Table for electric jigsaw do-it-yourself: features of working with him

Wood products and people engaged in the manufacture of objects of modern life from such a modern and environmentally friendly material, more and more appear every year. Each master working with subtle details should have a circulation table available. But not everyone can afford such an expensive pleasure.

Table for electric jigsaw do-it-yourself: features of working with him

Diagram of a circular table.

You can make a professional table for a circular from an ordinary wooden table and a jigsaw that every woodworker has.

What does a circular saw look like from a jigsaw and what is inside it?

An electric jigsaw machine is useful not only for an experienced tree specialist, but also for an ordinary person who likes to make things with his own hands. Having such a table at hand, one can easily cut out a complex curvilinear contour without violating its integrity. A self-made circular electric jigsaw can cope with plasterboard and plastic just as easily as with chipboard, fiberboard and plywood.

The use of such a table has become popular in the furniture and music industry due to the possibility of drinking complex parts. The saw, brought to the working surface of the table, has a crank mechanism and an electric motor, which are located below. The mechanism for tightening the saw can be located not only at the bottom, but also on top of the working surface.

Table for electric jigsaw do-it-yourself: features of working with him

Assembly layout of the front of the table.

There are certain features of working with a circus table. For proper processing of the part, it must be positioned on the surface of the table and, turning at different angles to the saw, make cutting. The circular with a swivel mechanism and guide stops is very convenient and easy to operate. The length of the cut is directly dependent on the length of the table. The power of the engine installed on the machine for small production or amateur use in the garage, is enough in the range of 100-150 watts.

The important thing for a circular table is the availability of a high-quality crank drive mechanism capable of driving the saw.

Usually, jigsaw machines for sale use mechanisms with a working amplitude of movement of 3-5 cm and a frequency of oscillations of 1000 per minute. The presence of speed adjustment allows you to work with different materials and make cuts 10 cm deep. Saws for such machines are used in different sizes depending on the desired thickness of the cut. The maximum length of installed saws is 35 cm.

With the help of screw and spring springs, the desired tension of dust along the entire length is easily achieved. If this is not done, the nail file will easily break, despite its thickness and width. Almost all models are equipped with a compressor for cleaning the working surface with air. For a fee, you can take a machine with an installed block for drilling holes, which greatly facilitates the work of the master. With such a pre-installed unit, you no longer have to be distracted by the search for a drill: everything can be done on one table.

How to make a machine out of a regular jigsaw with your own hands?

Table for electric jigsaw do-it-yourself: features of working with him

Scheme of work on a circular table.

There are many variants of circular tables made with your own hands from an electric jigsaw. Before you start making such a table, it is recommended to review examples of works by other masters and determine the functions that your device should own. It is not necessary to make a serious modernization of the electric jigsaw, it will easily cope with the role of a crank mechanism and the main drive.

For faster installation of a professional table, you can contact the manufacturers and order a ready-made platform. But such platforms are standard and not suitable for everyone. No one except you can assemble a table for your needs.

First you need to take care of the table itself. Make it reliable and durable better from metal. On the surface you need to make an oblong hole under the saw. Holes for jigsaw mount is recommended to make a secret at the bottom of the table.

In case you plan to use an improvised circular table often, it is better to install limiters and guide rails on the work surface for faster and more comfortable work.

In order not to be distracted from work, when you need to make a hole, it is better to equip the table with a drilling unit. This design with proper installation allows you to disconnect the jigsaw from the table at any moment and use it for its intended purpose.

If you very often use a jigsaw in manual mode, then it is better to get another copy of it for the table. Otherwise, you will constantly have to spend efforts on removal and installation. The cost of high-quality jigsaw is not so great, so the professional table you will have much cheaper factory.

The only drawback of the jigsaw machine made is the absence of a tension spring.Because of this, the homemade unit is significantly limited in cutting out curved lines. But this problem is solved quite simply, you only need to make a rocker attached on one side to the file and on the other to tension springs.

There is another way to solve the problem of saw tension with the help of 2 guide rollers. But the first method is much more reliable, so it is not advisable to invent something new. Before starting to use the new table for circulation, be sure to turn off the pendulum stroke of your jigsaw.

Do not be afraid to experiment, and your professional table of handheld jigsaw will be several times better and cheaper than what you bought at the store. The table of the factory design will never be so convenient, because it is made for everyone, not for your personal needs. And, in order to protect yourself from the extra cost of remaking a purchased item, do not be afraid to make your own. After all, what is done by hand, never fails and will be convenient during operation and maintenance.

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