How to choose a door lock - choose the locks on the front door

A good door that will guarantee the safety of your home should have quality fittings. The hinges determine both the stability and soundproofing of the door, but reliability depends primarily on the quality of the built-in lock.

Currently there is a huge variety of types of door locks. The type of door, as well as the required level of reliability and fire safety determine the choice of one or another type of lock. In addition, when buying a door lock, it is important to consider the ease of operation of the mechanism, as well as a pleasant appearance suitable for the door and the interior as a whole.

Locks by type of locking mechanism

How to choose a door lock - choose the locks on the front door What are

  • How to choose a door lock - choose the locks on the front door The dead lock lever locks, the mechanism of which will be understood even by an overly enlightened buyer, have a specific locking part securing the door in the closed position. She is called a leash. The reliability of the lock is determined by the number of such parts: the more the levers, the more invisible the door for burglars. For this type of locks, a special massive key is made, having a beard with slots of various depths. Level locks have one major drawback: they are much wider than other types, which complicates the installation of the lock in the finished door.
  • cylinder locks have an internal cylindrical shape, which is commonly called a "larva". This larva is made of durable alloys and contains from 4 to 6 suvald, which is an indicator of the high resistance of the lock against breaking. However, the cylinder type of locks needs additional strengthening for mechanical stability, since it is not insured against unscrewing, knocking out and other possible damages.
  • recoded locks are an improved version of lever and cylinder mechanisms. Their convenience lies in the fact that with the loss of keys, the door lock can be rebuilt for a new set. So, in a similar situation with a cylinder door lock, it is enough to replace the larva. In the case of a level lock, a specially designed master key is used. When buying such a lock, you will receive two sets of keys together with a special transcoding tool - L-Key. This device is designed to reset the lock code if necessary. Thus, having lost one set, you can reset the code yourself. When you first use the second set of keys, the new code will be assigned to the lock automatically.

How to choose a door lock - choose the locks on the front door The smartlock

  • lock smartlock is a modern type of door lock, for which keys are not required. Such locks work by analogy with intercom. In order to pass through the door, equipped with smartlock, you must either enter the code, or the system will automatically perform a fingerprint scan or retinal scan. In case of power failure, such locks are able to work autonomously for 2 days. After 48 hours, when the battery has sat down, the door opens with one key. Depending on the equipment, the cost of smartlocks ranges from $ 200 to $ 3000.
  • Mortise that cut into the door leaf. This type of lock is the most common, despite the rather complicated installation.
  • invoices that are box-shaped. Door locks of this type or impose on the door leaf, or cut into a special compartment.
  • hinged, which are fully or partially separated from the door, this is their main drawback, despite the fact that the core of such locks is made very high quality.

Locks by fastening type

There are modern combined versions of door locks, however, their choice should be approached with extreme caution. It is recommended to give preference to proven options.

Types of door locks

How to choose a door lock - choose the locks on the front door Types of

The most suitable for interior doors are:

  • level locks;
  • cylinder locks;
  • locks with a latch.

The lever locks are reliable and easy to handle, and are equipped with a special lever for emergency opening. Locks with latch designed for sanitary facilities and storerooms.

Overhead and mortise door locks are suitable for any rooms. Made in metallic colors of brass or chrome, such locks are suitable for any interior, whether it is a living room, made in the style of "antique" or a bedroom in the style of high-tech.

For warehouses equipped with wooden or metal doors, padlocks or combination locks are most suitable.

Particular attention should be paid to entrance steel doors that need a solid lock that guarantees the safety of property and the safety of people in the room. For this type of door lock is required to select in advance.The fact is that steel doors do not allow the use of invoice mounting technology. Before ordering a door lock, it is very important to clarify, besides its type, also the design. Attention should also be paid to the width of the lock, which should strictly approach the door: the mechanism should fit inside and be protected from unauthorized interference.

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