the choice of material and method of installation (photo and video)

Ceiling decoration in a wooden house can be made using various materials. Before you stop the choice on one of the options, you should consider them in terms of suitability for the design of the structure of natural wood. In this case, you need to take into account not only the desire to ensure the natural warmth of the situation and eco-style in the interior. The tree must maintain a breathable ability, thanks to which a comfortable microclimate is created in the room.

the choice of material and method of installation (photo and video)

In order not to disturb the overall style of a wooden house, wood will be the most appropriate material for the ceiling.

The first thing that needs to be considered before carrying out the final finishing work in a wooden house is the inevitable shrinking processes that occur with the back of the building in the first few years since the end of construction. The main axle load is shifted, and as a result, the walls and the ceiling are slightly, but are deformed. It is inexpedient to start an expensive ceiling decoration after about 5 years: this may require further additional costs for the restoration or alteration of the work performed.

the choice of material and method of installation (photo and video)

The scheme of the ceiling in a wooden house.

The use of plasterboard or fabric stretch ceilings in a wooden house is not entirely appropriate. They will break a unified system of style, will look unnatural for a structure made of natural material. Finishing the ceiling with plastic panels will disrupt the air exchange in the room and will deprive the clean ecology of the house of a unique atmosphere. The choice of means and method depends, of course, only on their own preferences. You can consider various options, including the application of the plaster layer, the installation of polystyrene tiles or a mirror surface. But only natural materials will retain the unique naturalness of the wood structure.

Types of ceiling structures

Ceilings may have different designs and technology of the device. The backsplash option is most popular due to the ease of installation: boards or pre-assembled ceiling panels are simply mounted on the frame of the upper floor. A stapling method can be used for fixing wooden lining, shields with a decorative surface made of veneer, MDF or drywall sheets.

the choice of material and method of installation (photo and video)

The scheme of fixing lining in different ways.

The material for suspended ceilings can be any, including mineral fiber tiles, plastic panels and metal modules. Their design consists of a bearing frame and suspensions, to which the cladding elements are mounted. Relief ceilings, also called lacquer ceilings, are more complex. In their manufacture are used a block house, a split timber, carved wooden beams or details of a figured form. Such a ceiling is mounted on hangers, it has polygonal or rounded recesses, but its device is not very suitable for small and low spaces.

Timber for ceilings in a wooden house

There is no doubt that there is no better finish for a wood structure than natural wood.

the choice of material and method of installation (photo and video)

The waterproofing layer is attached to the ceiling frame with a stapler, the joints are fixed with adhesive tape.

This method will give completeness to the interior, and harmony to the decor. Inexpensive sawn softwood or hardwood will be suitable for a low-budget solution: noble sorts of wood can turn the ceilings in a wooden house into a real masterpiece. Ceiling decoration can be made of ordinary planks, wall paneling, wooden slats and decorated with carvings, vignettes or artistic painting.

Ceiling trim elements in a wooden house should not be too large and bulky. You should not exceed the optimum thickness of boards or panels of more than 25 mm, and the length can be varied depending on the type of cladding. When developing the details of finishing, it is necessary to provide for the device of special gaps intended for ventilation of the ceiling in a wooden house. Regardless of the type of sawn timber, fire-resistant wood treatment and impregnation with an antiseptic are carried out to prevent the growth of microorganisms, which provoke the formation of mold and fungal infections.

The ceiling of wooden lining

the choice of material and method of installation (photo and video)

The wall paneling is fastened with screws to the ceiling frame, the electrical wiring is installed in advance and hides under the clapboard.

It should be noted that such a ceiling construction will reduce the height of the room by 10-15 cm. This distance will be taken by insulation, wooden crate and facing material. Before starting work, it is imperative to consider how the electrical wiring and lamps will be located. All lighting wires are attached to the base of the ceiling with clamps and carefully insulated. Usually, plastic corrugated sleeves are used for this as the safest remedy used in a wooden house.Particular attention is paid to the connections of the bare ends of the wiring.

The following materials and tools will be needed for constructing a wooden ceiling:

  • coniferous wood paneling;
  • pine timber 60x60 mm;
  • wood preservative and flame retardant;
  • insulation material;
  • building level;
  • hacksaw;
  • screwdriver or drill with nozzles;
  • construction stapler ;
  • tape measure;
  • painting chopping thread;
  • adhesive tape;
  • nails and screws;
  • hammer;
  • paint or varnish;
  • brush and paint roller.

the choice of material and method of installation (photo and video)

The caisson ceiling is mounted on hangers and has a more complex structure with shaped recesses.

The horizontal plane of the ceiling is marked using the building level. At a distance equal to the height of the frame beam, make marks around the perimeter, using a chopping thread. For greater accuracy of mounting, sheathing pulls several cords to the level of the entire ceiling. After that, proceed to the installation of the beam, between which maintain a distance of 50-60 cm. Then, the waterproofing layer is attached, which is sewn with a stapler to the frame of the wooden ceiling. Cloths should be stacked on top of each other with an overlap and fastened with adhesive tape at the joints.

Cladding with a ceiling clapboard in a wooden house begins with the treatment of one side of the first board with a plane. A side spike is cut from it, otherwise it will not lie tightly against the wall, and subsequently the plinth will not close it. The first ceiling board is nailed along the entire length of the beam, and the second is joined to it, inserted into the groove, and the joint is compacted with a light hammer blow through a planked wooden pad. So lining set to the last board, which rid of the spike and fixed along the entire length of the surface.

At the last stage of finishing, wood is treated with protective compounds and transferred to the application of paint or varnish. Before varnishing, you can use the stain or special types of dyes, which will give the usual conifer tree shades of noble species of walnut or oak.

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