

Not enough just remove the old layer, the surface needs additional processing, that is, grinding. Regardless of the new or old material in question, it must be carefully examined for defects. If seams, cracks and knots were found, they should be eliminated.

The gaps at the joints are sealed with special wood putty. After drying, the irregularities are cleaned with fine-grained sandpaper. It is not necessary to process raw wood, since all actions will be meaningless: when drying, the tree is deformed, respectively, the applied layer is also deformed.

Application of stain

How to cover a tree with stain - we cut a tree with stain

Due to the property of deep penetration of stain into the pores of wood, the solution chemically reacts with tannins, thanks to which the product will be completely protected from fungi, mold and insects. To know how to apply the stain on a wooden surface, you need to familiarize yourself with the technologies and techniques.

  1. Rubbing. The stain is applied to a wooden surface, and then rubbed over the entire area. The result is a pronounced texture and natural pattern. The stains are especially good for porous wood species, suitable for them compositions with a long drying time.
  2. Spraying. The hue of the stain is selected a few shades lighter than desired. Apply the liquid with the spray gun, as a result of which you can get a perfectly flat surface.
  3. Roller or tampon. As in the case of painting the surface with a roller, you need a special tray. A liquid stain is poured into it and then applied to the tree. No divorces or stains. This technique is especially popular when processing the floor. To make a tampon, you will need cotton and a clean cloth.
  4. Brush. Simple and affordable technology for everyone. It should be noted that the coating in one layer will give a relatively deeper color than with other similar methods of application.

How to cover a tree with stain - we cut a tree with stain Use a brush

All the specified tools for staining the tree are equivalent, so you can choose be guided solely by their own preferences. The processing technology is no different from the usual painting. But there is one important point: the majority of wood stains dry quickly, so work should be prompt and tidy. Do not allow the applied layer to dry before the work is completed, otherwise this area will differ from the rest of the surface.

It is necessary to apply the stain to the wood fibers, avoiding the contact of the layers.

As you can see, the process is quite simple. The number of applied layers depends on the desired shade. To fix the result of a wooden product or surface must be varnished.

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