How to paint the heating battery - paint the battery

An indispensable element of the house are radiators. If the paint on them has faded and bloated, then they are unlikely to decorate the house. With available funds, old batteries can be replaced with new ones. But, if the implementation of such a significant purchase is not possible, then you can simply repaint the battery. To do this, apply a special paint.

What is the paint problem? It is designed to protect the surface of batteries from corrosion, give them the desired shade of color and improve their appearance. In the past, pipes and batteries were painted exclusively in white. In our time, everything has changed, and you can paint the batteries in any desired color. The article will discuss the choice of paint for radiators, as well as the technology of their subsequent painting.

Tool and dye composition

How to paint the heating battery - paint the battery Accessory kit

So, for painting the surface radiators you need the following tool:

  • knife to remove peeling paint;
  • sandpaper, special remover or metal brush to remove old paint;
  • a set of different paint brushes sizes;
  • rags to clean the surface of dust and dirt;
  • small size roller in order to paint the batteries between the fins.

Paints and enamels designed for painting batteries are subject to certain requirements. They must protect the metal from corrosion, do not turn yellow over time and withstand high temperature conditions.

How to paint the heating battery - paint the battery Metal painting

Several types of enamels meet these requirements:

  1. Water-dispersed acrylic paints retain their color for a long time, do not have a sharp unpleasant odor, dry quickly.
  2. Alkyd enamels are durable, can withstand up to + 90 ° C, resistant to abrasion. The lack of composition is that it has a strong odor, which is held for a long time after dyeing. In addition, over time, the color turns yellow, and low-grade alkyd enamel even cracks.
  3. Acrylic paints based on solvents have moisture resistance and have a beautiful glossy texture. The color of the coating remains in its original form for a long time. This type of enamel can be used even without applying a primer. A solvent is used to adjust the viscosity of the composition.

How to paint the heating battery - paint the battery Acrylic paint for radiators

In the past, oil paints were popular. Today, such coloring compositions are used extremely rarely, because the market offers a wide range of special enamels, which are designed specifically for painting radiators. In addition, oil paints turn yellow, have a sharp unpleasant odor, and even worse, reduce the heat transfer of the surface undergoing staining.

Choice of color of enamel for radiators

How to paint the heating battery - paint the battery Choice of color

White color of radiators - This is a traditional solution. But, if it does not suit you, and you want to distinguish yourself, then the batteries can be painted in a different color. An excellent solution is to paint them in the appropriate color of the walls. An equally spectacular option is to paint the batteries in accordance with the range of colors prevailing in the interior. In this case, the heating elements will be less noticeable, will not attract undue attention to themselves.

How to paint the heating battery - paint the battery Bronze-colored

Some craftsmen, on the contrary, turn batteries into a masterpiece of art. They put small pictures on the radiator. These can be flowers and leaves, herringbone patterns, geometric shapes. The main thing is not to overdo it and sustain the idea. Stylish look radiators in silver or bronze. They are great for interiors in a classic style.

How to paint the heating battery - paint the battery Iridescent batteries

Children love bright and vibrant colors. When painting the batteries in the nursery, it’s worth refusing stereotypical views. The battery can be fun, for example, painted in the colors of the rainbow, in the form of a picket fence with painted flowers, butterflies and dragonflies.

Preparing radiators for painting

How to paint the heating battery - paint the battery Removing paint

Before you begin painting radiators, they need to be properly prepared. The fact is that if you paint the raw surface, it will quickly lose its appeal. In addition, uneven places will protrude from under the colored layer. Over time, these places will crack.

Consider how to remove the old paint and how many consumables to buy.

Remove old paint

There are 2 ways to remove paint:

  • chemical solvents,
  • with a metal brush.

A metal brush is inserted into the drill. This allows you to effectively and quickly remove the old coating. You can cope with the task perfectly with the help of flushing solutions.

Chemical solvents designed to flush old paint on batteries affect only the layer of paint, without destroying the metal surface.

In order not to cause harm to health, it is necessary to observe safety precautions. It is recommended to wear a respirator to protect the respiratory tract. In addition, it is necessary to ventilate the room. The washing solution is applied with a brush to the entire surface of the battery. After that, you need to cover it with a film. Approximately after an hour the paint is removed with a spatula.

How to paint the heating battery - paint the battery You can remove

After the layers of paint have been removed, the surface must be completely cleaned. Try to keep it as smooth as possible. This stage takes time and effort, but it's worth it, because the smoother the surface of the battery, the more harmonious it will fit into the interior. After completion of the preparatory work should be degreased radiator. For this you can use soda or white spirit. The next step is to apply an anti-corrosive primer.

How to paint the heating battery - paint the battery Painting the battery

There are situations when the radiators need to be repainted, despite the fact that they new ones. Prior to this, it is also necessary to carry out preparatory work. This includes removing dust and dirt, scrubbing the surface with emery paper and subsequent treatment with a solvent.

Removing paint with a wash:

Battery painting process

Paint the radiators during the warm season when the heating is off. Otherwise, in some areas the paint dries very quickly, because of which it will fall unevenly, drips form.

Today the market offers customers the paint that is provided for applying to hot batteries. However, if the recommendations are not followed, the enamel will also fall unevenly.

If it is not possible to completely turn off the heating, then at least reduce the temperature on the radiator that you are going to paint. If you live in an apartment house where central heating works, then you will have to cut off the hot water supply, you can do it yourself or ask for help from the housing office.

Protect the floor from possible contamination. For this purpose, you can spread the paper on the floor or cloth, you can newspaper. If you use brushes for painting batteries, it is important that they have soft bristles. One of the brushes should be straight, the other - curved. This will paint inaccessible places. Replace the curved brush can be a small roller. The result will be the same.

The paint is first applied on top of the radiator, the movements should be directed downwards. The first step is to paint the inner surface of the battery, then the outer one. This will avoid staining the hands and, therefore, clothing. Enamel is applied in 2 layers. In this case, the second is applied only after complete drying of the first. Thus, a smooth and uniform glossy coating is guaranteed.

Paint the batteries with a spray can or spray gun. For convenience, in this case it is better to remove the battery. This will evenly paint hard to reach places.

Spray paint, filled with heat-resistant paint, carried out very efficiently and quickly. If you have limited time, this is the best option.

It is important to follow the instructions for use, which are written on the package. Thus, the best result is achieved. The main rule when painting with a balloon is to perform zigzag movements from top to bottom. The distance from the painted surface to the can is approximately 30 cm. In order not to stain the walls, they can be sealed with a film.

By correctly applying the recommendations on the color and design of radiators, you can decorate your home with a unique addition to the interior design. If you have any questions on the topic, then write comments to the article. Specialists working on the site will provide you with comprehensive answers.

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