Studio or studio apartment - which is better

For the older generation, who was accustomed to die out, compact and shield, the very idea of ​​free space without walls and partitions would seem wild. But time dictates its preferences - and now developers offer separate housing, where isolated premises are simply not provided. Studio or studio apartment - which is better, for whom “housing without walls” would be the best solution, and who better to abandon it in favor of the good old classics?

Studio or studio apartment - which is better

Features layouts

The very idea of ​​a studio apartment suggests a more economical and compact option. Smaller footage, lack of partitions and additional doors and windows - all of these restrictions are designed to make such an apartment accessible to buyers. But currently there are several types of studios on the real estate market, and not each of them is in economy class.

1. A classic version with a free layout, the area of ​​which rarely exceeds 30 square meters. m. The only isolated room - a bathroom. With this layout, the hall or corridor is missing, and the space is zoned with the help of finishing materials and lighting.

Studio or studio apartment - which is better

2. Spacious apartments, the footage of which is comparable to large “two-room” and even “threes”. They are distinguished by higher ceilings, and for zoning they use partitions made of modern materials that do not violate the basic principle: "as much space, air and light as possible."

Studio or studio apartment - which is better

3. The so-called "semi-studios" are also popular, the only difference from ordinary apartments is the absence of a partition between the bedroom and the kitchen. In the business class homes, semi-studios boast the presence of spacious loggias or balconies, as well as separate dressing rooms. This allows you to profitably beat all the free space, freeing it from excess furniture. If you want to turn this option into an ordinary apartment, it will turn out quickly and not expensive - it is enough to build the missing partition.

Studio or studio apartment - which is better

A classic studio resembles a room in a modern hotel, its area is often only 24 - 28 meters. Why is this close housing may be more attractive than classic odnushek? The answer lies in the poor quality of the old buildings. Soviet architects, whose projects are still in abundance presented in Russian cities, were not distinguished by excessive humanism and thought more about plans and five-year plans than about convenience and comfort.

The closet kitchen cabinets, narrow and dark hallways, in which a small hanger could barely fit, managed to get bored by the townspeople. The absence of dark corridors and quickly littered corners in the studios, as well as the ability to freely dispose of the furniture, showed them from the favorable side both in terms of comfort and aesthetics. However, to compete in this way with modern odnushki no longer work, so come to the aid of the second important feature - lower cost.

Total area

If we take the averaged data, then the area of ​​studios will always be smaller compared to the average area of ​​one-room apartments expected on the market. If the average area of ​​one-room apartments varies within 35 m 2 , then the average area of ​​studios is about 28 m 2 . We remind you that this is averaged data, since you can find apartments and studios of much larger area. But in general, the studio will always have a smaller area, which is reflected in its value.

On average, the total area of ​​studio apartments will be less than the area of ​​a one-room apartment.

Cost per square meter

Both at the construction stage and at the finishing stage of a studio apartment the developer seriously saves on building materials - less brick and concrete, which means that the price per square meter must be more profitable. But in fact, this statement is rarely true. What will be cheaper in the end - an apartment or a studio? A close examination reveals that the cheapest square meter will be in multi-room apartments, but the smaller the total area, the more expensive it will be.

Studio or studio apartment - which is better

Doubtful benefits? However, with a higher cost per square meter, the total cost of the studio will be less. The difference in the total price comes to a million rubles and above. If we consider that a significant part of small apartments are purchased with the help of a mortgage, then in fact the savings are very significant. That is why the studios can count on their constant circle of fans - many buyers prefer not to wait and save, but buy the living space for which the budget is enough. For the same reason, the studio is also good as a first property; it is ideal for young people leaving their parents' nest for the first time.

The cost per square meter of a studio apartment is often higher than the cost per square meter of a one-room apartment.However, due to the fact that the area of ​​studio apartments is always less than the area of ​​one-bedroom apartments, studios are cheaper and more accessible to the consumer.

Utility and tax payments

Lower utility bills are another competitive advantage for studios. The fact is that in calculating payments and taxes they are guided by the concepts of "common" and "residential" space, as well as social standards. When calculating taxes or making subsidies, such an apartment can easily "decrease" in size. According to the current legislation, balconies and loggias are deducted from the total area, and their footage in modern houses can reach 5-6 meters.

Recall that today tax is calculated based on the cadastral value of the object. These figures are comparable, and sometimes completely equivalent to market ones, which means that the payment is gradually moving from the symbolic to the hit in the pockets of the Russians. In this regard, the extra “squares” become a potential risk, and the population is increasingly thinking whether spacious rooms will not become an inaccessible luxury.

Studio or studio apartment - which is better

Another positive example of how a studio differs from a one-room apartment is initially the lower cadastral value of this type of housing. And this means that the annual tax deductions will be less. As promised, the transition to high property taxes will be smooth, but inevitable. Thus, today's studio buyers may be at a certain profit tomorrow.

Utility and tax payments in a studio are always cheaper than in one-room apartments.

Investment potential

You will have to be more careful when buying such real estate as a long-term investment. In the city, studios are offered not so actively - the cost per square meter is too high here, and it is easier and more profitable for buyers to add a certain amount to immediately buy a full-fledged living space.

The most "tasty" offers are outside the city, for example, most studios are built in the Moscow region, where prices are much lower than in the capital. The most frequent disappointments among the buyers of such studios is the lack of interest of potential tenants towards them. If compact rooms are quite satisfied with guests of large cities and successfully compete with hotel rooms, then when away from the center, the situation becomes reversed.

Suburbs prefer to rent a family, ready to sacrifice transport accessibility for the sake of additional footage or extra rooms. On the other hand, alternatives to studios are rooms in the city - here the closeness is justified by the existing infrastructure and proximity to work.

Studio or studio apartment - which is better

What would be better as an investment - a studio or a studio apartment? When planning such a purchase will have to take into account not only the price factor. Of great importance will be the location of the object, the quality of construction, as well as the long-term prospects of the selected area.

The statistics of recent years also speaks about the same thing - if, at the first appearance on the market, the studios were seriously interested, and their price tag was confidently growing, now the situation is the opposite. This is especially noticeable in areas where the market is oversaturated with similar offers. Under these conditions, it is impossible to be tempted by the low price, and it is not necessary to invest in several cheap objects in areas of mass dense development for quick benefits. In the conditions of the resulting surplus, in the short term, the risk of finding yourself in the company of such unfortunate investors who are trying to urgently get rid of the imprudently bought square meters is too great.

Although outwardly the studio is more attractive, it is not a good idea to seriously consider purchasing it for longer stays, or when planning a family. Savings on finishing hardly outweigh the annoyance of not being able to retire in an isolated room.

Much more such an option is suitable as an intermediate stage - because its cost is lower than that of a classic odnushka, and in the future compact cheap real estate can be sold as soon as possible.


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